Georgia woman kidnapped, burned, cut in attack as she was leaving work

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A Georgia woman was kidnapped, burned and cut by an assailant as she was attempting to leave work, according to her family.

The victim’s family told DeKalb County Police the woman, who is in her 60s, was leaving work at an accounting firm along Montreal Road in Tucker on Wednesday when she was attacked, WXIA reported. The exact time the incident began is unclear, but the firm closes at around 5:30 p.m. and the victim’s family believes it happened shortly after closing.

The family said a man approached the woman and demanded she let him inside the business. But she refused and the man forced her into her vehicle, made her drive to an ATM and told her to withdraw money.

During this incident, the man cut the woman across her body, including her face, and at some point he burned her face, the family said.

The man then forced the woman to drive back to her job, where she managed to escape.

The woman was able to drive a few hundred yards down Montreal Road to DeKalb County Fire Station 22, where Fire Captain Shaneqwa Eafford told reporters only one crew member was awake, according to WXIA. The woman made enough noise in the parking lot to catch the attention of the crew member, who woke up Eafford and the other firefighters.

The fire station contacted the police, who were dispatched to the area at around 9 p.m. for the reported kidnapping and assault.

Eafford said the entire crew was at the station, including their ambulance, when the woman showed up.

“We had a DeKalb Fire Rescue transport unit in the house that was able to take her immediately; no wait at all,” Eafford said.

“It was a blessing for her to be able to come to us and for us to be here as well,” she added.

Police said detectives have been working to find evidence to help identify and locate the suspect.

The victim’s family said she remains in the hospital, having undergone at least one surgery since the attack.


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