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Iranian old woman recovers from Corona at the age of 97

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A 97-year-old Iranian long-term recovered from Corona disease, becoming her fifth recovery in Iran, among those recovering from infection over the age of 85.

IRNA reported that this woman left the hospital in Qom today, Saturday, and Salameh Ghanmeh returned to her family.

Before that, the Iranian authorities confirmed the recovery of a 100-year-old citizen, who also left the hospital last Sunday.

Also last week, a 106-year-old patient recovered after a 14-day struggle with the disease.

A 98-year-old woman from Mashhad was able to overcome the virus after 27 days of treatment, just as a 89-year-old man also beat the virus.

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500 000 Covid-19 cases in America now

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The number of new cases of coronavirus detected so far in the United States has risen to over 500000 during the Easter holiday, while the number of deaths has exceeded 20,000

President Donald Trump has said that the decision to date to return safely to work in the country will be the biggest decision he will have to make.

Public health experts have warned that the number of disease deaths could reach 200,000 in the United States during the summer if the unprecedented measures to combat the disease, which included the closure of most businesses and most Americans stay in their homes, are lifted after only 30 days after their imposition.

Trump, who is seeking re-election, said in a vote in November that he wants life back to normal as soon as possible and that severe restrictions on movement to contain the spread of the disease have a price tag on the economy and public health.

“I will have to make a decision, and I hope to God that the right decision is the biggest decision I have to make, he told reporters

Trump added that the facts will determine the next step. When asked about the criteria he would use to reach the decision, he pointed to his forehead and said the criteria here are my criteria

The current federal guidelines apply until April 30th, then the president will have to decide whether to extend them or start encouraging people to return to work and more naturally for daily life.

Trump said that in the coming days he will unveil a new advisory board that will include some state governors and focus on the process of re-operating the US economy.

And imposed home stay orders imposed across 42 states in the past weeks have huge implications for the US economy and economists expected that the number of those who lost their jobs will reach 20 million by the end of this month, raising questions about the possibility of continuing the closure of business and restrictions on movement and travel.

But new data from the US government shows that the number of new injuries will rise during the summer if orders to stay at home are raised after only 30 days, according to expectations confirmed by an official at the Department of Homeland Security.

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917 new deaths recorded in Corona in Britain, the total is 9875, and Spain is improving

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Britain recorded 917 new deaths from the Corona virus, bringing the total number of deaths in the country to 9,875, while the health authorities in the Netherlands said that the number of confirmed cases of the Corona virus rose by 1316 to 24,413, with 132 new deaths registered, bringing the total number of deaths to 2,643 to right Now

In Spain, conditions improved significantly, as Spain recorded the lowest number of deaths per day in Corona, to reach 19 cases, after registering 510 deaths in the past 24 hours.

The number of deaths in Spain has now reached 16,353, and the number of cases of Corona virus has reached 161,852 cases so far.

In Russia, 1667 new cases of coronavirus were recorded, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 13584 cases, and the number of deaths in Russia was 106

In Switzerland, the small country in central Europe, the number of deaths increased to 831 deaths, and the number of injured reached 24 thousand and 900 cases

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$ 250 million donated from Tik Tok to fight Corona

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A Beijing-based video-based social networking site, Tik Tok, has pledged $ 250 million to support frontline workers, teachers and communities affected by the Corona Virus outbreak

The site has allocated an additional $ 100 million in advertisements for companies looking to regain their activity.
Tik Tok said that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the “World Health Organization” will receive advertising credit of $ 15 million and $ 10 million, respectively.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention posted on Twitter a message of profound gratitude.
Tik Tok participated with the World Health Organization previously, in producing direct awareness clips on public health and science with the voices of famous people, including the science man, Bill Nye.

The site also indicated that it is working with global partners to distribute masks and other personal protective equipment to hospitals in countries severely affected by Corona, such as Italy, South Korea and the United States.
We understand that these are difficult times for everyone, “said Alex Chow, CEO of Tik Tok.” We are committed to doing our best to help humanity. “

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Egypt gets a new anti-corona drug from Japan

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Egypt obtained samples of a new drug against corona from the Japanese side, which eliminates the virus in 4 days.

The Egyptian Minister of Higher Education said that the Japanese side had been contacted, and samples of the new drug for the new Corona virus had been obtained about a month ago.

He stressed that this drug has been used for several years in the treatment of viruses, unlike other treatments that have been installed to relieve the symptoms of the Corona virus, in order to conduct clinical trials

Sources said that the drug that Egypt had received is Avigan, the anti-influenza drug that Japan has confirmed will give it for free to 20 countries around the world, as part of a broad international partnership in clinical research to treat Covid-19 patients.

The 20 countries that will acquire the drug, currently undergoing clinical trials as a treatment for Covid-19, include Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Iran and Turkey, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Myanmar, in addition to 30 other countries that have shown interest. To have it

Japan and Egypt have strong and historical ties dating back 200 years, and the two countries work together in many fields of scientific research, cultural and sports exchange.

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French nuclear aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle is infected with coronavirus

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The French Ministry of Defense said on Wednesday, April 8, that the French aircraft carrier will return home early in its deployment in the Atlantic Ocean after some crew members have shown symptoms of the Corona virus.

It said in a statement that about 40 sailors in Charles de Gaulle were under medical observation, and people with symptoms were isolated.

No serious disease was shown.

“From today, a testing team will be dispatched with testing means on board the aircraft carrier to investigate cases that have arisen and to hinder the spread of the virus on board,” the ministry said.

The ship, which can carry about 2,000 sailors, was deployed in the Atlantic Ocean as part of a NATO exercise after participating in Operation Shamal that seeks to contain the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. She was preparing to return to the Mediterranean.

“It was decided to submit her return to Toulon, which was scheduled for April 23,” the statement said.

Defense Secretary Mark Esber said that Acting Secretary of Defense Thomas Mudley resigned on Tuesday in the United States after mishandling a coronary virus outbreak on the USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier.

Moodley removed the ship’s captain, Brett Cruiser, to write a letter – which was leaked to the media – complaining of an uncontrolled virus outbreak among Roosevelt’s 4,800 crew and claiming that the Pentagon is not paying enough attention to it.

Roosevelt was docked for 11 days in Guam so that the crew could be tested, with over 100 confirmed coronavirus cases, and the ship cleaned

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Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer friends after 10 years of split

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Friendly exes! Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer have been friends after they split more than a decade ago.

Jin and John have a beautiful friendship,” a source tells us exclusively weekly. John has great admiration and respect for Jane.

The husband who had dating for a few months in 2008 after meeting at an Oscar party in February and briefly reviving their romantic relationship in early 2009 before splitting forever – doesn’t spend much time together, but they’re on good terms.

“When they speak or are together, they are always friendly and kind,” the insider adds. “There is definitely no surprise between them.

The best red carpet views of Jennifer Aniston over the years

On Sunday April 5, the Allure singer, 42, and Aniston, 51, made a fuss when they communicated on social media.

During Instagram Live dedicated to the late Bill Weathers, Meyer Aniston made him laugh when he said, “Whether he talks to you or talks to a talker 15 years ago, 14, 13 years old, everything he said is helpful. Four percent of the things I say are useful.

One hundred percent of The things he said were helpful

The actress hung three laughing emojis, which were taken by viewers while presenting the singer’s current mood on Sunday. A fan commented, “Omg Jen is here.

Meyer is not the only former flame that is still her sister’s friendship between alum friends.

On Aniston’s birthday in February 2019, her ex-husband Justin Thero gave the morning star show a sweet cry, which he did more than once since their divorce in 2017. “Happy birthday to this fierce woman,” commented on Aniston’s picture at the top of a black tank. “Loving hard. Fiercely. … And hilariously funny

Earlier this year, she wished her a happy 51. “Thero 2020” and another year like – “Thero, 48, wrote along with a photo of him making a “roar” face and flexing her muscles via his Instagram stories on February 11.

With a heart symbol next to the picture, “Happy Birthday B” added.

Almost a month ago, Cake Actress and ex-husband Brad Pitt almost broke the Internet when they met again in the scenes at the Screen Actors Guild Awards 2020.

After accepting the Outstanding Performance Award by a Male Actor in a One-Time Supporting Role in Hollywood, Pete, 56, stopped what he was doing to watch Aniston deliver her acceptance speech for Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Dramatic Series for Morning Show.

You can tell him that he captured him visually, and he seemed very touched, even wiping his eye at some point. “Entertainment night host Canada Sherrill Hickey told us exclusively about the moment of the scenes on January 19.

Then the two took part in a sweet embrace and smiled as they reconnected to the award presentation.

The fighting star married Aniston from 2000 to 2005. She dated Mayer in 2008 and briefly in 2009 before splitting forever in March of that year. California citizen married Theroux from 2015 to 2017.

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Meryl Streep’s daughter separated from her husband 42 days after marriage

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Daughter of Merrill Strip Grace Gomer’s marriage to Tay Strathearn lasted less than two months.
Court documents obtained by Us Weekly reveal that the actress of Mr. Robot, 33 years old, and keyboard, 39 years old, got married on July 10, 2019, but they have not officially announced their union publicly. The couple separated on August 21, 2019, 42 days after tying the knot.

The standing and falling actress for “Dissolution of Marriage” filed on March 23, 2020, at the California Supreme Court in Los Angeles citing “irreconcilable differences” as the basis for divorce, according to the newspapers.

On the same day, he assured us that the couple married secretly after dating for more than a year and that they had not shared any children.

News in October 2017 revealed to us that the American horror story Alum and Strathairn are back after they attended the premiere of the documentary HBO Spielberg together.

Although they didn’t start a romantic relationship until the fall of 2017, the former flame originally met as children, thanks to their famous parents and careers.

Good Good Revolt alum crossed the first tracks with a Lone Star actor in 1993 on The River Wild group. The thriller, released in 1994, starred the Oscar-winning Gomer Mother, now 70 years old, and the father of the musician David Stratterhorn, who also won the Academy Award.

Eyewitnesses told us at the premiere in October 2017, “ They say we met at the time, but nobody remembers, ” an eyewitness told us exclusively at the time.

The news center is one of Streep’s four children. She is the younger sister of actress Mami Gomer, 36, and brother of musician Henry Wolf, 40. She is also the older sister of actress Luisa Jacobson, 28.

Mami works at Mehar Sethi and welcomed her first child in February 2019, which made Streep Jeddah.

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Target workers have demandes

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workers handing Shipt’s goal out of work Gig workers say to Shipt, a delivery service owned by Target, that the company won’t do enough to protect their health
Joining a national wave of employee-led direct actions during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, employees of the target-owned grocery delivery service plan to drop work Tuesday and not return until the company provides them with a two-week paid sick leave, in lieu of risks and personal protective equipment.

the workers of the ShipT company will leave until our demands are met,” wrote the Chapt workers group, which organized the withdrawal, in a moderate message on Monday.In showing solidarity, we invite customers to Chip District
The group has described their current salaries as “degradingly low” especially given the nature of the work, which requires workers – technically classified as independent contractors – shopping for groceries and delivering them to customer homes at a time when the federal government has been urging people to stay in their homes as much as possible to slow down COVID-19 propagation.

The workers wrote, “We are putting ourselves at great risk so that others will not have to.” “During these unstable times, Shipt should not place profits before people. It makes no sense that Shipt continues to ignore shoppers’ fears.The aim is the eighth largest retailer in the country.They can bear the costs of protecting us and our customers during this epidemic.

The Hill reported last week that Shipt drastically cut orders’ wages that were canceled by customers. After workers expressed outrage at the move and said they were receiving at least $ 0.29 for orders that previously earned up to $ 20, Shipt pledged to pay at least $ 5 for each order canceled – a sum that Shipt workers criticized as changing Adequate
We are being undervalued even as we are the most important part of the business.We deserve higher wages and a risk premium,” said a Shipt employee who plans to take part in a protest 

Shipt workers wrote in their medium mail that they rang the alarm for weeks and “appealed to the company to provide basic protection like face masks and gloves.
“Instead of answering the business calls, Shipit chose to ignore the shoppers’ appeals,” the workers said. “Shoppers have no choice but to stroll. It’s simply not safe to work right now
As Lauren Cowrie Jorle, vice president, stated that Tuesday’s exit would be the first time that workers have worked at the Alabama-based Birmingham Company – which has more than 100,000 workers across the country and employs at least 10,000 in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic – made With a mass protest against the company since its foundation in 2014

Willie Solis, a Dallas-based planned pullout chief organizer, told The Hill on Monday that ShipTe workers were inspired to take action through protests last week by Instacart, Amazon and Whole Foods employees.employees at the Amazon fulfillment center on Staten Island, New York, left work for the second consecutive week to protest against the unsanitary conditions at the facility.

Solis said that the gray chip workers had been calling for protective equipment “for several weeks now, through direct and indirect means, and our requests were completely ignored

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Divorce of Adele coasts £ 140 m

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Due to the expensive Adele settlement surface details, it has also been reported that a Los Angeles court granted that the details of her divorce and Simon Konecki will remain private.

Adele is in the middle of a £ 144m divorce settlement with her husband for three years, Simon Konecki and a Los Angeles court has now granted the singer a privacy as it turns out that no prenuptial agreement has been signed to protect her colossal fortune, according to this post.

As the star continues its official division, financial, sales or other confidential business information has been judged regarding the procedures, and will be retained in particular, and those who are granted access to it will have to sign the non-disclosure agreement.

The 31-year-old had an affair with the CEO of the charity Simon for eight years, married in 2016 and shared together a 7-year-old son, Angelo, who was born in 2012.

Skyfall singer filed for divorce in September, noting irreconcilable differences, and requesting joint custody of their son.

The diva’s spokesperson confirmed their division, which issued a statement in 2019

Adele and her partner have been separated. They are committed to lovingly raising their son together. As usual they demand privacy. There will be no further comment.

A few months ago, Adele was photographed screaming on the phone in what appeared to be a hot argument that surfaced, leaving everyone wondering what a singer might be so emotional – and now, people say the footage has a full meaning

After making headlines for the incredible 7 cast since the split, the force also worked on new music, which may shed new light on heartache.

So, we may never know how much of her fortune is about to lose, and although it seems like things can be friendly between the spouses, with Adele buying a $ 10 million home near her ex-husband’s house, no one will know for sure

Adele lost 100 pounds. The singer’s weight loss comes almost a year after she separated from her ex-husband Simon Konecki in April 2019. They got married for two years and share a 7-year-old son, Angelo Adkins.

While Adele did not publicly talk about losing her weight, the star was reported to have started losing weight last summer.

In July 2019,

adele lost 14 pounds after breaking up with Simon Konecki.

Adele made her debut in a noticeably thinner shape at Drake’s birthday party on October 23, where she was seen in a long black off-the-shoulder dress and elegant and high ponytail. On Halloween, she wore a tight captain hook costume at the LeBron James party.

Adele started exercising three times a week. “Adele didn’t care or liked the job,” the source said. But she became part of her natural routine, and she alternated between cross training and pilates.

She does 60-minute sessions that include cardio, aerobics and Pilates … I found a routine that fits her and enjoys her more.”

In a 2016 interview with Vogue, the singer said that she is working to stay in good shape for her performance, which has led to weight loss. “I was trying to get some stamina on my tour, so I lost a little weight. Now I’m wearing casual ready-made clothes – which are a really big problem for me!” I participated.

In January, people reported that Adele followed a “strict” diet. “He lost weight because she stopped drinking and ate more real food,” a source said. “But she now loves her physical transformation too.

She is more confident, wears different clothes and looks happier overall.”

Several outlets have claimed that the star follows the Sirtfood diet, but the singer has never confirmed that she is working on it. Adele has been linked to the diet since 2016,