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Two men, both 18, were killed in a shooting in the capital, New Jersey

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Authorities say a shooting killed two 18-year-olds in the New Jersey capital

The Mercer County District Attorney’s Office said that William Erezary and Julius Vargas were shot dead around 7:30 a.m. south of Trenton. The arrests were not immediately announced, and the motive was not immediately known.

The deaths bring the total number of homicides in the city to 24, which is significantly higher than the 15 murders for the whole of last year and the 16 murders the previous year.

The Trentonian newspaper reported that city police chief Sheila Cooley said last week that at least 11 of the killings this year involved personal disputes. Cooley said her administration has made 2,284 arrests this year and has identified 47 “major players” involved in “90 percent” of crime in the city.

“We are doing everything we can with the resources we have,” Cooley told the council meeting on Thursday.

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A woman was shot dead after an altercation

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Cleveland Police are investigating an accident that claimed the life of a woman this weekend.

At approximately 10:45 p.m., police arrived at 3900 Block of East 67th Street after the 40-year-old woman was shot.

Police said the woman, who was found with a bullet in the back, was taken to Metro Health Medical Center, where she died of her wounds.

Police stated that an altercation took place before the shooting. According to eyewitnesses, a car was speeding and nearly collided with a child who was outside. The victim and one of the passengers were alleged to have exchanged words before the passenger got out of the car and fired a pistol.

The suspect or suspects are unknown at this time.

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A 63-year-old Pensacola woman was injured and killed in a car in the province of Escambia

Pensacola, Fl

 A 63-year-old Pensacola woman was injured and killed in a car in the province of Escambia

The accident happened before six in the evening. At the intersection of Park Street and N Miller Street.

The Florida Highway Patrol says the woman was crossing the road while a car was approaching the intersection and was hit.

FHP says the investigation is ongoing.

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A person was shot while sitting on the front porch of a home in Pensacola,

Pensacola, Fl

Pensacola Police responded to the Cowell Street and W.W. Street area. No narration on Saturday night as the victim says the suspect walked into the house and started shooting.

The victim was not injured, according to the police.

The victim then ran to the Southern Oaks nursing home and called the police.

Officers say they are still investigating and working to obtain a description of the suspect.

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At least 21 people shot, one fatal, at a rally in southeast Washington

Pensacola, Fl

At least 21 people were killed, one of them fatal, at a rally in the Greenway neighborhood of southeastern Washington, according to metropolitan police.

The mass shooting took place around 12:30 a.m. at the 3300 block of Dubois Place SE. Police said the crime scene spanned several buildings, where the victims were dispersed.

The capital’s fire department stated that at least seven of the victims were taken to hospitals in critical condition.

The shooting in the southeast came three weeks after nine people were shot in front of a restaurant on 14th Street in Columbia Heights in northwest Washington. The shooting killed one of the victims.

More than 115 people have now been killed in the region this year, a 17 percent increase over this time in 2019, which ended the year at the highest level in a decade. Among the dead was an 11-year-old boy who was shot in the End of Violence restaurant on July 4 and a 71-year-old shot to protect her granddaughter.

District authorities came under severe pressure to remember again when many people were shot in one incident. There have been several cases this year in which gunmen have shot groups of people, including one last month in which 43 bullets were fired into a crowd in northeastern Washington, killing a popular school bus driver.

In the Dubois Place incident, a police spokesman said that several gunmen opened fire on a gathering in the block, which is in a residential neighborhood off Minnesota Avenue southeast of Capitol Street. Small houses and apartment buildings line the street.

Police said additional information would be available later today. They had no description of the attackers.

Vito Majiolo, a spokesman for the capital’s fire and emergency medical systems, said nine people had been transferred from Dubois Street to various hospitals. Two other people were found injured in the surrounding streets, one of them appeared at a fire station.

Maguolo said at least four other victims went to hospitals alone or with the help of others. The number of wounded was updated throughout the morning.

Maggiolo said that as many as 20 fire engines, ambulances and other vehicles, along with many policemen, responded to the scene.

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2 pedestrians killed in a high-speed police chase after a vehicle entered an outdoor dining area

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A police escaped car stormed an afternoon outdoor dining area in Newport, Kentucky, killing two people and wounding two others.

Police said the chase began in Cincinnati and raced across the John A. Robling Bridge before ending up crashing into a restaurant across the state line in Kentucky. The accident left debris and seats strewn across the street and the sidewalk.

Cincinnati Police Chief Elliot Isaac said the chase began at 4:22 pm. In Cincinnati, when police officers try to stop a car with three suspects inside. He said the officers, who were part of a federal task force with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, were investigating possible gun violations.

Isaac said that when the car did not stop, at least two police troopers chased. He said they followed the suspect’s car through city streets, across the bridge to Newport, Kentucky, where it wounded four people outside the restaurant.

“This is a tragedy,” said Isaac.

When asked about the suspects who have not been identified, Ishaq said: “It is very clear that their actions caused the killing of two people.” He did not identify the victims of the accident, but said that the two survivors were taken to hospital with “non-life-threatening injuries.”

He said it was not clear how fast the suspect’s car or the police cruisers was traveling, although witnesses said the suspect was driving at high speed.

Ishaq said that the three suspects in the car sustained minor injuries while in police custody. Newport Police are leading the investigation into the accident.

Issac said the police would conduct an internal investigation into the prosecution.

“We will examine the appropriateness of the behavior of our officers,” said Isaac. “We always check our endeavors.”

Police prosecutions are common and dangerous, creating challenges for officers who must balance risks to public safety with the need to arrest suspects. A 2017 US Bureau of Justice Statistics study found that an average of 355 people were killed annually in a police pursuit between 1996 and 2015 – roughly one death every day.

“The stalking is always a concern,” said Isaac.

Police spokesman Lieutenant Steve Saunders said the suspect driving the car was believed to have been armed when the police began the chase.

Officers at the crash site sealed off an area of ​​three buildings around the wreck. A sedan car was badly damaged in front of the building at the intersection.

The Cincinnati Police Department has a 13-page policy that governs how stalking occurs.

The policy says: “Officers must end their involvement in car chasing whenever the risks to their safety, the safety of innocent bystanders, or the safety of the suspects outweigh the consequences of the suspect’s escape.”

Officers involved in prosecutions are required to consider 13 different factors during prosecutions. Among these factors are the degree of risk involved in chasing others and the amount of pedestrian traffic.

According to this policy, officers have the power to pursue outside their jurisdiction and arrest without a warrant provided that the prosecution begins within the jurisdiction of the police officers and other factors are met.

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Shooting in Washington, D.C. leaves one dead, at least 9 in hospital

Pensacola, Fl

An overnight shooting in Washington, DC, killed one person and hospitalized at least nine others, officials said.

Local radio station WTOP reported that gunshots were reported to authorities after midnight in a residential neighborhood near Fort Circle Park in the southeast of the capital.

One resident, Nelson Bostitch, told news outlets that a party was being held in the neighborhood.

“People are lying on the ground,” Bostic said. “People fumble under cars and things like that.”

Bostick said he hid under his bed amid the shooting, which took place at 3,300 blocks from Dubois Place SE.

Authorities have not identified any of the victims. The condition of the nine people who were transferred to local hospitals has not been released.

No arrests were made, and neither suspect nor motive was identified by officials.

Police are continuing to investigate the incident.

“There were a lot of people on the streets when I got home around 10 PM; another neighbor, whose identity has not been revealed, told WTOP, it’s usually a very quiet street.

Authorities with DC Fire and EMS said two additional people have been hospitalized from areas close to the accident, according to CNN, but officials are currently treating the circumstances as separate from the shooting.

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Alcohol is believed to be involved in the Wayne County accident that killed two people


Pensacola, Fl

The Ohio State Highway Patrol is investigating a crash in Wayne County that killed two teenagers.

OSHP says the accident happened on State Route 57 in Green Township around 12:03 a.m.

An 18-year-old man from Illyria was driving south for 57 Saudi riyals when he failed to obey at a red light.

Officials say he hit a car, which was being driven by an 18-year-old woman from Apple Creek, from the driver’s side. She was trying to turn left from County Road 7 and continue north on SR 57 when the accident occurred.

After crashing into her vehicle, the man’s car continued south on the road before hitting a fender and halting.

A Wayne County investigator announced the two drivers’ deaths at the scene.

Authorities say alcohol appears to have been involved and none of the teens were wearing seatbelts.

This incident is still under investigation.

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A police chase in Ohio and Kentucky ends with 4 pedestrians injured, 2 killed

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Two bystanders were killed and two others injured in a suspect vehicle in a high-speed police chase, according to Cincinnati Police Chief Elliot Isaac.

Cincinnati Police say the Organized Crime Investigation Team and members of the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) Task Force attempted to stop a vehicle with three subjects in a criminal investigation continuing around 4:20 p.m.

The suspects fled and eventually crossed the John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge and entered Newport, Kentucky.

According to the authorities, the suspected car lost control and collided with four pedestrians. Two died, and two others were hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries.

Ishaq said that the suspects sustained minor injuries while they were being held by the authorities.

“We are always examining the prosecutions … due to the nature of the crimes that individuals commit, we cannot allow them to roam freely. However, we have to be mindful of public safety,” he told WCPO.

Witness Steve Kamenetti told the station, “A car came flying – maybe 90 miles an hour – it missed me maybe a centimeter.”

Kamenetti said the suspected driver dodged a car at the intersection before losing control.

“It crashed into the building. There were some people sitting there

He said, “I just ran into them.”

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Alabama cycling club shooting, killing an off-duty policeman and injuring others

Pensacola, Fl

A shooting at a motorcycle club in Birmingham, Alabama, killed at least one – and injured an out-of-service police officer and injured several others, according to a report.

The shooting happened just before midnight at # 1 Stunnas Motor Sport Club in the city’s Ensley neighborhood, Birmingham’s reported. said

The report said the off-duty officer was one of the club’s sponsors at the time.

None of the victims was immediately identified.

Sgt., Birmingham Police, no arrests were made and no suspects were immediately identified. Rodarius Moldin said to the station.

It was not immediately clear what led to the shooting.

Police who arrived at the scene blocked a radius of two buildings around the club as their investigation began. The WBRC reported that the Alabama Bureau of Investigation was leading the investigation.