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A man was shot dead at a gas station in Missouri

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Police said a man was found shot dead by a bullet outside a petrol station in Berkeley.

The sergeant said that officers from the Berkeley Police Department had been called in to shoot at PetroMart at 12:40 am. Benjamin Granda of the St. Louis County Police Department.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch newspaper reported that police found the man lying on the sidewalk near a car in front of the gas station, with at least one bullet.

He was transferred to a hospital where he was pronounced dead shortly after.

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Home owner in Florida shoots 3 intruders, 2 deadly house

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The authorities said that a teenager faces charges of armed robbery at his home in Florida where two of his associates were killed, killed and wounded.

The Pasco County Sheriff, Chris Nuku, said that the person who shot them was the victim of the owner of the house, who was carrying a gun and used it to defend himself when he confronted the intruders at his home in Wesley Chapel.

“In this case, the victim was exercising his right to the second amendment to protect himself in his home,” Nuku said.

Al-Sharif said that Luis Cassado, 21, and Horses of Durham, 21, were injured while walking in a narrow corridor towards the owner of the house. They had guns and covered their faces with black masks.

Nuku said that Jeremiah Tramel, 19, was shot after the fall of Cassado and Durham. He said that he escaped from the house while the owner of the house went to get another pistol to replace the pistol he was in possession of because of his jam.

Nuko said that Trammel did not advance much. A neighbor caught him with a pistol and then held him until the deputies arrived.

Trams were hospitalized to treat the lead wound.

Nuku said Cassado and Durham are “very violent” criminals. He said Tramel had had a previous arrest for charging the battery and other charges.

He said that the shooting took place after the owner of the house heard the glass breaking and holding a pistol. He was at home alone playing video games.

Sharif said the owner of the house believed he might have been targeted because of his group of firearms that he displayed on social media.

Nuku said that the investigation also revealed that the homeowner has a kind of relationship with Tramel, Cassado and Durham that involves “a type of known entity”.

Fox 35 Orlando channel reported that Trammel was accused of stealing the home invasion. He was also charged with murder for the death of Cassado and Durham while committing another crime.

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A former athlete rescues a toddler from a burning building

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US media circulated exciting clips showing a former athlete picking up a child whose mother threw from the balcony of one of the upper floors of a burning building in order to save him from death by burning.

This video shows a former soccer player, former Marine, Philip Blanks, 28, running to the building to catch the three-year-old at the last minute.

The dramatic accident that killed the child’s mother took place in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

Blancs, who now works as a bodyguard, said the events were developing very quickly, explaining that he had left his home when he heard screaming in the street and did not even wear shoes.

He continued: “I was running and saw nothing but the child.”

Blancks was not the only hero in this dramatic story, and another citizen named Alexander Dartanian, who rushed to the burning building and pulled out the sister of the eight-year-old rescued child, was at the scene of the accident.

The two children who were injured remain in hospital.

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The death of a girl in Kansas, 3, leads to her second arrest for murder

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A second arrest was reported on Saturday in the death of a 3-year-old girl in Kansas, whose disappearance alerted Amber.

Jacqueline Kirkpatrick, 33, has been detained for murder and child abuse in the death of the little girl, Olivia Jansen, in Kansas City, Kansas, according to reports.

Fox 4 Kansas City reported that Kirkpatrick was the friend of Olivia’s 29-year-old father Howard Jansen III, who was arrested on the death of his daughter.

Janssen was booked on the same charges as Kirkpatrick.

He was arrested by the police after Olivia’s body was found around 5:45 pm. Nine blocks from her home, according to reports.

KCKPD investigators began searching for the girl after Jansen reported her loss and mentioned the last time I saw Olivia around 11 pm.

Jansen told the police that he discovered his daughter was missing when he woke up at 5:30 and then waited three hours to call the police.

KCKPD spokesman Tom Tomasic said they heard “many stories throughout the day” and “none of them made any sense,” according to the station.

An amber alert was issued to Olivia said that despite the absence of a known or suspected vehicle, “because of its age and the area’s inspection, investigators believe it was removed from the site.

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One person killed and one arrested in shooting outside the Portland Stripe Club

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Portland authorities have announced that a Portland man has been arrested on charges of second degree murder after being shot dead.

The officers were called to a strip club at about 8:15 pm. On news of someone being shot. Police said a man was killed in the car park. Jordan Clarke, 25, was arrested and placed in the Multnomah County Detention Center, according to the police.

A later statement from the Portland Police Office said there was “no evidence” that the accident was due to race. Posts on several social media platforms claimed on Friday that the suspect used racial slurs before the shooting.

“Investigators interviewed several witnesses to this crime and there is no information at this time to support race, it was a factor who played a role in this case,” police said.

The police did not release the victim’s name or any other information about what happened before the shooting.

It was not immediately clear whether Clarke had hired a lawyer to comment on the case.

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Four children are killed in Indiana in a “tragic” highway collision involving a drunk driver

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Four children were killed when a car in which they were traveling on Interstate 70 collided with a semi-trailer and caught fire.

The dead were Anisa Acosta, 15; Quentin Michael McGowan, 13; Brekkin Riley Bruce, 8; Trentin Boo Bruce, 6, according to Indiana State Police in a press release. They were all siblings.

A passer-by pulled a Chevrolet Malibu 2020 driver, Aaron Bruce, 34, from Kansas City, Missouri, from his car, according to the statement. A medical helicopter transported the severely injured driver to the Askinazi Hospital in Indianapolis. Sheriff Randy Ritter said he was still in critical condition with the burning unit.

The statement said that none of the Chevrolet passengers – the four children – were able to escape from the car. Firefighters from Cambridge City, Green Fork, and Hagerstown responded to the fire.

“It was a difficult scene. It was very difficult,” said the sergeant. John Bowling of the Indiana State Police said. “It can be emotional attrition for the first responders when you are in a scene like trying that scene. Any loss of life is tragic, but it is especially difficult when the children are.”

Police said Knorth’s truck driver failed to slow down in the construction area and crashed into a Chevrolet passenger car.

The police said the truck pushed the car into the back of another semi-trailer, then pushed the car from the left lane to the dirt roadblock where the cars caught fire.

The statement said that the 2004 Kenworth truck driver, Cory Wirow, 31, from Camden, Ohio, escaped from his burning truck and was transported to Red Health with life-threatening injuries. An investigation by Wayne County Sheriff’s Office indicates that the drugs were a contributing factor to the accident, and Withrow was detained around 1:20 am in Wayne County Prison after his treatment in Reed.

He was initially charged with four counts of reckless criminal offense, four counts of a drunken felony causing death and one felony charge while working drunk causing serious bodily injuries, according to a Retter press release.

The accident occurred while Withrow was heading east to tow a box trailer loaded into the right lane. According to Bowling, Withrow came on the traffic which was slow but moving as it merged to the left as the construction area west of Indiana 1 junction passed traffic to one lane. Withrow failed to slow his Kenworth and hit the back of a slow Chevrolet.

Withrow’s launch was driving infrequently and at high speed before the accident, according to a police department statement. Initial toxicity reports indicated that Withrow had several drugs in his system.

A police statement said Kenworth pushed Chevrolet into the left rear corner of other semi-tandem tandem trailers that also slowed down the merger. The second tandem trailer was torn off its axis as Kenworth continued pushing Chevrolet through the left lane to the center, as both cars caught fire.

The second truck driver, Thomas Flaherty, 57, from Springfield, Ohio, was not injured.

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Indian police kill a murder suspect in 8 officers

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Officials said the biggest suspect in the killing of eight police officers in an ambush last week and dozens of other crimes was shot dead in police custody while trying to escape.

Police officer Mohit Agarwal said Vikas Dobby kidnapped a pistol from the officers after their car overturned on a highway near the northern city of Kanpur and tried to escape. He said that Dobby died in a shootout.

Duby, in his forties, surrendered in the central town of Eugene after a week-long research. He was driving in a police convoy to Kanpur, where eight police officers were killed.

He is believed to have links with state and police politicians. Two police officers were arrested this week for allegedly extracting them from a police raid on his home last Friday.

State government spokesman Avnish Usti said that in the past four days, police had killed six of Dubi’s alleged partners in helping him evade arrest.

Amarnath Agarwal, leader of the opposition Congress Party, accused the police of planning to kill Dubi. “It was committed out of the impression that Duby did not reveal the names of the people who provided him with protection and care.”

Police custody deaths are not isolated incidents in India.

A report last month by a rights group in New Delhi, the National Campaign against Torture, said that at least 1,731 people died in custody during 2019, which means five deaths in custody a day.

In December last year, police shot four men suspected of raping and killing a young veterinarian in southern India after investigators took them to the crime scene. Human rights groups have called for an investigation into the deaths.

Ganeshyam Udayhai, a Mumbai-based lawyer, lodged a petition to the Supreme Court of India on Thursday to investigate the deaths of Dubi’s alleged partners who will be investigated.

Duby was killed before the court decided his appeal.

The New Delhi TV channel reported that police stopped the media cars after the police convoy on the highway half an hour before Dubi was killed. There was no immediate comment from the police.

Last week, the police sought to arrest Dubi and others accused of being in his criminal gang. Police said the suspects blocked the road with rigs and shot them from rooftops. Five officers were also wounded, and the attackers fled before the police reinforcements could reach the area.

Uttar Pradesh, with a population of 230 million, is one of the poorest states in India. It is also considered one of the most lawless countries with high incidence of armed robbery, kidnapping for ransom and crimes against women, according to the National Crime Registry.

Dubey is alleged to have been involved in 60 cases of murder, theft and kidnapping. Among them was the killing of the local Bharatiya Janata Party leader Santosh Shukla at a police station in 2001. Two policemen were also killed in the attack.

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A Louisiana man charged in bonds in a separate shooting

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A Louisiana man in connection with active warrants was charged with involvement in a separate shooting that wounded five people, including two children.

Easton Baton Rouge Sheriff’s office said in a Facebook post that 21-year-old Miyoshi Terry Edwards was arrested after investigators tracked down the rental cars used to shoot his girlfriend, Edwards.

The deputies said that the shooting left two adults and two young children with gunshot wounds. The group was driving to an apartment complex in Baton Rouge when they were called by two suspects in another vehicle, according to the reservation documents obtained by the lawyer. The motive for the shooting was not fired immediately.

Representatives said that video surveillance near the scene of the shooting identified the rental car belonging to Edwards’ girlfriend in Tikvau, a city 52 miles (84 km) east of Baton Rouge.

The additional investigation linked Edwards with a April 6 shooting. In that incident, the authorities said that Edwards shot three people, wounding one person. Investigators said that Edwards had an ongoing conflict with the victims.

Representatives said Edwards had active arrest warrants through the Baton Rouge Police Department on charges of aggravated assault and illegal possession of a stolen firearm.

The Advocate newspaper reported that he was out of bond after being arrested in December 2019 on charges of attempted first-degree murder. He has now been charged with several counts of attempted murder in the April and July shootings.

It is unclear whether he has a lawyer who can comment on his behalf.

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A gunman shoots two policemen from Texas, wounding a third on the clipboard

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Officials said two law enforcement officers in Reno, Texas, were shot and nearly a third wounded when a suspect threatening to open fire in Texas and barricaded himself in a house.

Renault police chief Tony Simons said in an email statement that the officers were responding to a house in Parker County, 22 miles (35 km) northwest of Fort Worth, after a caller said her son was carrying a weapon and was threatening him.

The gunman opened fire when the police reached the scene,

Simons said that one of Renault’s officers was wounded in the arm and a deputy Parker was injured in the district. The officer’s injuries were not considered life threatening, but the extent of the deputy’s injuries was unknown. The attorney was transferred to a hospital in Fort Worth for treatment.

Simmons said that a bullet hit the portfolio of a Thunderbolt officer of a Renault officer, which prevented him from getting injured.

The newspaper reported that the fiery battle ended when a fire broke out inside the house. A woman who came from inside the house said that the man, who was her son, had shot another woman inside, according to the KDFW.

Flames were seen rising from the house as the suspect immunized himself, according to the Star-Telegraph newspaper. The fire was extinguished at about 1:30 am, but it was not immediately clear what the shooter’s status was.

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A man was killed when the car collided with the utility pole on the east side of Cleveland

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One person was killed in a crash on the eastern side of Cleveland.

A car hit a service pole on Woodhull Road near Parkview Avenue, according to the Cleveland Police Department.

Medical officials in Cleveland Emergency said they had responded to the place, where it was announced the death of a 35-year-old man.

No other information was immediately available.