Two Ohio women facing felony charges after propping up dead man in car, driving to bank to withdraw his money

Two Ohio women allegedly propped up a dead man in their car during a visit to the bank to withdraw hundreds of dollars from his account before they dropped him off at the hospital.

Karen Casbohm, 63, and Loreen Bea Feralo, 55, are now facing felony charges after dropping off the body of Douglas Layman, 80, at Ashtabula County Medical Center emergency room on Monday and leaving, according to Ashtabula Police Chief Robert Stell and Ashtabula Prosecuting Attorney Cecilia Cooper.

Medical personnel had no idea who Layman was when the women dropped him at the emergency room.

“They left without providing any information to the hospital. They just left him,” Stell told Fox 8.

One of the women called the hospital a few hours later and provided some personal information about him, and authorities were able to identify him, Stell said in a press release. Officers were then dispatched to Layman’s home and spoke to the two women, who said he had died at his home in Ashtabula.

Casbohm and Feralo were taken into custody on Wednesday and were each charged with gross abuse of a corpse and theft.

“This is very unusual,” Cooper told Fox 8.

The women, who were not related to Layman but lived at his house, found the man dead inside his home but decided not to call 911 and instead attempted to take the money from his bank account.

According to officials, the women are accused of taking Layman’s body out of the home and propping him up in the passenger seat of their car with the help of a third unidentified individual, and driving through a bank drive-thru to withdraw around $900. 

Police said the women had propped Layman up, so the bank teller could see him and that the bank previously allowed them to withdraw money from Layman’s account, as long as he was in the vehicle.

The cause of Layman’s death is unknown.

Stell told Fox 8 the case remains under investigation and the two women could face additional charges.

Casbohm appeared in court for her arraignment this week and a judge set her bond at $5,000. Feralo is scheduled to appear for her arraignment.

If convicted, they could face up to a year in prison on each charge.

Both women have previous criminal histories.

Casbohm has been convicted of theft, soliciting, criminal trespass, receiving stolen property, possession of drug paraphernalia and attempted drug abuse, while Feralo has been convicted of reckless assault, possession of drug paraphernalia, criminal trespass, driving under the influence, theft and attempted possession of drugs.

Couple celebrate entire wedding ceremony on train

A couple who met on a train, commuted by train to date each other and shared their first kiss on a train have tied the knot in a very similar fashion.

Leah, 38, and Vince Smith, 39, held their entire wedding on board a special Great Western Railway (GWR) train today, which set off from London Paddington station and took the wedding party all the way to Swansea.

“It’s been amazing. GWR has been so fantastic and everything they’ve done, the set-up, is brilliant. It’s like a dream come true,” Mr Smith told the PA news agency.

The journey encompassed all the usual matrimonial traditions – from the wedding vows and family photos to a three-course meal with speeches – after the locomotive played a pivotal part in their relationship.

The couple, from Farncombe near Guildford, Surrey, first met in 2016 on board a GWR train from Wokingham to Reading as they travelled for their first date together, had their first kiss on a train, and used the service to visit and date each other.

The pair, who have been together for eight years, wanted to feature a small nod to the train operator when tying the knot so they contacted the social media team at GWR to see if they could provide a centrepiece for their wedding table.

“GWR got back to us really quickly and .. you could see that they were trying to push for something special for us, and obviously it eventually manifested into this amazing day,” Mr Smith said.

Starting on Friday morning, Ms Smith had her hair and make-up done in the Queen Victoria’s lounge on platform one at Paddington station while Mr Smith got ready at the old GWR boardroom at the station.

“I think that part is quite special because it is a section of Paddington that remained after Second World War bombing,” he said.

“I boarded the train and then obviously got set up with the minister and everything in the front carriage waiting for Leah to come on board,” Mr Smith said.

Ms Smith said: “When everyone was on the train I walked down the platform with my dad and my two eldest kids, and there were loads of people clapping and cheering, and it was very surreal.”

From there, the ceremony unfolded in front of 14 guests and the couple exchanged the rings as the train made its way towards Reading.

“We were wobbling all over the place while the ceremony was taking place but it was funny,” Mr Smith said.

Ms Smith’s father, who was a signalman on GWR’s sister network South Western Railway for 51 years, gave his daughter away along with the couple’s son.

She said their families thought the train ceremony was a “fantastic” idea, adding: “My dad, in particular, was very, very excited about it, as you can imagine.”

Traditional wedding photos followed, as well as a three-course meal in a Pullman dining car along with speeches and a champagne toast as the train passed through Berkshire, Wiltshire and Somerset.

The wedding guests departed the train at Cardiff while the newly-weds travelled on to Swansea, where GWR arranged a hotel for them to stay for the night.

For the couple, there is a “sentimental” aspect of holding their wedding on a train given it has played a pivotal role in their relationship.

Explaining their first date, Ms Smith said: “We went for a coffee and then a pizza, and just got on really, really well. On the way back, Vince was getting off at Wokingham.

“He went to leave and then ran back and kissed me. I knew from that first date we had something special.”

Mr Smith added: “On top of that, Leah’s dad has been in the industry for 50 years so she’s always had a place in her life for trains and always has journeys aboard on trains, and it’s been the same since we’ve been together.

“Whenever we have a holiday, the first thing we always look out for is steam train routes or picturesque train journeys, so it’s always been an important aspect of our activities.”

The couple’s honeymoon plans are not train-centric but they hope to stay on a refurbished steam train carriage for a couple of nights this year.

Joe Rogan asks Riley Gaines if Lia Thomas ‘has sex with girls’

Riley Gaines made an appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast Thursday and talked about her experience going against Lia Thomas at the 2022 NCAA swimming championships.

Thomas became the first transgender athlete to win a national title in NCAA women’s swimming.

Gaines has been outspoken against Thomas’ foray into women’s swimming and testified on Capitol Hill how uncomfortable it was to be around the swimmer in the locker room.

As Gaines recalled the NCAA championships on the “Joe Rogan Experience,” the podcast host asked whether Thomas “has sex with girls.”

“At the time, again, this is what I know based off what his teammates have told me and what’s really been public knowledge based off what they post and different things,” Gaines said. “At the time of the national championships, he was still dating women and active with women.

“But now, again, based off of social media, he is engaged to another man who claims to be a woman. So two men, but they call themselves lesbians.”

Gaines, who is the host of OutKick’s “Gaines for Girls” podcast and the leader of the Riley Gaines Center at the Leadership Institute, further talked about tying with Thomas in the NCAA championships and how officials refused to give her a trophy, opting to give one to the Penn swimmer instead.

Since graduating, Gaines has been outspoken in the fight for fairness in women’s sports and serves as an ambassador at the Independent Women’s Forum.

Fox News Digital contacted Thomas seeking a response to Rogan and Gaines’ comments.

6 people, including a mom and 4 kids, were identified after being found dead in a mass killing at home

Six people, including a mother and her four kids, were slaughtered in a “mass killing” inside a Canadian home overnight, cops said.

Febrio De-Zoysa, 19, allegedly used an “edged weapon” to attack the family in their Barrhaven neighborhood townhouse shortly before 11 p.m., according to Ottawa Police Chief Eric Stubbs.

Police identified the victims as 35-year-old Darshani Dilanthika Ekanyake and her young children: Inuka Wickramasinghe, 7; Ashwini Wickramasinghe, 4; Rinyana Wickramasinghe, 2; and 2-month-old Kelly Wickramasinghe

Family friend Amarakoonmubiayansela Ge Gamini Amarakoon, 40, was also killed.

One person — the husband and father of the young victims — who was found alive inside the home was rushed to hospital with serious but non-life-threatening injuries, police said.

The family were newcomers to Canada originally from Sri Lanka, Stubbs said.

“I want to emphasize this was a senseless act of violence perpetrated on purely innocent people. I know our whole community is shocked and mourning this event,” said the police chief.

De-Zoysa was arrested at the scene without incident, cops added. 

Stubbs clarified in the afternoon that the incident was not a shooting as initially believed: “This was a mass killing, not a mass shooting.”

He added that police didn’t believe it was a domestic-related incident, but did not reveal a motive

Police said De-Zoysa — who is also a Sri Lankan national and is in Canada as a student — was an acquaintance of the family and was living in the home at the time of the killings.

Cops had never dealt with either De-Zoysa or his alleged victims before being called to the murder scene.

He was charged with six counts of first-degree murder and one count of attempted murder.

Cruise Ship Rescues 14 People Stranded at Sea for 8 Days

A cruise ship’s voyage to Mexico and the Bahamas turned into a rescue mission when the boat spotted a small vessel in the waves.

On Sunday, Royal Caribbean’s Icon of the Seas, the new world’s largest cruise ship that launched in January, rescued 14 people who had been stranded at sea for over a week.

Icon passenger Alessandra Amodio told PEOPLE that the cruise ship was in the midst of an eight-day Caribbean itinerary when they spotted the individuals.

“I was in the lunch buffet with my family when we heard a coded announcement over the loud speakers,” Amodio told PEOPLE, adding that the announcement came at around 3 p.m. local time. “A few minutes later people started gathering at the windows and then the captain came on and announced that they had found a distressed vessel and we would be turning around to investigate. We all rushed to the windows and in the nearish distance we could see in the waves a tiny boat waving either a large white flag or sheet.”

Shortly after, the ship turned around and pulled up next to the boat and “deployed a small zodiac-type rescue boat,” she recalls.

“Eventually we saw Royal Caribbean crew helping about two people from the distressed boat onto the rescue boat before returning to the vessel. They then made a few more trips to safely bring everyone on board.”

According to Amodio, they later found out that the passengers on the small boat had been “lost at sea for eight days.”

“We got a final announcement once they were all on board safely telling us there was 14 people on board,” she said, adding that passengers clapped and cheered upon hearing everyone had been rescued safely.

“Our first reaction was shock, I’ve been on six or so cruises and I’ve never experienced anything even close to this,” Amodio continued. “During the rescue everyone was more shocked and the general consensus was that this wasn’t something anyone ever thought would be happening. It was crazy to see, even knowing where they were in the water, once they dropped the flag, they were hard to spot. Just seeing this small boat you knew was filled with people surrounded by the vastness of the water was enough to freak you out. “

The ship was on its first full day of sailing and it was between Cozumel, Mexico and western Cuba when the incident happened.

“We weren’t told by the captain or crew what happened to them,” Amodio added of the rescued individuals. 

The cruise liner, which departed from Miami, Florida, was headed to Roatán, Honduras, and Royal Caribbean’s private Bahamian island, CocoCay, during its voyage.

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Royal Caribbean told PEOPLE in a statement, “On March 3, 2024, Icon of the Seas encountered a small vessel adrift and in need of assistance. The ship’s crew immediately launched a rescue operation, safely bringing 14 people onboard. The crew provided them with medical attention, and is working closely with the U.S. Coast Guard.”

A U.S. Coast Guard spokesperson told Newsweek that the rescue occurred in Mexico’s search-and-rescue area of responsibility.

The Icon of the Seas made its maiden voyage out of South Florida in late January. The ship departed from Port Miami and docked at ports including Puerto Costa Maya in Mexico, Basseterre in St. Kitts & Nevis and Charlotte Amalie in St. Thomas.

Along with the world’s largest pool and water park at sea, Icon also boasts eight “neighborhoods” to explore and an open-air “Central Park.”

The record-breaking vessel overtook Royal Caribbean’s Wonder of the Seas, which formerly held the title of largest cruise ship in the world.

Boy, 11, dies after suffering cardiac arrest during chroming TikTok challenge

An 11-year-old boy from the United Kingdom has died after huffing toxic chemicals in a TikTok challenge known as “chroming” — and his devastated family wants the social media company shut down and all others barred from children under 16.

Tommie-Lee Gracie Billington, 11, suffered a suspected cardiac arrest at a friend’s house in Lancaster on Saturday, according to the Times of London.

He was rushed to a nearby hospital just, where he died.

“He died instantly after a sleepover at a friend’s house. The boys had tried the TikTok craze ‘chroming,’” said the boy’s grandmother, Tina Burns.

“In fact, we want to get TikTok taken down and no children to be allowed on any social media under 16 years of age. This is breaking us all but we want to help save other children’s lives and give families awareness to keep their children safe.”

TikTok has faced criticism for the prevalence of dangerous teen trends on the platform.

During a January hearing, the leaders of four prominent social media platforms — including Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Instagram, and Shou Chew of TikTok — were grilled by the US Senate Judiciary Committee over the safety of their platforms.

That hearing was part of a push to pass the “Kids Online Safety Act,” which would require social media companies to take aggressive actions to target dangerous and predatory behavior on their platforms.

8 high school students shot at bus stop in Philadelphia; police searching for multiple gunmen

Eight juveniles were shot at a bus stop in Philadelphia in the afternoon.

The gunfire rang out around 3 p.m. in the city’s Burholme neighborhood as students with Northeast High School were waiting for the bus.

According to Philadelphia Police Commissioner Kevin Bethel, eight students — between the ages of 15 and 17 — were shot when three gunmen exited a vehicle near a Dunkin’ store and opened fire.

One of the students is listed as critical at an area hospital. There was no immediate word on the conditions of the seven other victims.

Bethel says over 30 shots were fired at the scene.

Sources say police are looking for three shooters and a driver in a dark blue Hyundai Elantra with paper tags. The suspects were all wearing masks and were last seen driving over a bridge toward Cheltenham Township.

One woman who works at the nearby Quaker Diner heard the gunshots and ran out to try and help the victims. She reported seeing several juveniles wounded.

“These children are dying every day out here, somebody’s got to do something. This doesn’t happen in this neighborhood,” she said.

According to the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority, a Route 18 bus and a Route 67 bus were struck by the gunfire near the scene.

The Action Cam was at the Frankford Transportation Center where one of the involved buses was cordoned off by police.

SEPTA says there have no reports of any injuries to passengers or employees.

Action News continues to follow this developing story.

This is the fourth shooting in less than a week involving a SEPTA bus.

27-year-old Sawee Kofa was shot and killed after an argument on a SEPTA bus in the city’s Oxford Circle neighborhood.

A teen was killed and four others were hurt Monday when gunfire rang out at a bus stop in the city’s Ogontz neighborhood. And on Tuesday night, police say a man was shot and killed on a Route 79 bus Tuesday night in South Philadelphia.

I-75 Naples plane crash preliminary report details how survivors escaped fiery highway collision

A preliminary crash report on a plane that crashed along I-17 in Naples and left two dead has been released.

According to the FAA, the plane, a Bombardier INC CL-600-2B16, was due to land at Naples Airport at about 3:15 p.m. after departing from Ohio State University Airport earlier that day. The plane was filled with 350 gallons of fuel before departing.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) said the plane lost both engines while preparing to land at Naples Municipal Airport.

Due to the loss of both engines, the plane crashed nearly seven miles away from the Naples Airport on I-75, leaving both pilots dead, 2 passengers injured, and one person on the ground injured.

Three master warnings regarding engine oil pressures were recorded within seconds of one another. About twenty seconds later, the crew announced they lost both engines.

Before landing, the crew said to the tower controller, “We are cleared to land, but we are not going to make the runway….ah….we have lost both engines.”

Video from the crash scene shows the plane touching down first in the center lane of I-75 before crashing into the right lane. The plane continued into a grass median before colliding with a concrete sound barrier.

The NTSB said the plane was covered by dust, fire, and smoke immediately following that impact.

The report also details how the passengers onboard escaped the fiery crash.

According to a cabin attendant, she saw the emergency exits were blocked by fire and had the passengers and herself exit through the baggage compartment door in the trail section of the plane.

The pilots who were killed in the crash are identified as Edward Daniel Murphy, 50, of Oakland Park, and Ian Frederick Hofmann, 65, of Pompano Beach.

The highway was shut down for hours as a result of the crash.

Subway conductor struck in the head with a glass bottle as the train pulls into Bronx station

A subway conductor was struck in the head with a glass bottle after pulling into a Bronx subway station.

The 38-year-old woman was in her train cabin when she was hit at the 170th Street and Jerome Avenue station in Mount Eden around at 11:50 a.m.

The suspect fled on the southbound No. 4 train platform.

The conductor reported the incident to an officer at the 149th Street station.

She was taken to Lincoln Hospital in stable condition.

No arrests have been made.

The attack follows the slashing of another MTA conductor on Thursday, Feb. 29, at the Rockaway Avenue and Fulton Street station in Brooklyn.

Earlier on Wednesday, Gov. Kathy Hochul revealed a five-point plan to bring additional state resources to bear on combatting subway crime in New York City.

The plan includes the deployment of 750 National Guard members and 250 New York State and MTA police officers into the subway system, and additional teams to handle cases involving people exhibiting signs of mental illness.

The new deployment adds to the additional 1000 NYPD officers ordered into the subway last month to conduct bag checks and follows the slashing of a conductor and other high-profile crimes.

Three trains involved in ‘collision and derailment’ in eastern Pennsylvania

Authorities say three trains were involved in a collision and derailment in eastern Pennsylvania on the morning that caused no reported injuries or evacuations but left some railroad cars scattered along a riverbank and at least one partially in the river.

Officials in Northampton County said the derailment was reported at about 7:15 a.m. in Lower Saucon Township along the Lehigh River. The township’s police chief, Thomas Barndt, said arriving emergency personnel found “multiple trains derailed” but no reported injuries. No hazardous materials were involved and no evacuations were ordered, he said.

The National Transportation Safety Board said preliminary information indicates an eastbound Norfolk Southern train struck another Norfolk Southern train that had stopped on the same track. Wreckage from the striking train spilled onto an adjacent track and was struck by a westbound Norfolk Southern train, the NTSB said in an email to The Associated Press.

Authorities said the collision led to the derailment of an unknown number of cars, but there were no reported injuries or release of hazardous materials. A team “comprised of experts in train operations, signals and train control, mechanical systems, and human performance” was expected to arrive later in the day, the NTSB email said.

Nancy Run Fire Company posted pictures showing a number of railroad cars scattered along the riverbank and at least one partially in the water. Local officials told reporters some ropes were used to assist some personnel to reach the roadway from the riverbank after the derailment.

Barndt said containment booms were deployed after diesel fuel spilled into the river. Norfolk Southern called it a small diesel fuel leak “common when locomotives are involved” that was contained with the booms and would be “vacuumed out.”

Norfolk Southern also said plastic pellets spilled from one car, predominantly onto the ground, and that would also be cleaned up. The company praised “the quick, professional response by local emergency agencies.”

Gary Weiland, who lives across the river in Bethlehem Township, told The (Allentown) Morning Call he initially heard what sounded like a crash, then a period of quiet followed by the sound of another crash.

“As the second one was happening, I went upstairs and looked out the window and saw a splash. I said to my wife, ‘I think a train derailed.’” Weiland said.