Michigan grandmother helped her granddaughter beat up another student in an elementary school bathroom

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A Michigan grandmother allegedly helped her granddaughter beat up a fellow student at an elementary school, according to officials.

Mt. Morris Township Police said the grandmother and her granddaughter were dropped off at McMonagle Elementary School for a behavioral meeting, WNEM reported.

The grandmother saw another girl her granddaughter was not getting along with, so she and her granddaughter followed the girl into a bathroom, where the grandmother is accused of holding down the girl while her granddaughter punched her.

McMonagle Elementary School spokesperson Jamal Bransford said in a statement to WNEM that no other children were injured after the incident and that administrators are investigating how the grandmother managed to bypass security protocols and gain unauthorized access to the school premises.

“On Thursday, April 18 an unfortunate incident transpired at McMonagle Elementary School involving a grandparent of a student who managed to circumvent security protocols and gain unauthorized access to the school premises,” Bransford said. “The Mt. Morris Township Police Department immediately investigated this incident. It is crucial to emphasize that no other children in the school were involved or harmed during this incident.”

“The safety and security of our students are topmost concern,” he continued. “Our school administration is diligently implementing all necessary measures to ensure that such breaches of security are prevented in the future.”

The grandmother was taken into police custody and is being held at the Genesee County Jail.

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