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A mother of six died of COVID-19 days after doctors delivered her baby


A family in Los Angeles deals with the unimaginable loss of a mother of six whose youngest child was born weeks ago while her mother was fighting the Coronavirus.

Veronica Guevara Geron, 37, died on Thursday, just three days after giving birth to her youngest daughter.

I tried. Her sister-in-law, Natalia Geron, said she fought to keep her baby at home for as long as possible until the doctors ended up saying, “No, we have to get the baby out.”

The family’s nightmare began just before Christmas when Guevara Geron, 8 months pregnant, tested positive for the COVID-19 virus.

“She started saying she couldn’t breathe … she had a cough that did not go away … so they ended up taking her to the hospital,” Geron said.

After Guevara fought Geron for more than a week with oxygen only, doctors had to give birth to the baby My Faith five weeks earlier. She was taken to the neonatal intensive care unit before her mother embraced her.

One day later, Guevara-Giron was put on a ventilator and never got off.

They called her husband, saying she’s not getting better, and that he can see her, ” Geron said.

With no underlying cases of Guevara-Giron other than pregnancy, her family wants to clarify just how serious COVID-19 is.

It just shows that COVID has no gender, age, race, or religion. Jeron said. “The first thing for her is to be safe.”

The GoFundMe family started to help out the husband of Guevara-Giron, a Los Angeles City sanitation worker, who has a baby in the hospital and five other children at home. I have raised over $ 32,000.

“We’re trying to see if their dad can stay at home a little longer,” said Geron. “We can offer all the love and support a family can give, but we will never live up to the person, the mother that was.”

3 die in St. Louis shooting


Media reported that 3 people were killed and others wounded, after a shooting attack in St. Louis, Missouri.

An American website specialized in security news quoted police spokeswoman Michael Woodling’s statements that “the accident occurred at about two o’clock in the afternoon local time at a crossroads,” noting that “all the victims are men, and the three dead died at the scene, while a wounded person was shot. Fireball in the leg. “

Investigators found a pistol at the site of the accident, and investigations are still ongoing, and no suspect has been arrested so far.

Mystery still surrounds the cause of the shooting, but the police believe it was caused by a dispute between two criminal gangs.

A pedestrian is killed on a Montgomery County highway


An I-24 infantryman was killed tonight in Montgomery County.

The accident happened shortly after nine o’clock. Sunday at I-24 East near Dixie Bee Road (MM 15). Tennessee Highway Patrol confirms death.

The eastbound lanes are closed. Estimated to reopen at midnight.

A person killed in a bus shooting in California


 One person was killed and 5 others were injured in a shooting accident on a California bus.

“One person was killed and 5 others were injured in a shooting incident on a bus in Grapevine,” NBC quoted the California Highway Patrol as saying.

Police said, “The bus driver stopped at a gas station on the side of the road immediately after the shooting.

She added that about 40 passengers were on the bus.

Woman killed in a battle with a crocodile in South Carolina


A woman was killed, after an encounter with a rare crocodile, on an island in South Carolina.

One of the security men succeeded in shooting and killing the crocodile, before seizing its body

The victim is a woman named Cynthia Covert from Cones Island, whose age has not been revealed.

The Mayor of Kiawah Island, Craig Weaver, described the incident as a “terrible tragedy”.

Weaver said the crocodile is extremely rare and has never appeared on the island before.

Weaver stressed that it was important to avoid something similar from happening again.

Alligator is a family of crocodiles and lives in swamps and depressions. It may reach 4.4 meters in length and weigh more than 450 kg.

A violent night in Indianapolis as police responded to 4 shootings, killing 5 and seriously injuring one person.


The Indianapolis City Police Department is investigating multiple shootings across Indianapolis.

Shooting crosses the north, northeast, and northeast sides of Indianapolis between 3pm. And 6:30 pm left 5 dead and 1 seriously injured.

At about 3 p.m., police responded to shooting in the neighborhood of 2300 from Hillside Avenue and 3900 from Boulevard Place. A shooting on Hillside Street killed a man. A shooting at Boulevard Place killed a woman.

Around 5 p.m., police responded to 4,000 buildings at Stratford Courthouse. A preliminary investigation shows that this happened outside of the residence.

Shortly before 6:30 pm, the officers responded to the 4000 block of Stratford Court. The police believe this shooting occurred as a result of a house break-in. A woman was found in critical condition outside the house, and a man and woman were found dead inside the house. A girl was found in the house intact.

So far, there have been 9 fatal shootings in 2021. As of this time in 2020, there have been 10 fatal shootings.

The IMPD media official urged people to resolve conflicts peacefully.

 It is very important for us to learn to resolve conflicts without taking a firearm and harming someone. This is the basis of what we are trying to communicate to people. Whatever situation you are in cannot be that bad as you have to resort to a firearm and harm someone.

Mayor Joe Hogsett released a statement calling on people to help stop the cycle of violence.

Our hearts are broken with every violent incident and every soul lost in our city, and our hearts are with the families of tonight’s victims. We all – IMPD, Violence Reduction Teams, neighborhood and interfaith leaders, and residents – must continue to work together to stop the cycle of violence and heal the wounds of our community.

IMPD chief Randall Taylor said the leadership is working on changes to allow officers to focus on proactive efforts to stop violent crime.

I feel sad with everyone in our community affected by the idiot violence tonight. Make no mistake: IMPD men and women remain steadfast in our resolve to bring justice to the victims and their families and prevent future violence. IMPD leadership will continue to work on changes that help our officers have more time to focus on proactive efforts that have been shown to reduce violent crime. “

Parents of a child who killed himself can sue the teachers


The parents of an 8-year-old student who killed himself after suffering constant bullying are ruled by a federal appeals committee who can proceed with a lawsuit against the Cincinnati school district alleging wrongful death and other charges.

The appeals committee of the US Sixth Circuit Court of three judges said Gabriel Tye’s parents had found “reckless behavior” that prevented school officials from obtaining state immunity to handle the case.

The lawsuit’s allegations also accuse school officials of willful and negligent cause of emotional distress and failure to report child abuse. The lawsuit alleges that Tai was bullied in his elementary school starting in grade one, with the bullying escalating in grade three.

Other students punched and kicked him in the assaults he fainted by throwing him in the bathroom wall, his parents said in the lawsuit.

His parents said he stayed home sick the next day, went back to school and was bullied again in the bathroom by students who took a water bottle and tried to flush it down the toilet.

He committed suicide that evening in his bedroom.

Tye’s parents, Cornelia Reynolds and Benjam Tate, say school officials either misrepresented their son’s bullying attacks or failed to report them. The court ruling states that officials at Carson Elementary did not call 911 when Tai was dismissed, failed to punish the bullies, did not inform teachers of problems, did not supervise the bathroom despite repeated bullying, and withheld information.

Judge Bernice Boy Donald wrote, “They ultimately prevented Tai’s parents from fully understanding Tai’s terrifying experience at Carson Elementary School until it was too late.” The opinion indicated that the school’s safety guidelines warned that suicide could result from bullying.

“This is a preliminary decision based on the plaintiffs ‘side of the story and on the assumption that everything they say in their complaint is correct,” the defendants’ lawyer, Aaron Herzig, said via email. “However, it does not reflect the facts as it developed during the case.”

He refused to disclose whether there were other challenges to the ruling that upheld a lower court.

“The truth about what happened to Gabby at Carson Elementary School should be revealed and shared with all parents,” Tye’s mother’s attorney Jennifer Branch said via e-mail. We have been able to collect testimonials and evidence in the past few months. Now we can start the trial. “

Man found dead in the middle of San Antonio Road after being shot multiple times


A man is shot dead near Salado Creek on the East Side of San Antonio

The shooting happened shortly after 10 pm. Ferris Street and Beulah Street when several neighbors reported hearing gunshots.

When the police arrived, they found a man in his 30s on the ground. He was hit with three bullets in the chest. He was taken to hospital, but he succumbed to his wounds.

Police found about 10 shell casings on the floor and spent the night trying to find any witnesses who might have seen something.

Investigators obtained arrest warrants for a nearby location, but so far, no arrests have been made.

The police are still investigating.

A woman and child die after jumping off an interstate bridge in Tennessee


Investigators said a 24-year-old woman is believed to have jumped from an interstate flyover in Madison County, Tennessee, while carrying a baby in the early morning, killing herself and the baby.

The Madison County sheriff’s office said lawmakers responded immediately after midnight to a crash at Shell Station in Low Road, south of Exit 93 on Interstate 40.

While the MPs were on their way, they said they received additional calls from a driver trying to crash into the gas pump. Eyewitnesses reported that the woman got out of the car with a small child, drove to the Interstate Bridge and vanished.

A few minutes later, MPs said they received a call from a driver stating that a “large object” had fallen from the bridge and collided with his truck, while he was traveling west on the I-40.

When the deputies arrived, they said they had found the bodies of 24-year-old Tonisha Lachey Parker and a child. The child’s name and age were not disclosed.

No additional information was immediately released.

The accident is still under investigation by the Madison County Police Office.

A man hid in Chicago airport for 3 months, fearing of Corona


A California man was found hiding out for three months in the restricted area of ​​Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, where he was afraid to fly due to the coronavirus.

According to police, Aditya Singh, 36, arrived at the airport on a flight from Los Angeles on October 19, and has since lived in the airport’s security zone without being discovered.

However, one afternoon, two employees of “United Airlines” approached Singh and asked to see his badge. It was discovered that the badge in his possession was reported missing on October 26, by the director of O’Hare airport operations. As a result, employees of United Airlines called the police and was detained.

The court charged Singh with criminal trespassing on a restricted area at the airport and theft.

Under Illinois state law, entering or remaining in a restricted area is a fourth-degree felony if an airport or airline employee’s identity card is incorrectly suspended.

Singh said he found the employee badge at the airport and was “afraid to go home because of COVID-19.”

Singh, who has a master’s degree in hospitality, is unemployed and lives in a Los Angeles suburb with no criminal background, according to Cook County Public Defense Assistant Courtney Smallwood.

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