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53,000 new cases of corona in the United States

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Johns Hopkins University has announced that the United States recorded about 53,069 new infections with the new Corona virus during the past 24 hours, a record number since the start of the epidemic, taking the total number of Covid-19 infections in the United States to more than 2.7 million.

The country also reported 649 HIV deaths within 24 hours, taking the total Coffid-19 deaths in the United States to 128,677.

The number of newly discovered infections in the United States is higher than ever since the outbreak of the epidemic. The number of cases requiring hospitalization is increasing in a number of epidemic hotspots, as is the case in Houston (Texas) and Phoenix (Arizona).

Texas recorded about eight thousand new cases of Covid-19, prompting Republican Governor Greg Abbott, supporter of President Donald Trump, to impose respirators to become mandatory in public places in this southern state.

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The governor of Texas is bound by muzzles, and gatherings are limited to 10 people

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Texas State Governor Greg Abbott has issued an order making the muzzle mandatory in areas of the state with more than 20 people infected with the Coronavirus.

Abbott also authorized the local authorities to limit the gatherings to ten individuals, with cases of corona infection and deaths resulting from it.

Abbott had resisted for more than two months calls from local leaders to force everyone in the state to wear masks.

And the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that the total number of people infected with corona in the country reached two million and 679 thousand and 230 people, an increase of 54,357 cases from the previous census.

More than 53 thousand cases of “corona” within 24 hours in the United States

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Charge a female soldier in a murder case using a hammer

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An American female soldier, Cecilie Aguilar, was accused of complicity in the killing and dismembering of her colleague’s body, which had disappeared about 3 months ago.

The 22-year-old recruit, Cecily Aguilar, is charged with conspiring to conceal evidence of the murder of her 20-year-old colleague, Vanessa Guilin.

Guilin was last seen at her workplace in Fort Hood, Texas, on April 22, before her disappearance.

Earlier this week, authorities in Bell County found remains believed to be returning to the female soldier.

Officials at the Fort Hood military base revealed that the main suspect in the disappearance of female soldier Guilin, a 20-year-old soldier named Aaron David Robinson, had committed suicide by shooting himself while trying to arrest him.

The missing female soldier’s family had previously called for the Fort Hood military base to be closed if the young woman was found dead, and accused the army of being involved in hiding her daughter.

“We realize that she was subjected to sexual harassment by her superiors at least twice because she spoke with her family, friends, and co-workers about this,” said Natalie Hawam, the lawyer for the American female soldier’s family, in a television statement.

On the other hand, officials at the US military base announced that they had no reports of the female soldier being subjected to harassment or sexual assault.

A criminal complaint against female soldier Aguilar says that Robinson, the main suspect in the case, told her that he had killed a female soldier at Fort Hood camp, and admitted that he had beaten her with a hammer in a warehouse at the military base to death, and then transported her body to a remote location.

It is noteworthy that the American Fort Hood military base is located near the city of Killeen in Texas.

This is the second case in this rule after a similar disappearance of a soldier named Gregory Fidel Morales in August 2019, whose body was not found until last month.

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The thunderbolt struck him and he survived

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Rescuers recounted a rare incident in which a female citizen was struck by a thunderbolt while she was at her home, causing her partial memory loss and excruciating pain.

Shelby Clove, a resident of Bellingham, Washington, said that she was subjected to a severe thunderbolt, which caused her severe pain and weakness in her body.

Rescuers recounted the details of the incident, citing Clove and eyewitnesses, and indicated that the victim was at home when it started to rain and the sky began to thunder and lighten.

Then, Clough tried to turn on the table lamp, and suddenly she felt a strong thunderbolt and a very bright light in her eyes shine before her thunderbolt’s charge to the other side of the room.

Upon arriving at the hospital, she said: “I had a limb spasm, I couldn’t move at all. I partially lost my memory, so I recount what eyewitnesses told me.”

“I am happy that I survived, and I can go home and my children,” she was quoted by local WFXT television as saying.

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An 8-year-old girl was hit by a random bullet a year ago pushing for peace in Kansas City

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An 8-year-old girl from Kansas seeks peace in her city.

She was randomly shot one year ago while riding in a car. Now, she and her mother say they want to see an end to violent crime.

BrookLynn Cross is a girly girl through and through. She is known by her friends and family for always wearing bright or fluffy ears on her head. Some look like cat ears, maybe wolf ears, mysterious pandas, and don’t forget a unicorn.

However, Brooklyn is also a victim of armed violence. Her mother, Julie Foster, said that her daughter’s strength is great.

“He didn’t break it. Foster said,” He never broke it. “” Her soul was still there, and it kept me sane in that hospital. “

She was shot a little over a year ago on June 9. KCPD said that officers responded to the shooting around 6:14 pm. Near Lynnwood and Gilham. When they arrived, they found a 16-year-old victim with an ankle injury.

The victim got into an argument with someone in the car park. The police said that there was an exchange of fire between the two parties.

Foster said that the 16-year-old boy accidentally shot Brooklyn, but he intentionally shot his pistol. One of his bullets passed her car and hit Brooklyn in her legs.

Foster transferred her daughter to the mercy of the children, where she underwent surgery.

BrookLynn maintained a positive attitude and learned how to walk again with the help of physiotherapist Walker.

The 8-year-old said her mother had difficulty, but she was there for her.

Brooklyn said: “She was really sad, but I helped her encourage her because she knew I was going to do it, and she knew it too.” “She was crying a lot, but I helped her be happier.”

Her wounds were healed, but she still needs surgery. She’ll get another one soon, but BrookLynn said when she looks at her scars she doesn’t think about herself.

She said she was considering her 18-year-old uncle Bradley Sartin.

Brooklyn said: “It was my favorite uncle.”

Sartin was killed in late November 2017, and his case remains unresolved. Independence Police said that he and another man, Ernesto Delawaz, 20, were shot in the Hawthorne Place apartments.

BrookLynn made a shadow box for her uncle. She keeps it beside her bed with pillows made of the shirts he was wearing.

Brooklyn said: “This always makes me feel safe because it makes me feel that his spirit in the room is protecting me.”

Foster said that the boy who shot Brooklyn is now going through the court system and being tried as an event.

The teenager who was shot, Michael D. Candler-Word, 17, is being tried as an adult. He is accused of assault, armed criminal act and illegal use of weapons.

Foster hopes that the teenager who shot her daughter will face the same consequences.

“I feel it is happening more than we talk about. Something sad. Foster said: It is really sad that the 16-year-old feels forced to roam with a gun.” “We need to crack down on armed violence.” I think if someone was caught with a gun and he was young, I think he should be tried as an adult.

City Mayor Quinton Lucas said homicides in Kansas City rose by 36%, while non-fatal shootings for May rose by 74%.

BrookLynn requires people to think before shooting.

Brooklyn said: “Stay safe and try to work with it because you don’t know if you can photograph a little girl or a little child.” “You never know if you can shoot a small child.”

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Michigan couple charged with attack, man after video clips showed a woman pointing to a black gun in a parking lot in Chipotle

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His husband and wife are facing criminal charges after an escalating screaming match outside the Michigan Chipotle restaurant on Wednesday night. Videos of the incident that the police cited showing a woman who had just been described as racist pointing to a handgun on a black family.

Gillian Westenburg, 32, and Eric Westenburg, 42, are charged with one count of criminal assault, which is punishable by up to four years’ imprisonment.

Erik Westenburg, identified on the University of Auckland site as coordinator of Veterans Support Services, was fired.

“We have seen the video and consider its behavior unacceptable,” said university spokesman Brian Burley, adding that he was “informed that his work has been completed.”

At a press conference on Thursday, Oakland County Police Chief Michael Butchard said the suspects had legal and hidden pistol licenses, but the accusations stemmed from using their weapons to threaten the victims.

No shots were fired, and no injuries were reported in the Sergeant incident. Dale Brown said.

Bouchar said that the police investigators investigating the case “presented two very different stories from two different groups, as both sides claimed that they felt very threatened.”

Bouchar said that the authorities are aware of two videos of the accident. They photograph the couple – who get into their car over the videos and leave the scene – and a mother and two daughters out of the car.

Bouchar said that the incident started at around 6 pm, when members of the Westenburg family were leaving the Chipotle restaurant and the victims, who did not give their names, were coming.

With one video clip beginning, voices of an unknown source accuse Gillian Westenburg of colliding with a 15-year-old girl, demanding an apology and calling her “ignorant.” Westenburg responds that she is forbidden to enter her car.

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Oklahoma officers were charged with murder after investigators said they had used the stun gun more than 50 times

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Two Oklahoma police officers were charged with second degree murder after being accused of using their thunderbolt more than 50 times on a 28-year-old man who died.

Wilson police officers charged Joshua Taylor, 26, and Brandon Dingman, 34, in the death of Jared Lake last year, according to court documents.

Court documents said that the two officers used stun guns on Lucky more than 50 times, “which greatly exceeded what was necessary or justified due to the accompanying circumstances,” and was “a significant factor” in Leakey’s death.

Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, which assisted in the investigation at the request of the Carter County Sheriff’s Office, said that after Taylor and Dingman used stun guns on Lakey on July 4, 2019, Lakey was taken to hospital and died on July 6, 2019.

OSBI said Taylor and Dingman were in touch with Leakey after answering a call he was acting in disorganized fashion. When Leakey did not comply with the officers’ orders, the agency said, they used their thunderbolt weapons several times.

A deputy at the Carter County Sheriff’s Office eventually responded to the scene and helped put Liqui into custody. OSBI said that soon after, Lakey stopped breathing and became unresponsive. He was taken to the hospital.

OSBI said that prosecutors issued arrest warrants for Taylor and Dingman. OSBI said they both turned around on Thursday morning. All of them were given bonds worth $ 250,000 and they both borrowed.

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A man shoots and kills the dog excessively due to barking

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Authorities arrested a man who threatened to kill his neighbor, then shot and killed the dog of that neighbor due to excessive barking.

It happened in the morning on Block 9000 of Scenic Valley Road in Jenny Lined.

According to Al-Sheriff’s office, the victim called 911 to inform him that he was arguing with someone who was rushing from his house and causing excessive dust in the area.

During that argument, the suspect, Roger Wayne Anderson, 60, was reported to have walked out of his trailer and fired shots from a handgun, killing the victim’s dog due to “excessive barking.”

According to the authorities, Anderson directed his gun to the victim and threatened to kill him.

Anderson fled the area in an old blue Ford Expedition before the authorities arrived at the scene.

He surrendered to the police the next day, who is being held on bail of $ 1.2 million.

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A man was killed after being shot and run over by the car, Juvenile girl accused of murder

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A juvenile girl has been charged with murder in connection with the death of a 59-year-old man in southwest Austin, according to the Austin Police Department.

Around 4:33 am, the APD answered a gunshot call at Block 3800 from Alexandria Road near Brody Lane. Once at the scene, authorities found David Dunn with great trauma and a gunshot wound. Dunne died at the scene of the accident around 5 am.

APD reports that Dunn collapsed in the street after being shot. Then the little girl got into Dan’s carriage, announced her intention to run over him, and then she intentionally did so.

Police said crime scene investigators and specialists were able to recover the video from the scene, which includes “extensive footage of the event” and identification of the persons concerned.

The killing was identified as the method of death by the Travis County Medical Examination Office.

The cause of the man’s death is a gunshot wound with a contributing factor to the severe shock of run over the car, APD says.

Originally accused of aggravated assault, the girl’s charges were improved after the official ruling from the medical examiner’s office. The girl is currently held at Gardner Betts Juvenile.

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Students organize concerts to intentionally infect corona and prizes for patients

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Students in the American state of Alabama held concerts aimed at deliberately spreading the “Corona” virus among the attendees, with the first person infected with the virus receiving a financial prize,

According to Tuscaloosa City Council member Sonia McKinstry, party hosts intentionally invited people who have been diagnosed with coronavirus to these gatherings and said they put the money in a container, and tried to get healthy people to mix with the injured intentionally; As the first injured of them gets the prize money. ”

This comes after the city council voted unanimously in favor of a law requiring people to wear face masks on the street.

Recently, the city, home to the University of Alabama and many other colleges, witnessed a significant increase in Corona injuries with a total of 2,049 positive tests and 38 deaths, according to the Public Health Administration.

Fire Chief Randy Smith confirmed what the students had done at the city council meeting

“We thought this was common at first,” Smith told council members. We did some research.

Doctor’s offices do not only confirm this. Rather, the authorities confirmed that they have the same information as well. ”

Alabama recorded 38,422 Corona cases, an increase of 10,696 in the last 14 days, according to data provided by the state’s Department of Public Health. At least 947 people have died in this state due to the virus.

Arol Sheehan, a spokeswoman for the Alabama Public Health Department, said that the state requires people who have been diagnosed with “Corona” to follow the rules of quarantine in their “place of residence for 14 days.”

She explained that violating this is a misdemeanor with possible fines of up to $ 500.

Former Alabama state governor Kay Evi said she would extend these orders until July 31 because of the high number of cases.

Alabama‘s concerts come after a group of Corona cases have been linked to a party in New York; Where it is known that the hosts suffer from «corona»; But they did the party though.

Attendees refuse to work with health officials to contain the outbreak.

The party in West Nyack, Rockland County, infected eight other people with the virus.