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The death of a woman with gunshot wounds is suicide – but has her policeman really killed her?

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On a morning, Levi Chavez said he returned home and found his wife, Terra Chavez, dead in bed from his wounds shot.

“Please tell them to hurry!” The then-26-year-old Albuquerque policeman can be heard, he says in a 911 call.

The medical examiner passed away the death of a 26-year-old mother of a suicide.

Terra, troubled by her deteriorating marriage, felt herself shot and killed with one bullet from her husband’s service pistol.

But her family always believed otherwise.

Her father, Joseph Cordova, says in this week’s episode of an oxygen accident, suicide or murder

He says, “There is no way to commit Terra suicide.”

This week’s episode deepens into the exciting case of examining how the young woman really died.

When the investigation revealed, sordid details of Levi Chavez’s life began to emerge.

The night before the deadly shooting, Levy was at his girlfriend’s house, the authorities said at the time.

The authorities say he has been in relationships with other women – including neighbors and other officers in the force – for years.

Valencia county investigator Aaron Jones set out to find out what really happened on the night of Terra’s death.

“It was up to me to confirm or deny whether this was suicide,” he says in the episode.

During his investigation, Jones found Terra Chavez’s diary, initially filled with despair, and then, hope.

“I have shown that they are moving and becoming independent,” he says.

Her sister-in-law, Gina Cordova, agrees. “Terra was ready to marry and was planning,” she says.

 Levi Chavez was tried for the murder of his wife – and he was found not guilty, NBC News reported.

Prosecutors claimed that Terra was partially killed because she discovered that he allegedly committed insurance fraud related to a truck that he allegedly stole and could have served as a potential witness, as reported by Manafeth including the local KOAT station and Albuquerque newspaper at the time.

Despite her husband’s acquittal, the Terra family still believes that she did not die due to suicide.

“I couldn’t see Terra’s kids getting older and thinking,” Mama left us. “We weren’t good enough for your mother,” Joseph Cordova explained during the episode.

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A daughter assists in the murder case of my father after the police initially said that he had died in the fall

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Jennifer Espinal overcame what she considered police indifference to locate a video of her 76-year-old father’s assailant, leading to his arrest

Jennifer Espinal never accepted that her 76-year-old father had suffered fatal injuries as he fell on the street.

She alleged that the lieutenant at the police station in Queens, New York, insisted on this belief. When she pressed him to open an investigation into an accident – her father, Jorge Conejo, died five days later – he told her it was an accident, as the emergency medical teams that had confronted Konigo on Jamaica Street assumed a head injury.

The lieutenant told her that if she believes otherwise, she must collect evidence to prove this.

She did.

Driven by a word on the street – “He said, Jane, everyone tells the same story that my dad was killed,” said Espinal, a 45-year-old nurse, whose brother told her – printed the flyers and picked them up at the crime scene. Ultimately, she tracked the surveillance video and photos that showed a man leaving the grocery store at around 11:30 pm, then randomly attacking her father before fleeing, according to Daily News reports.

The medical examiner announced that Koenju’s death was a murder last week, according to the perpetrator.

On Tuesday, police confirmed photos of the suspect pursued by Cunjo’s daughter – and on Wednesday, Daniel Rodriguez, 45, of Queens, was arrested for murder and assault, the police confirmed to a people.

A ministry spokeswoman said by e-mail that the alleged initial response to the lieutenant was “under internal review”.

“He didn’t care, my father was nothing, but for us, my father was everything, it was important,” Espinal said.

She told the Daily News that the alleged lieutenant operation “made me watchful.”

She said: “The last thing I imagine every day is how my father was lying, how terrible he was, and how my brutal father was killed.”

Her father Jorge Junior said that her father was an Ecuadorian immigrant who moved to the United States in his twenties after working as a circus performer in his home country and was a “hard-working man.”

Rodriguez did not refer to the petition, and no lawyer has been identified who may speak on his behalf immediately. But Espinal says she has already forgiven him.

“I am happy that he will not be able to harm someone else’s family. I don’t know what demons have made him do this, but I hope he gets the help he needs,” she said.

She added: “I will not hate it in my heart. It is not what my father wants. He has never hated it in his heart.”

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Autopsies of dead bodies of the corona virus reveals shocking results

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Autopsies of the bodies of deceased patients caused by the “Covid-19” caused by the emerging coronavirus, revealed that they had blood clots in almost all parts of the body.

And a pathologist revealed that the autopsies performed on people who died due to the Corona virus help doctors understand how the disease affects the body, noting that blood clotting is among the most important results, according to CNN.

Dr. Amy Rabkevich, head of the pathology department at the Langon Medical Center at New York University, said it was known that some Corona patients had blood clotting problems, but she described the degree and extent of this as “dramatic.”

She added that in the early stages of the epidemic, doctors observed a lot of blood clotting in various large lines and vessels.

“What we saw in the autopsy was somewhat an extension of that … The coagulation was not only in large vessels, but also in small vessels,” Rabbevich said.

“It was very interesting, because although we expected it in the lungs, we found it in almost every organ that we looked at in studying the autopsy of the victims.”

She said researchers hope to discover how these cells affect small blood clotting in SK patients.

Pathologists were surprised by something they did not find, and indicated that during the early stages of the epidemic, doctors believed that the virus would provoke myocarditis, but the autopsy revealed that cases of myocarditis were very low.

One of the analyzes, Rabbikevich said, “was that there was an opportunity for pathologists, to examine the organs of many Corona victims and to investigate the complications of the disease that occurred”, saying that the opportunity was not already available with H1N1 patients or during the outbreak of the original SARS virus.

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Florida, records high Corona injuries

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Florida, announced a record high for confirmed cases of the emerging corona virus, as 15,300 new cases were detected.

According to the state’s health affairs agency, the incidence of new Corona virus infection in Florida during the past 24 hours has increased by 15,299 cases, to reach the level of 269811.

Florida is currently one of the largest outbreaks in the world, with the number of daily infections in the state exceeding the same index in any European country during the height of the pandemic.

Florida also exceeded the record of daily infections, the largest increase recorded by New York on April 10 with 12847 cases, when this state was the largest epicenter of the pandemic in the country.

On the other hand, the local health authority said that it had monitored during the past day 95 new deaths caused by the Corona virus, to increase this number in general in the state to the level of 4242.

As part of anti-virus measures, the state’s Republican governor, Ron Desantis, ordered bars closed, but he did not heed calls for a decree requiring people to wear masks in public.

In recent weeks, the country has witnessed unprecedented rises in daily HIV infections, amid growing disagreements among Americans over the issue of lifting precautionary measures, in particular the reopening of schools and the issue of wearing masks.

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Fire, explosion at USS Bonhomme Richard sends 21 people to hospitals, fills San Diego sky with dark smoke

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Officials said that an amphibious assault ship caught fire at the San Diego Naval Base, which led to an explosion on board that injured 17 sailors and four civilians and filled the sky with dark smoke.

The USS Bonhomme Richard crew has all been reported out of the 840-foot-high vessel, according to a statement from the Surface Navy, the U.S. Pacific Fleet.

The 17 sailors and four civilians were transferred to local hospitals with life-threatening injuries.

The statement said the fire was reported at about 8:30 am and several sailors were treated after the explosion, according to the San Diego Fire Department.

Officials said that approximately 160 sailors were on board at the time, which is much lower than if the ship was in active service.

At about 1:00 p.m., the USS Fitzgerald moved to a dock outside the fire. USS Russell moved after about 30 minutes.

San Diego is the home port of Bonhomme Richard and was subject to routine maintenance at the time of the fire. The ship has the ability to deploy and land helicopters, small boats and amphibious vehicles ….

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A man and his girlfriend are arrested in Kansas after losing a 3-year-old girl who is found dead

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The father of the missing Olivia Jansen, 3, was arrested on charges of assaulting a child and killing the first degree after finding the remains of a young child.

Howard Jansen III, 29, was held in Wandot County Prison hours after Olivia’s body was found, according to online records.

Janssen reported that Olivia was missing and told the police that she was missing when he woke up at about 5:30 am and claimed that he had reached her before he slept around 11 pm.

Kansas City Police Department spokesman Tom Thomasch told Fox 4 that they heard “several stories throughout the day” and “none of them made sense.”

An amber alert was issued to Olivia, but it was canceled after the remains of which it believed to be her were found near the highway.

“This is not the result we wanted,” the Kansas City Police Department said in a statement. “Indeed, it is the worst result.”

Janssen’s friend, Jacqueline Kirkpatrick, 33, was arrested and charged with child abuse and first-degree murder, the same charges as Jansen.

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Three people were killed by gunfire in Columbus, including a 15-year-old boy who injured a teenage girl

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Ohio authorities say three people, including a 15-year-old boy, were shot dead on the weekend in various parts of Columbus, and a 15-year-old was shot in a fourth case.

The officers called a house in south Linden after 9:00 p.m. 15 years old found Marcus Peters, who died at the scene. The police said that there was a drive-by shooting at the same residence six days ago, and during that evening a crowd gathered, several battles broke out, and some shots were fired, although no injuries were reported.

Three people were wounded by gunfire that broke out just before 2:30 am in the downtown area. One of them, Darren Smith, 23, was announced dead before 9:30 am Saturday at Ohio State University Medical Center Wexner. Another victim said that two men argued, one of them produced a pistol and opened fire.

Just before 11:30 pm, officers on the western side of the city found 25-year-old Robert Biddard and several gunshots. He was transferred to the Ohio Health Grant Medical Center, where he died shortly before 1:30 am.

Earlier today, a 15-year-old girl crosses a street just before 2:30 pm. He was shot in the arm. She was taken to hospital in stable condition and treated.

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The child recovers after being shot 4 times while driving

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 His mother said that a 9-year-old girl, who was shot four times in Atlanta, had surgery and recovered.

Keyona Carson told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that her son Javonni Carson was filming TikTok videos in eastern Atlanta when someone had passed by and shot a crowd, wounding Javonni and two adults. She said that Gaffoni was shot four times in the left leg and his father took him to the hospital.

“My other two kids were there too, and they saw everything,” Kyona Carson said. “Someone passed his car and started shooting.”

The police said the three victims were expected to live. Police believe an argument led to the shooting.

The authorities said that the officers recovered 42 shell casings from the scene. No arrests were made.

The shooting came days after the 8-year-old was shot by Securia Turner and was killed during the July 4th weekend in Atlanta.

Carson said she was sad when she heard of Turner’s death and felt her lucky son had survived.

“I just thank God, he is still here,” she said of Gaffoni. “They no longer have their child. I cannot imagine.”

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Two killed, one in critical condition after a fight in Bellevue

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Authorities told King TV that two men were killed and another man was in critical condition after a fight in Bellevue.

The TV station reported that a woman was also injured and treated in a hospital in the suburb of eastern Seattle.

The violence appears to have occurred around 7:30 pm. The authorities said at the house heating ceremony in Elements Apartments, a three-storey complex in the city center.

The authorities told King the suspect and the victims knew each other, but they could not determine who started the stabbing or shooting.

The police will not tell the TV station if the suspect is among the deceased.

“We don’t know who did what,” police chief Steve Millett told the Seattle Times. “… we’re now going to pull the layers over to try to figure out exactly what happened.

The Times reported that Miranda Rogers, who lives in another tower in Elements Apartments, described the complex as quiet, where “something like this happens very rarely”. She added that her neighbors were always kind.

“I think this is just an unfortunate event that happened among a group of friends,” she said.

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2 Texas police officers killed in an ambush attack; The suspects were killed, authorities say

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Two police officers were killed in a border town of Texas on Saturday in what authorities described as an ambush.

The Monitor McAllen, Texas, reported that the gunman later killed himself after engaging in a shootout with other responders.

The newspaper Al-Monitor reported that the officers killed in McAllen were Edelmo Garza, 45, and Ismail Chavez, 39. He was killed while responding to a complaint about local unrest.

“We have lost two brave public officials who only sought to maintain peace in our city,” McAllen Police Chief Victor Rodriguez said in a text message.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott addressed the news via Twitter on Saturday evening and praised the self-sacrifice of the two officers.

Abbot wrote, “Two of our best individuals were killed while doing homework while working to protect the population in their community.” “I have spoken to McAllen Police Chief Victor Rodriguez and offered full support from Texas. We are joining with #BackTheBlue.”

The suspect has been identified as Udon Ignacio Camarillo, 23, who was recently arrested last month on charges of assault, according to Al-Monitor.

Lieutenant Christopher Olivares, a spokesman for the state’s public safety department, said the officers were taken to a hospital in the area after the shooting.

The Texas Attorney General’s Office has taken on Twitter’s murders and offered prayers and assistance to people and police officers in McAllen.

“Our prayers and full support for brave men and women from #CityofMcAllen PD this evening,” the message read. “This office will provide any needed assistance in the coming days. We are grateful to the police in McAllen and around this great state.”

The city government’s Facebook page had a message of condolence to fellow Garza and Chavez officers and their families.

The newspaper reported that “McAllen police officers were killed while carrying out their duties.” “The city of McAllen offers its deep condolences to the McAllen Police Department and the families of Officer Edelmo Garza and Officer Ismail Chavez. Our city suffers and our hearts and prayers go to them during this difficult period.”