Joe Rogan asks Riley Gaines if Lia Thomas ‘has sex with girls’

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Riley Gaines made an appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast Thursday and talked about her experience going against Lia Thomas at the 2022 NCAA swimming championships.

Thomas became the first transgender athlete to win a national title in NCAA women’s swimming.

Gaines has been outspoken against Thomas’ foray into women’s swimming and testified on Capitol Hill how uncomfortable it was to be around the swimmer in the locker room.

As Gaines recalled the NCAA championships on the “Joe Rogan Experience,” the podcast host asked whether Thomas “has sex with girls.”

“At the time, again, this is what I know based off what his teammates have told me and what’s really been public knowledge based off what they post and different things,” Gaines said. “At the time of the national championships, he was still dating women and active with women.

“But now, again, based off of social media, he is engaged to another man who claims to be a woman. So two men, but they call themselves lesbians.”

Gaines, who is the host of OutKick’s “Gaines for Girls” podcast and the leader of the Riley Gaines Center at the Leadership Institute, further talked about tying with Thomas in the NCAA championships and how officials refused to give her a trophy, opting to give one to the Penn swimmer instead.

Since graduating, Gaines has been outspoken in the fight for fairness in women’s sports and serves as an ambassador at the Independent Women’s Forum.

Fox News Digital contacted Thomas seeking a response to Rogan and Gaines’ comments.

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