Madeline Soto: What we know about 13-year-old’s disappearance in Florida

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police in Florida announced on Friday that they had found the body of 13-year-old Madeline Soto, less than a week after she failed to show up for school in Kissimmee, Florida.

After a four-day search, the local sheriff’s office said it was “confident” that she was dead. The grim discovery was made several hours later

Her mother’s boyfriend, Stephan Sterns, is lead suspect and in police custody on sexual battery and possession of child sexual abuse material charges.

Here is everything we know about the Madeline Soto case so far.

When did Madeline Soto go missing?

Madeline Soto, 13, was reported missing on Monday 26 February at around 8.30am.

Orange County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO) said that she was last seen off Village Park Drive in Kissimmee, near Orlando, heading to school.

Madeline was described as white, 5’1” tall, with blonde hair and blue eyes. She was wearing a green sweatshirt, black shorts and white Crocs.

Her mother’s boyfriend, Stephan Sterns, claimed that he had dropped her off close to Hunter’s Creek Middle School but not outside.

However, the girl never showed up for class. Her mother only discovered that Madeline was missing when she went to pick her up from school later that day.

More than 50 law enforcement officers spent the days following Madeline’s disappearance searching for her in nearby woodland. Officers had found messages on her phone that she said she wanted to live in the woods when she turned 13.

Madeline Soto’s body discovered

On Friday 1 March, OCSO said they now believe that Madeline was never dropped off near school on Monday morning and that she was already dead at that time.

Sheriff John Mina said he had met with Madeline’s mother on Thursday night to tell her he was “confident” that her daughter was dead and that his deputies were now looking for her body.

Florida police arrest boyfriend of missing teen’s mom on unrelated charges

The sheriff explained that OCSO has video evidence which shows Mr Sterns throwing items into a dumpster behind their apartment building at around 7.35am. Those items included the teen’s backpack and her school-issued laptop.

”At 8.19am, we have evidence that shows Stephan Sterns returning to the complex and Madeline was visible in that vehicle. We believe she was already dead at that time,” the sheriff said.

On Friday afternoon the sheriff’s office confirmed that her body had been found in a wooded area in Osceola County.

“At about 4:30 p.m. today, off of Hickory Tree Road, Osceola County Sheriff’s Office search teams located the body of Madeline Soto in a wooded area. Madeline’s family has been notified,” the office said in a statement.

“We have no additional information to release at this time. Kissimmee PD is the lead agency in this homicide investigation. That work continues.”

Mother’s boyfriend is main suspect

On Wednesday 28 February, OCSO announced that it had arrested Mr Sterns, following the discovery of “disturbing images” on his phone, which he had tried to delete. These photos and videos were “criminal and sexual in nature”, the office said.

The office shared a video of the suspect in handcuffs.

At Friday’s briefing, Sheriff Mina said that investigators believe Mr Sterns dumped Madeline’s belongings before moving her body, rather than taking her to school as he had originally claimed.

Kissimmee Police Department has Mr Sterns in custody. He is being held on sexual battery and possession of child sexual abuse material charges.

Kissimmee PD shared photos of Mr Stern’s car, which he was seen driving between 1pm and 2.30pm on 26 February in the area of State Road 192 and Old Hickory Tree Road. It is believed he had a flat tyre at the time.

Madeline’s mother is not considered a suspect at this time.

Tributes paid to Madeline

In a statement released on Friday afternoon, Orange County Public Schools Superintendent Dr Maria Vazquez paid tribute to their “precious student”.

“My thoughts and prayers go out to Maddie’s family and her school community,” Dr Vazquez said. “To lose a child so suddenly and tragically is extremely difficult especially for family and friends.

“Counsellors continue to be available for any student or staff member dealing with the news. I ask that you keep the entire Hunter’s Creek Middle School community in your prayers as they grieve the loss of one of their own.”

A prayer vigil was held on Friday evening.

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