Walt Disney World has raised ticket prices

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Walt Disney World has put 2025 tickets on sale, and prices for many tickets have gone up from 2024 pricing. Some of the lowest single-day, single-park ticket prices have gone up by $10 for 2025.

For example, some late-August weekday tickets at Disney’s Animal Kingdom have gone from $109 for 2024 tickets to $119 for 2025. Other single-day tickets for different parks during different periods are also showing increases over many 2024 prices. For example, on a Saturday in late April when demand is high, Animal Kingdom is $169 in 2025, up from $164 in 2024. Magic Kingdom also rose by $5, from $184 to $189, on that same weekend day in late April. The maximum single-day, single-park ticket published price for 2025 is $189 as of February 27. That’s the same as the peak price in 2024.

Ticket prices for November and December 2025 were not yet available as of February 27. Prices on the Park Hopper options that allow guests to visit multiple parks on the same day have also gone up by about $5 to $10 for many dates in 2025. This isn’t the first price hike at Disney parks in recent years. Two increases were implemented in 2022 at Walt Disney World. Disneyland has also increased prices more than once recently. This video illustrates a variety of Walt Disney World park in California.

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