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Bills rookie QB Jake Fromm apologizes for ‘elite white people’ text

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Buffalo Bills rookie quarterback Jake Fromm apologized after screenshots emerged of a text conversation in which he said only “elite white people” should be able to purchase guns.

The conversation, which took place in 2019 and was posted to Twitter early Thursday morning, involved Fromm and a friend discussing guns. Fromm wrote, “But no guns are good. They need to let me get suppressors,” before adding, “Just make them very expensive so only elite white people can get them haha.

Fromm went on to say he was not an “elite white person” later in the conversation.

I am extremely sorry that I chose to use the words ‘elite white person’ in a text message conversation,” Fromm said in a statement posted to Twitter on Thursday afternoon. “Although I never meant to imply that I am an ‘elite white person,’ as later stated in the conversation, there’s no excuse for that word choice and sentiment.

“I stand against racism 100%. I promise to commit myself to being part of the solution in this country.

Earlier today, we became aware of comments made in a text message conversation involving Jake Fromm in 2019,” the Bills said in a statement. He was wrong and he admitted it to us. We don’t condone what he said. Jake was honest and forthcoming to us about the text exchange. He asked for an opportunity to address and apologize to his teammates and coaches today in a team meeting, which he did. We will continue to work with Jake on the responsibilities of being a Buffalo Bill on and off the field.

Defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier said he expected team leaders to reach out to Fromm and work with him.

“Jake seemed very sincere in his apology,” Frazier said. “We have a very strong culture on our team. Those guys are going to be able to sift through what is real and what isn’t real.

Some NFL players reacted to Fromm’s statement and those made Wednesday by New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees with skepticism. They included New York Jets safety Jamal Adams and Fromm’s former Georgia teammate, Terry Godwin, now with the Jacksonville Jaguars, who said he has “lost all respect for Fromm.

Adams tweeted, “You and Drew aren’t really sorry. Save the bulls— ass apologies. The truth just came out, and you two aren’t the only ones!

Brees attracted backlash when he reiterated his stance on how he will “never agree with anybody disrespecting the flag of the United States of America” during an interview with Yahoo Finance. That came after he initially expressed his support for those who are “fighting for racial equality and justice.” They were his first comments since the death of George Floyd last week while in police custody in Minneapolis.

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1.101 m Corona infected in U.S and 107.000 deaths

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The American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that it recorded a total of one million and 842,101 thousand cases of emerging coronavirus, an increase of 14676 cases from its previous census, and said that the number of deaths increased 827 cases to 107029 cases.

The centers said this was the outcome of Covid-19 illness cases that were registered as of 4 pm EST against its previous report released on last day.

The center numbers do not necessarily reflect the number of cases registered by each state separately.

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George Floyd’s funeral on Thursday

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On Thursday, the US city of Minneapolis will hold the funeral service of George Floyd, the black man who blew up his death after police violently handled him a wave of protests and unrest that rocked the United States in the midst of the Corona pandemic and a propaganda campaign for the divided presidential election.

Reverend Al Sharpton, a political commentator and civil rights activist who will deliver a memorial to Floyd at the ceremony, spoke in an upbeat tone on Thursday morning, praising the unity of protesters protesting police brutality.

I saw more Americans of different races and ages. They stood together, marched together, and raised their voices together,” he told MSNBC. “We are on the cusp of a turning point here,” Sharpton said ahead of the event scheduled to start at 1800 GMT.

Large numbers of protesters had defied the curfew and took to the streets of cities across the United States for nine nights in protests marred at times by violence that prompted President Donald Trump to threaten to use the military.

The protests receded, after prosecutors pressed new criminal charges against the four Minneapolis city police officers for the murder. Several major cities reduced the curfew or lifted it after it remained in place for several days. But the situation was not calm everywhere.

In the Brooklyn suburb of New York City, riot police attacked a crowd of about 1,000 protesters who defied the ban.

Former US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis denounced the military’s involvement in dealing with civil unrest, after he had long refused to criticize the president openly.

The current Defense Secretary, Mark Esber, also said he does not support the use of the armed forces to patrol the country.

“Donald Trump is the first president in my life not trying to unite the American people,” Mattis, who resigned in 2018 from the position of defense secretary, said in a statement published in the Atlantic newspaper. Not even pretending to try.

“Instead he tries to separate us. We are seeing the consequences of three years of this deliberate effort.

The funeral of Floyd, 46, will last six days and take place across three states, Floyd’s family lawyer told the media. His death placed the issue of race high on the political agenda five months before the presidential election, scheduled for November 3.

Media said that a ceremony will also be held on Saturday in Hook County, North Carolina, where Floyd’s sister lives, and in Houston on Monday near the place where Floyd lived. A funeral will be held on Tuesday, including a special mass at an undisclosed location.

Prosecutors brought new charges against four Minneapolis police officers involved in Floyd’s death.

Derek Chauven, 44, who was arrested earlier on charges of manslaughter and third degree manslaughter, was charged with second degree murder.

The added charge can include a sentence of up to 40 years in prison, which is 15 years longer than the maximum penalty for a third degree murder.

Chauvin is the white officer who was seen in video footage crouching on Floyd’s neck while Floyd was panting and moaning repeatedly saying, “Please, I can’t breathe.”

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The anatomy reveals that George Floyd is infected with Corona virus

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Anatomy of George Floyd’s corpse, whose death after being arrested by the US city of Minneapolis police denounced a global racial bias among the country’s law enforcement agencies, showed that he was infected with Corona virus but the infection was not recorded as a contributing factor to his death According to Reuters news agency.

The official cause of death, which is reported in a 20-page report published by the Hunibin County Coroner’s Office, was a heart and lung pause while police were shackling Floyd during his arrest on May 25.

And the pathologist considered that the method of his death was a murder. Four policemen were dismissed for their work because of their role in the incident, which a passer-by recorded on his mobile phone, they were being held on criminal charges and one of them was charged with murder.

The video showed a policeman pressing his knee for about nine minutes on the neck of Floyd, 46, lying on the floor, gasping for breath, groaning, saying please, I can’t breathe. Floyd’s death was announced in hospital shortly thereafter.

The autopsy report stated that Floyd’s death was caused by a heart attack. He also pointed to the complications arising from his subordination by law enforcement and neck pressure

The report also included several additional factors as important conditions that contributed to his death, including heart fatigue, high blood pressure and poisoning from the use of fentanyl, a strong opioid drug, in addition to the recent use of methamphetamine stimulant.

The report also indicated that the result of a nasal swab examination conducted by Floyd after his death to detect the Corona virus was positive, and that a test also showed his infection with the virus on April 3, about eight weeks before his death.

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Where can you get tested for coronavirus? Publix and Home Depot now an option in Florida

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COVID-19 walk-up testing sites will be opening at three Publix stores in Florida on Thursday as part of a partnership with the state to increase testing accessibility. It’s part of the state’s plan to open at least six additional walk-up sites, including at select Home Depot stores.

One of the test sites will be in Broward County. The site will be in the parking lot of the Publix at Coral Ridge at 11600 W. Sample Rd. in Coral Springs.

Testing will also be available in the parking lots of the Publix at Port Charlotte Crossing, 4265 Tamiami Trail in Port Charlotte, and at the Publix at Saxon Crossings, 2100 Saxon Blvd. in Deltona.

All three walk-up sites open Thursday and will be able to conduct up to 100 tests per day, according to Florida’s Division of Emergency Management. Testing is free and will be available to anyone who is over the age of 18, whether or not they have symptoms.

The sites will be open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Test results will be available through Quest Diagnostics within five to seven days, according to the state.

The locations were confirmed shortly after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis afternoon briefing in Orlando about the novel coronavirus and Florida’s reopening plan Wednesday.

DeSantis gave his approval for most of the state, except Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County, to move into the second phase of the state’s three-part reopening plan Friday, with bars and movie theaters allowed opening at a limited capacity.

DeSantis announced the partnership between the state, Publix and Home Depot during a briefing at the first Home Depot testing site in Palm Beach County on May 29. The store is at 9820 Glades Rd in Boca Raton.

The goal of these sites is to make testing for the novel coronavirus “as convenient as possible for people,” he said.

Florida’s Division of Emergency Management says it will be providing staffing and personal protective equipment at each site. The other two walk-up Home Depots testing locations have not been announced yet.

The state says the six testing sites will act as a “pilot program,” with the possibility of more sites being added in the future.

So far, Florida has established 15 drive-thru and 17 walk-up testing sites across the state and has tested more than 230,000 people at these sites.

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Trump threatens to send the army to end the protest

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US President Donald Trump has threatened to send the military to end escalating protests in the United States in response to the killing of a black man while in police detention.

He said that if cities and states fail to control the demonstrations and protect the population, he will send the army “to solve the problem quickly and escalate the protests against the killing of George Floyd.

Dozens of people were injured because the authorities used tear gas and force to disperse the demonstrations that swept 75 cities, and four police officers were shot during a demonstration in St. Louis, Missouri.

The president made a brief speech from the White House and could hear voices coming from a nearby demonstration that was being violently dispersed.

He said all Americans rose up against the brutal killing of George Floyd and they were right but added that the memory of George Floyd should not be “quenched by angry crowds.

He described the scenes of theft and violence in the capital on Sunday as a great shame and then pledged to support the city’s defense force.

He added thousands of thousands of heavily armed soldiers, soldiers, and law enforcement officers to stop riots, theft, vandalism, assaults and brutal destruction of property.

He called on cities and states to deploy the National Guard, the army’s reserve force that can be called in to intervene in local emergencies in sufficient numbers to take over the streets and 16,000 soldiers have been deployed so far.

Trump said that if a city or state refuses to take the necessary measures then I will send the United States Army and it will quickly solve the problem for them

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Presidential award for a Kenyan child making a hand-washing machine to prevent infection

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A nine-year-old Kenyan child who had made a wooden hand-washing machine to help stem the spread of the Corona virus said he was very happy after receiving a presidential award.

“I have two machines now, I want to make more and the machine allows users to tilt a bucket of water with a foot pedal to avoid using hands in order to reduce transmission, Steven Wamokota said.

Stephen came up with the idea after watching television programs on ways to avoid infection with the virus.

The number of Covid-19 infections in Kenya reached more than 2000, and the number of deaths reached 69.

Stephen and his family live in the village of Mukwa, in Bungoma County, western Kenya, which has not been reported with any HIV infection.

Nevertheless his father James Wamukota, is concerned about the possibility of the virus reaching his area.

I bought some wood to make a window frame,” Wamokota said. “But one day when I came home after work, I found Stephen making the machine and added it was his idea and it helped. IM so happy

Stephen was among 68 Kenyans who received the Presidential Medal of Service, the National Osalindo Award and Wamokota noted Stephen’s desire to become an engineer when he grew up and the county governor promised him a scholarship.

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Corona infections in US amount to 1.8 million cases

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The American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that it recorded a total of one million and 802,740,000 cases of the emerging coronavirus, an increase of 14,790 cases from its previous census, and it said that the number of deaths increased by 761 to 105,157 cases.

The centers said this is the outcome of Covid-19 disease cases that were registered as of 4 pm EST local time against its previous report.

The center numbers do not necessarily reflect the number of cases registered by each state separately.

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CVS closes at least 60 stores across 21 states

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Approximately 60 CVS stores across 21 states are closed, .

The chain drug store announced the closures in the wake of protests that began last week following the killing of George Floyd at the hands of Minnesota police. Amid the unrest, businesses in many cities have been broken into and looted.

CVS told in report it does not have a complete list of the closed stores, due to the developing nature of the situation, but most store closures are in cities with large protests – Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., San Francisco and Los Angeles.

More than 250 of our CVS Pharmacy locations across 21 states have experienced varying levels of damage over the past several days,” said Amy Thibault, senior manager of corporate communications for CVS Health

The pharmacy chain confirmed while several stores have sustained damage, no employees were hurt during the protests. Stores will reopen once repairs re made and it is safe to open to the public.

Each closed pharmacy’s phone system has been rerouted to a nearby CVS Pharmacy that is open so all patients will continue to have access to pharmacy care,” said Thibault .

We are continually monitoring protests as they occur in the communities we serve and will close stores, if needed, to help ensure the safety of employees and customers.”

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Walmart to extend special shopping hours

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Businesses are beginning to reopen across the country, and retail giant, Walmart is extending its special shopping hour for seniors and those most vulnerable.

The special shopping hour began back in March and was set to end in later April. It was then extended through May and now it is extended until further notice.

The move was put in place at the start of the Coronavirus pandemic to help older adults and people with underlying health conditions to shop right after stores had been sanitized.

Currently, Walmart has dedicated 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. on Tuesdays for high-risk shoppers, seniors, and first responders at certain stores.