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A person was shot while sitting on the front porch of a home in Pensacola,

Pensacola, Fl

Pensacola Police responded to the Cowell Street and W.W. Street area. No narration on Saturday night as the victim says the suspect walked into the house and started shooting.

The victim was not injured, according to the police.

The victim then ran to the Southern Oaks nursing home and called the police.

Officers say they are still investigating and working to obtain a description of the suspect.

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At least 50 killed and hundreds injured in a massive explosion in Beirut

Pensacola, Fl

 A huge explosion shook Beirut, destroying most of the port, damaging buildings around the capital, and sending a giant mushroom cloud to the sky. Officials said at least 50 people were killed and 2,700 bodies were injured under the rubble.

Hours later, ambulances were still transporting the wounded, and officials said Beirut’s hospitals were full. Army helicopters helped fight raging fires at the port.

The cause of the explosion was not immediately known.

Abbas Ibrahim, head of the Lebanese Public Security, said it may have been caused by high explosive materials that had been seized from a ship some time ago and stored in the port. The local LBC television channel said the substance was sodium nitrate.

An Israeli government official said Israel had “nothing to do” with the blast. He spoke on condition of anonymity because he is not authorized to discuss the matter with the media. Israeli officials usually do not comment on “foreign reports”.

The explosion was amazing even in a city that witnessed civil war, suicide bombings, and Israeli bombing. It can be heard and felt even after Cyprus, more than 200 km (180 mi) across the Mediterranean.

“It was a real horror show,” said Marwan Ramadan, who was about 500 meters from the port, and had inflicted it with the force of the explosion: “I have not seen anything like this since the days of the (civil) war.”

Emergency teams poured in from all over Lebanon to help the health care system already strained by the coronavirus. A Red Cross official, George Kettana, said that the injured people were taken to hospitals outside the capital because of an escort. He estimated the number of casualties in the hundreds, but said he had no exact figures for the dead or wounded.

Associated Press staff at the scene said that some of the wounded were lying on the ground at the port. A civil defense official said there were still bodies inside the port, many of them under the rubble.

Witnesses stated that they saw a strange orange cloud over the site after the explosion. The orange clouds of toxic nitrogen dioxide gas often accompany an explosion that includes nitrates.

Initially, a video clip filmed by residents showed a fire burning in the harbor, which sent a huge plume of smoke, lit up with flashes of what appeared to be fireworks. Local TV stations reported that a fireworks store was involved.

Then it seemed that the fire was burning in a nearby building, which led to a more massive explosion, which led to a mushroom cloud and a shock wave.

Charbel Hajj, who works in the port, said that the explosion started in the form of small explosions, such as firecrackers. Then he said that he was thrown from his feet by the big bang. His clothes were torn.

Miles were torn apart from the harbor and building fronts, balconies were demolished and windows smashed. The streets were covered with glass and bricks and lined with shattered cars. Motorcycle drivers chose their path through traffic, transporting the wounded.

A bloodied woman walked up from the waist up in a trash street while she was angrily speaking on her phone. On another street, a lady with a teared face looked horrific at traffic with two friends next to her.

“This country is cursed,” a young man passes.

The explosion came at a time when the Lebanese economy is facing a collapse, which has been struck by both the financial crisis and coronary virus restrictions. Many lost their jobs, while their savings evaporated as the currency depreciated against the dollar. The result left many in poverty.

It also occurred amid escalating tensions between Israel and Hezbollah along the southern border of Lebanon.

The explosion is reminiscent of the massive explosions during the Lebanese Civil War, and occurred just three days before a United Nations-backed court appointed to pass judgment on the killing of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in a truck bombing more than 15 years ago. This explosion, along with many explosives, was felt within miles, like Tuesday’s.

Outside Saint George University Hospital in the Ashrafieh neighborhood of Beirut, people with various injuries arrived in ambulances, cars, and on foot. The explosion caused severe damage to the building and led to a blackout in the hospital. Dozens of wounded people were immediately treated on the street outside, on stretchers and wheelchairs.

One of the doctors, on the condition of anonymity, said he was not authorized to make press releases: “This is a disaster we have on our hands.

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7 years old, he was shot in Pensacola

Pensacola, Florida

 Pensacola police reported that a seven-year-old was shot dead.

Families have identified the child as 7-year-old Anna Nettles. The family says they have called it “Fat-Fat”.

Police originally confirmed the victim to be 3 years old, but it was later corrected.

The accident occurred in the area of ​​600 NB Street, according to the police.

Police say the netters may have been shot by another small child. A person was arrested after he was found hiding in the yard behind the house and the officers chased him.

The police added that the little girl was found on the front porch.

Police set up a crime scene on the streets of N B and Jackson.

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A court forbids executing a death sentence within hours

Pensacola, fl

A US criminal court in Washington prevented the execution of hours before its scheduled date, which would have been the second federal execution in 17 years.

The US Department of Justice decided to execute Wesley Burke, who was convicted of rape and murder of a 16-year-old girl, despite the objections of Burke’s lawyer and his assertion that his client had dementia and no longer understood his sentence.

The order of the district court judge, Tania Chotkan, to halt the execution of Burke’s execution prevents the federal government from executing two other people, Dustin Honkin and Keith Nelson, convicted of killing children.

The court found that at least one of the defenders’ claims was likely to be successful on the merits (with regard to the prevention of executions),” Judge Chotkan said.

In 2003 Missouri, Borkie was convicted of a murder, for throwing the victim’s body in a sewage pond.

The US government carried out its first execution in 17 years, when the convicted murderer, Daniel Lee, was executed.

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a woman was shot dead after a row with Black Leaves Mater supporters

Pensacola, Fl

Her family said that an Indiana woman was shot dead earlier this month after an alleged controversy between her family and a group of black life supporters.

The woman, Jessica Dotie Whitaker, 24, was walking along the Indianapolis Canal Walk with her fiance, Jose Ramirez and two others around 3 am when a person in his group used a racist blur,

A group of nearby strangers listened to the comment and confronted the Whitaker group, according to the station.

Ramirez claimed that the group shouted “the substance of black life” to which either Whitaker or anyone else in his group replied, “The substance of all life.”

This was followed by a short argument until the two sides separated after realizing that the other side was armed, according to Fox 59. Ramirez claimed that the two sides managed to resolve the controversy before the separation.

But minutes later, it was reported that someone had shot from a nearby bridge, and hit Whitaker, before he escaped.

“They were crushed, they went up the hill and left our mind, but they were sitting in St. Clair waiting for us to go under the bridge, and when it was shot,” Ramirez said.

Ramirez admitted that he had responded to the fire but did not hit anyone. Fox told 59 that he had to explain what happened to 3-year-old son Whitaker.

Ramirez said: “It is difficult to tell him that his mother is in heaven, and if you want to talk to her then you should look up and say” I love you, mom. “

The police did not independently verify whether the supposed controversy over the “black life issue” had occurred or whether the deadly shooting was connected.

Fox News has made numerous attempts to contact the Indianapolis Metro Police Department to seek comment.

The shooting is the second murder in the canal in a week. Police say they will increase patrols there during the night hours.

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Indian police kill a murder suspect in 8 officers

Pensacola, Fl

Officials said the biggest suspect in the killing of eight police officers in an ambush last week and dozens of other crimes was shot dead in police custody while trying to escape.

Police officer Mohit Agarwal said Vikas Dobby kidnapped a pistol from the officers after their car overturned on a highway near the northern city of Kanpur and tried to escape. He said that Dobby died in a shootout.

Duby, in his forties, surrendered in the central town of Eugene after a week-long research. He was driving in a police convoy to Kanpur, where eight police officers were killed.

He is believed to have links with state and police politicians. Two police officers were arrested this week for allegedly extracting them from a police raid on his home last Friday.

State government spokesman Avnish Usti said that in the past four days, police had killed six of Dubi’s alleged partners in helping him evade arrest.

Amarnath Agarwal, leader of the opposition Congress Party, accused the police of planning to kill Dubi. “It was committed out of the impression that Duby did not reveal the names of the people who provided him with protection and care.”

Police custody deaths are not isolated incidents in India.

A report last month by a rights group in New Delhi, the National Campaign against Torture, said that at least 1,731 people died in custody during 2019, which means five deaths in custody a day.

In December last year, police shot four men suspected of raping and killing a young veterinarian in southern India after investigators took them to the crime scene. Human rights groups have called for an investigation into the deaths.

Ganeshyam Udayhai, a Mumbai-based lawyer, lodged a petition to the Supreme Court of India on Thursday to investigate the deaths of Dubi’s alleged partners who will be investigated.

Duby was killed before the court decided his appeal.

The New Delhi TV channel reported that police stopped the media cars after the police convoy on the highway half an hour before Dubi was killed. There was no immediate comment from the police.

Last week, the police sought to arrest Dubi and others accused of being in his criminal gang. Police said the suspects blocked the road with rigs and shot them from rooftops. Five officers were also wounded, and the attackers fled before the police reinforcements could reach the area.

Uttar Pradesh, with a population of 230 million, is one of the poorest states in India. It is also considered one of the most lawless countries with high incidence of armed robbery, kidnapping for ransom and crimes against women, according to the National Crime Registry.

Dubey is alleged to have been involved in 60 cases of murder, theft and kidnapping. Among them was the killing of the local Bharatiya Janata Party leader Santosh Shukla at a police station in 2001. Two policemen were also killed in the attack.

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A gunman shoots two policemen from Texas, wounding a third on the clipboard

Pensacola, Fl

Officials said two law enforcement officers in Reno, Texas, were shot and nearly a third wounded when a suspect threatening to open fire in Texas and barricaded himself in a house.

Renault police chief Tony Simons said in an email statement that the officers were responding to a house in Parker County, 22 miles (35 km) northwest of Fort Worth, after a caller said her son was carrying a weapon and was threatening him.

The gunman opened fire when the police reached the scene,

Simons said that one of Renault’s officers was wounded in the arm and a deputy Parker was injured in the district. The officer’s injuries were not considered life threatening, but the extent of the deputy’s injuries was unknown. The attorney was transferred to a hospital in Fort Worth for treatment.

Simmons said that a bullet hit the portfolio of a Thunderbolt officer of a Renault officer, which prevented him from getting injured.

The newspaper reported that the fiery battle ended when a fire broke out inside the house. A woman who came from inside the house said that the man, who was her son, had shot another woman inside, according to the KDFW.

Flames were seen rising from the house as the suspect immunized himself, according to the Star-Telegraph newspaper. The fire was extinguished at about 1:30 am, but it was not immediately clear what the shooter’s status was.

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Mayor Frank Jackson addressed violence in Cleveland

Pensacola, Fl

Mayor Frank Jackson holds a briefing session to address recent violent crimes in Cleveland.

Over the weekend, 21 people were shot and four killed.

“There is no excuse for this violent activity and the police are actively hunting the perpetrators. We remind citizens to do their part. Mayor Jackson, Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams, and Public Safety Carrie Howard said in a joint statement:” If you see something, say something. “

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officer was killed and killed, the suspect was found dead

Pensacola, Florida

 Police said an officer who was responding to a disturbance call in a Toledo parking lot was shot dead by a drunken man carrying beer.

Police chief George Krall told a news conference that Toledo Dia, 26, was shot in the chest shortly after midnight in the Home Depot car park in 1035 W. Alexis Road, and then announced his death in hospital.

According to officials, Officer Zia was the first officer on the site to try to contact the subject, which he believed was drunk.

The suspect, who was only described as a 57-year-old white man, produced a pistol and opened fire, and officer Zia struck the chest. Despite his wounds, Officer Zia managed to return fire as the man fled.

Additional officers arrived at the scene of the shooting and set up an ocean to search for the suspect.

Eyewitnesses stated that they had noticed the suspect’s flight to a forested area. The drone and K-9 unit provided research assistance.

Krall said that at some point the officers heard one shot coming from the woods. The gunman was found killed by a slight bullet to the head at about 3:15 am.

Witnesses confirmed that the deceased man was the person who shot officer Dia

Today is a sad day for the city of Toledo, it is a sad day for the Toledo Police Department, and most importantly, it is a sad day for family, friends, loved ones and fellow officers of Ofc. “Anthony Dia, who paid the ultimate sacrifice in protecting his city tonight,” said Toledo police chief George Krall.

Officer Zia joined the Toledo Police Department on July 27, 2018. He is the 31st Toledo Police Officer killed in the line of duty.

He leaves behind a two-year-old wife and child. The GoFundMe account was created to support the Dia family. Those interested in contributing can do so here.

The mayor, Wade Kapsukevich, said that he was in Toledo Hospital, where Zia was transferred after the shooting.

The Mayor said: “I will never forget the sight of Officer Zia exiting from the hospital on my groan, wrapped in his body with an American flag, surrounded by about 30 Toledo police officers saluting and crying.”

Neither Karal nor Kapszukiewicz answered questions during the press conference. More information is expected at another news conference on Monday.

Governor Mike D. Wayne ordered the transfer of flags at Ohio State Headquarters and in Lucas County, with half the staff starting Sunday. He ordered them to stay there during the funeral service on Tuesday.

DeWine also issued a condolence statement to the family of Officer Zia and his colleagues in the Toledo Police Department. You read:

Farran and I were deeply saddened to learn that Toledo police officer Anthony Dia had died last night while carrying out his duty. We express sympathy for his wife, two-year-old child, other family members and colleagues in the Toledo Police Department. To honor the life and service of Officer Zia, I ordered that flags in Lucas County and State House be reduced to half the staff starting tomorrow and through his funeral service.

Police departments throughout the state also offered their condolences to the Zia family and the Toledo Police Department.

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sausage eating challenge in Coney Island, New York, despite the outbreak of corona

Pensacola, fl

The outbreak of the Coronavirus did not prevent plans to establish the annual “Nathan Vmas” challenge to eat sausages in Coney Island, New York, on the occasion of Independence Day, nor did it prevent its current male and female heroes from setting new records.

Men’s category winner Joy Chestnut said moving Nathan’s challenge to a weather-controlled indoor location to prevent the spread of the Corona virus had given him the driving force he needed to win. Hundreds of spectators usually flock to the event.

“This is a crazy year and I’m happy to set a record,” Chestent, who weighs 100 kg, told ESPN after the 10-minute contest.

Chestent, 36, son of San Jose, California, broke his previous record by consuming 75 sausages.

His previous record was 74. Chestnut surpassed his four competitors by a large margin.

In the women’s category, champion Micky Sudo of Torrientington, Connecticut, topped the 60-kilogram race, beating four other contestants by eating 48.5 sausages. Sudo broke her previous record of 41 pieces and the women’s record of 45.

The Coney Island competition has been taking place since Nathan Handwerker opened his world-famous beachfront restaurant in 1916.