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Crete has gained unbeatable popularity because of its natural beauty and peace. It has become a well-recognized touring spot for people who are more into nature. Moreover, visitors can explore tons of archaeological and historical sites reflecting the greek’s ancient traditions and cultures.

More and more people are heading toward Crete island to savour its beauty. Not only this, but people also prefer living there for holidays to have a beautiful time.

In this regard, visitors like to rent out the beautiful villas established in Crete. Numerous villas on Crete have undeniable hand-picked new and resale properties with minimalistic and soothing themes.

You can get the estate of your desire.

Crete gives you multiple options in choosing a suitable villa. It has modern, luxurious, and traditional villas that can tick all the boxes on your wishlist. Besides this, most of the villas in Crete have private pools.

Crete has many splendid sandy coves surrounding the villas. The beautiful snow-covered mountains, gorge to walk, golf playground, and famous archaeological sites enhance the attraction of the villas in Crete island. Buying an estate on Crete is the best choice to spend your holidays in a luxurious and beautiful location.

While reading this article, you must be wondering which Villa is best for you to spend holidays. We have got the top villas of Crete Greece with the ultimate facilities you may like.

Top villas in Crete

Crete- one of the most famous islands of greek essentially caters to every taste and every choice. It is everyone’s most favourite villa holiday destination in greek. Its best-known resorts and villas are always adorned with exciting nightlife and tourism. Historical sites of Crete, cosmopolitan cities – and – of course – calming beaches of Crete are just some of many reasons holidaymakers are attracted to the island.

The beautiful luxury villas of Crete are an addition to the reasons why holidaymakers fall in love with Crete. Well, here is the list of top villas of Crete, in which investing would be a great choice.

 1. Villa Elounda senses

While talking about Crete hotels and villas, Villa Elounda is one of the best-ranked villas in Crete Greece, with all the facilities you may want. It has a vast, elevated position, due to which anyone can easily enjoy the spectacular panoramic sea view. The private pool area of Villa Elounda is unique which a soothing vibe and splendid scenery. The best thing is that Elounda beaches and other beaches are just 15 minutes drive away from this resort. This three-bedroom house has wifi/heating almost everywhere.

More about Villa

Villa Elounda provides the best facilities, including vast bedrooms, flourished kitchen, neat and clean washrooms. Moreover, it consists of every housekeeping such as towels, bed linen, irons, room services, and many more.

By EOT Greek licensing association, The Villa is also registered and licensed.

2. Villa Chloe

Villa Chloe is another famous and well-ranked Chania villas. The Chloe villas site gives a consecutive realistic view of the surrounding countryside. This location is ideal in case you are looking for a relaxing spot for yourself. The charming Armeni Village is at a 20-minute distance from this Chania Villa.

More about Villa

Chania villa is well known for its vast flourished bedrooms and living rooms in which two to seven people can live hassle-free holidays. The trapezium-shaped private pool of Crete’s state Chania has a marvellous view of the surrounding mountains and greeny areas.

Its entrance is well flourished with a massive beatified gate which drives to the parking area.

There is a beautifully equipped kitchen that the perfect sire for rustling up a greek maze just past the dining area. The Chloe villa of Chania has a BBQ gas which can emphasise your better holidays.

3. Villa Korini

Villa Korini is set in the heart of the greeny mountains of Rethymnon create. This villa in Crete has a private pool with a small lawn area and an outdoor BBQ. Rethymnon centre is at a 30-minutes distance from this Villa.

More about Villa

Small greeny plants and colourful flowers surround the swimming pool of Korini villa. The odour of the flower enhances the beauty and charm of the swimming pool. On the side of the pool, there is a vast furnished kitchen with all the cooking facilities.

If we Talk about the bedrooms, there is a twin bedroom on the ground floor with a vast wardrobe and a door which allows access to the beautiful terrace of Korini villa. There is a separate restroom next to the twin bedroom. Upstairs, Korini villa has three double bedrooms with all facilities.

The Korini villa of Rethymnon has all the required housekeeping such as Bathroom towels, bed linen, mid-week towel change, and villa plus-in resort service.

 4. Villa Kerry

Villa Kerry is in a prime spot that directly coasts the Iliostasi Beach. Vila Kery enjoys beautiful, spectacular sea views and hilly mountains. This villa property is designated on the edge of the bustling resort of Hersonissos. Hence, you can approach plenty of shops, restaurants, bars, and many exciting sites just by a bit of a walk.

More about Villa

This Kery villa has a grand entrance that leads to the beautiful ground floor. Within the ground floor, internal stairs lead up to the first floor.

The lounge, dining, and kitchen are open plans with contemporary furnishing, increasing the Villa’s beauty. Each floor has one single bedroom and one twin bedroom, which are furnished elegantly.

5. Villa Elea

Villa Elea is another well-furnished villa of Chania state, Crete. It has a spacious and a large private pool which provides stunning countryside hilly views. This Villa Elea has an impressive and well-manicured lawn where you can enjoy the idyllic setting next to the crystal clear pool. The beaches of Crete, shops, and restaurants are only 10 minutes away.

More about Villa

Villa Elea is one of the most rented Villas in Crete, Greece. It has large, decently flourished three bedrooms with three washrooms. A Mediterranean garden and flowering plants surround the entrance of Villa. The Villa’s front door leads to the airy and spacious lounge.

Just off the lounge, there is the open dining area which serves best in good weather. The kitchen is well-equipped with all the household requirements.

Each of every Villa of Crete Greece contains everything you need to achieve an unforgettable holiday. You can enjoy the BBQ events, beautiful sea views, relaxing air-conditioned bedrooms. Besides this, you can take a dip in your private pool. You can enjoy the beautiful areas and surround of the villas in your way.

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