Burglary crew allegedly nets up to $30M in one of the largest cash heists in LA history

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It’s being called one of the largest cash heists in Los Angeles history.

a burglary crew allegedly broke into a vault of a money storage facility in the San Fernando Valley and got away with up to $30 million.

The burglars reportedly broke into the GardaWorld facility, located near the intersection of Roxford Street and San Fernando Road in Sylmar, either through the side of the building or the roof and managed to open a vault to where cash was being stored without setting off any alarms. The crew was so stealthy and malicious, that no one even noticed the money was gone until Monday when employees opened the vault, which showed no obvious signs of a break-in.

GardaWorld has branches worldwide and over 132,000 employees. It specializes in cash services, which include ATM services and armored truck transport. According to its website, some of its clients are Fortune 500 companies and even U.S. and international government agencies.

officials with the Los Angeles Police Department said they are doing a joint investigation with the FBI.

No arrests have been announced in the case and the investigation is ongoing.

The theft comes nearly two years after as much as $100 million in jewels and other valuables were stolen from a Brink’s truck at a truck stop near Los Angeles. The thieves have not been caught.

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