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An officer punches a woman at her face at Miami Airport

Pensacola, fl

A new video spread on social media, showing an American police officer at Miami Airport, punching a woman with dark skin in her face, before he grabbed her and pushed her to the ground.

In the video, the woman appeared arguing an officer at Miami International Airport, where I heard her saying: “What are you going to do?” As she approaches him, he immediately punches her in the face before being pushed to the ground and arrested.

The officer says that the woman “hit him with the head” after a second officer intervened.

“I was shocked and angered by the video. I immediately started the investigation and ordered the officers involved to be excused from service,” said Alfredo Ramirez, director of the Miami Police Department.

And he considered that such measures undermine the hard work of the police, stressing that “any officer who acts with this absurdity will be held accountable.

This, in turn, said Carlos Jimenez, mayor of Miami, Florida. It is an excessive and unnecessary use of force that is not what the MiamiDadePD Miami Police are trained to do.

The United States is witnessing angry protests against the “racism” and “violent behavior” of the police towards the “blacks”, against the background of the killing of the young George Floyd at the hands of a policeman earlier in the state of Minnesota.

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3 children were shot dead in Chicago

Pensacola, fl

Activists and local leaders called for more state and federal support , as weekend shootings in Chicago killed three children, including a ten-year-old boy who was hit by a stray bullet that came from an apartment window.

Saturday night’s deaths were among at least 10 dead since Friday evening, which followed a fatal weekend for Father’s Day and fresh concerns about a violent summer ahead. A one-year and 17-year-old was also killed.

“He’s out of control as even innocent children lose their lives,” said neighborhood activist Raul Montes Jr., who planned a protest on Sunday evening on the southwest side of the city.

He called for federal intervention while the state legislator announced a new task force to address key issues.

“Violence is a consequence of poverty and must be addressed with services and human support,” said La Sean Ford, a Chicago Democrat, in a statement. The group called on federal leaders, leaders and cities for support.

A wave of recent shootings in Chicago and other cities has had authorities on the brink. Experts say deaths from non-suicide weapons are on the right track last year. The news comes at a time when the American public deals with the pressure of the coronavirus pandemic and the economic implications, and increased awareness of racial injustice and the police, and deep political divisions in the presidential election year.

“The pain of losing a child never goes away,” Lori Mayor Lightfoot said on Twitter .

As a mother, I am fed up with funerals. I am tired of burying our children.

Her office said that the multifaceted approach to reducing violence in the coming months would include a street awareness program worth $ 7.5 million as the police partnered with organizations and the operations center last month. Staff from the park area, schools, and the transportation agency will work to “extend the city’s footprint in places where recent shootings and killings have occurred.”

The 10-year-old girl died in a hospital after the shooting in Logan Square, northwest of downtown, around 9:40 p.m., police spokesman Roberto Gardono said.

He said that preliminary information showed that the shooting came from a group of men who were shooting at each other in the block. No one was in custody .

In the Englewood neighborhood on the south side of the city, a one-year-old boy riding in the back of a car driven by his mother was injured when someone shot from another car. The mother suffered a head wound. The boy was identified as Sincere A. Gaston.

The police said the motive behind the shooting was unclear.

Supervisor David Brown appealed to the public for someone to come up with details.

We all need anger at the violence we are seeing in our city, “he said in a statement.” This child and all of our residents deserve the best.

This is not just a problem that Englewood needs to solve. This is not just a problem on the southern or western side. We cannot divide the violence that is tearing families and societies apart.

His office was not immediately suspended.

The 17-year-old, known as Antiwon Douglas, was killed around 11:30 am Saturday. Police said he got into a fight and a person from a large crowd gathered in the Humboldt Garden neighborhood on the western side of the city fired shots.

During Father’s Day weekend, 14 people were killed, including five children, and more than 100 were injured, making up the largest number of city shooting victims in one weekend this year.

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Another killed in another shooting in the Seattle protest area

Pensacola, fl

One man was killed and another wounded in the “occupied” protest area in Seattle – the second deadly shooting in the area.

Police said the shooting took place before dawn in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, near the city center.

The Seattle Times reported that the Harborview Medical Center said that one of the wounded was hospitalized in a private car, and the second was brought by the Seattle Fire Department doctors after about 15 minutes.

The hospital said one man died and the other was in a critical condition, and the Seattle Police did not immediately reveal more information about the shooting.

The demonstrators occupied several buildings around the Seattle Police East area and a park for nearly two weeks after the police abandoned the area after confrontations and clashes with protesters demanding ethnic justice and an end to police brutality.

In a previous fatal shooting in the area, a 19-year-old man was killed on June 20 and a 33-year-old man was injured.

City Mayor Jenny Dorkan said last week that the city would end the organized protest zone on Capitol Hill.

Transport crews attempted to remove temporary barriers but stopped after protesters intercepted.

Neighboring companies and real estate owners filed a federal lawsuit against the city on Wednesday for its tolerance of the region, saying that officials were complicit in denying them their rights to their property.

The companies have said they do not intend to undermine protest messages against the police or brutality.

But they said that their access to their work was limited, and at times they were threatened with photographing protesters in public places or for cleaning up graffiti from their storefronts.

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The state of Mississippi is moving to adjust its flag following the Floyd incident

Pensacola, fl

The House of Representatives in the US state of Mississippi voted to approve a process that might result in the removal of the emblem of the Confederation from the state flag, and its governor pledged to pass the bill.

Tate Reeves, the Republican governor of Mississippi and affiliated with the Republican Party, said in a tweet on his Twitter account that the time has come to end the dispute, after lawmakers reached a dead end several days ago when discussing the state’s new flag issue, stressing that he would sign the bill if it was sent to him.

Reports added that the House voted in favor of the measure with the approval of 85 members and 4 objections, indicating that it would need Senate approval before submitting it to the state governor.

Protests across the United States of America against racial discrimination and police brutality after the death of black American George Floyd during his detention have prompted calls for the removal of the Confederate Monument and other symbols associated with slavery in the United States.

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The number of Covid-19 deaths in Britain exceeds 54,000, including suspected cases

Pensacola, fl

A Reuters count based on official data showed that the death toll from suspected Covid-19 disease in Britain reached 54089 cases, highlighting the United Kingdom as one of the countries most affected by the pandemic.

It includes a statistic on the number of cases registered with the death certificates of their owners as a result of Covid-19 in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. The statistic also includes deaths in hospitals sooner.

While the smaller numbers announced daily by the government are limited to confirmed cases, figures based on death certificates include those suspected cases.

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End the dreamers program for American immigration

Pensacola, fl

Acting US Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf said the administration of President Donald Trump is determined to end the dreamers’ immigration program within the next six months.

Wolf told a network that the Trump administration considered the program illegal, adding that the Supreme Court did not disagree with him, even though it issued a ruling preventing Trump from ending the program.

He added: “The (judges’) decision did not contain in any part what indicates that the program is legal. They simply did not like the rationale and procedures that we used.

On Thursday, the US Supreme Court obstructed Trump’s efforts to repeal the program issued by his predecessor Barack Obama and protected nearly 649,000 immigrants from deportation, and Trump said his administration would resubmit plans to cancel the program, but he did not say how

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Trump calls for a year in prison for those who burn the American flag

Pensacola, fl

US President Donald Trump has called for the adoption of a law providing for a one-year prison sentence for the crime of arson against the American flag.

“Two days ago, left-wing extremists in Portland, Oregon, demolished the statue of George Washington, wrapped it in an American flag and set fire to the flag,” the US president said to a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Trump must make a law, if someone burns the American flag, he will be punished with imprisonment for one year.

Currently, American law does not prohibit the burning of the American flag, because this right, according to the interpretation of the Supreme Court, is guaranteed by the country’s first constitutional amendment on freedom of expression.

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Jane Kennedy, sister of late US President John Kennedy, has died at the age of 92

Pensacola, fl

Jane Kennedy, the last surviving brother and sister of the late US President John F., died. Kennedy at the age of 92.

Kennedy Smith played a pivotal role in the peace process in Northern Ireland in the 1990s as her country’s ambassador to Ireland.

Her daughter Kim told Reuters that her mother had died at her Manhattan home, but she declined to announce the cause of death “to keep it private.

Jane was the eighth among nine children of Joseph and Rose Kennedy and was described as a shy member of the family as she found herself for a long time in the shadows of her father and siblings’ fame, including members of Congress Robert and Edward Kennedy.

She entered politics, with the assistance of her brother John, on his campaign for Congress in 1946.

Jane married Stephen Smith in 1956 and settled in New York, where they raised four children. Her husband died of lung cancer in 1990 at the age of 63.

The late Jin helped lead an Irish government-backed endeavor to grant Jerry Adams, leader of the Sinn Fein party, the political arm of the Irish Republican Army, a visa to the United States after indications the group was open to entering talks about giving up its armed struggle to end British rule in Northern Ireland.

She mobilized in support of her brother Edward to persuade then-US President Bill Clinton to issue the visa in early 1994. One year later, the Irish Republican Army declared a ceasefire which led to negotiations that ended with the conclusion of the Good Friday Peace Agreement in 1998 which ended largely three-year violence Decades and killed more than 3600 people.

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The Oscar 2021 Awards Gala changed from February to April

Pensacola, fl

Oscar’s organizers decided to change the delivery date for the 2021 Academy Awards from February to April due to the Corona virus epidemic.

The Film Arts and Sciences Academy said that the most prestigious film industry awards ceremony will take place on April 25th and the awards were originally scheduled for February 28th.

The Corona virus epidemic closed cinemas around the world in mid-March and stopped production of films.

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Microsoft refuses to sell police face recognition technology

Pensacola, fl

The Washington Post, citing Brad Smith, president of Microsoft, said that the company will not sell facial recognition technology to police departments until a federal law is issued regulating the use of this technology.

The news from the Washington Post facial recognition system came a day after Amazon announced that it had suspended the police from using its facial recognition program for a year, stopping a commercial activity for it as long as it defended it at a time when protests against police brutality against people of color increased.

The death of black man George Floyd while in police custody last month fueled fears of unfairly using facial recognition technology against protesters.

“When the manufacturers of this surveillance technology refuse to sell it because it is so dangerous, lawmakers will not be able to deny the threats to our rights and freedoms,” Matt Cajel, attorney at the American Civil Liberties Union, said.