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Preparation for America’s Cup goes through Pensacola

Pensacola, fl

Preparation for America’s Cup goes through Pensacola American Magic is based out of the New York Yacht Club but for the past two years Pensacola has been their winter training home. It’s exceeded their expectations.

“Pensacola Bay is without question one of the best kept secrets in our country for sailing and from a venue perspective. The bay itself is just this natural amphitheater of perfect conditions.

For American Magic and for our challenge of going and winning the next America’s Cup it’s been an incredible spot for us to train and really be part of the sailing community there, said Terry Hutchinson, American Magic’s Skipper and Executive Director.

Hutchinson says cooperation from the Pensacola Yacht Club and the Port of Pensacola have been instrumental, while the flat water, and room to operate are ideal.

The sailing area is unobstructed by trees and land, and pretty much every breeze direction its coming across a flat surface. You have this perfect body of water that you just go ripping around at. You don’t have to really worry about running into too many things.

It may be called the America’s Cup but American teams have won it in only two of the last eight events. American Magic’s confidence is buoyed by their new state of the art boat, Defiant, that they’ve been ripping around Pensacola Bay.

It’s an incredible piece of equipment. From our top speed exceeds the speed limit on the Three Mile Bridge, in that regard it’s been an incredible learning experience.

They packed up the boat this week and are heading to New Zealand to continue training for the qualifiers and ultimately the America’s Cup to be held there in March. Although they’ve been off the water the past two months due to pandemic concerns, they feel more than prepared. A large debt to Pensacola they hope will be repaid. “I’m blown away that there isn’t more racing in Pensacola Bay because of how great the venue is and hopefully as out team has opened the door to many years of great regattas, high quality regattas coming to Pensacola.

Pensacola vacation

Jennifer Lopez intends to buy a sports team for 1.83 billion euros

Pensacola, fl

Famous American actress and singer Jennifer Lopez and her husband Alex Rodriguez are seeking to buy the New York Mets baseball team, for a deal of 1.65 billion pounds (1.83 billion euros).

The New York Post newspaper revealed that Jennifer Lopez and her husband, former baseball player Alex, have already reached out to JPMorgan Chase, the finance company, and that they are discussing several serious bankers in a new attempt to buy the New York Mets, after a failure The first attempt at the beginning of this month.

According to the source, the owners of the “New York Mets” club, businessman Fred Olion, and his son Geoffrey tend to sell the company because of the losses incurred by the emerging epidemic of the Corona virus.

The club did not bring profits even before, and incurred greater losses in the absence of revenue from television broadcasting rights

It is believed that Lopez and Rodriguez will use the help of an unknown billionaire to purchase the New York Mets, which twice won the World Championship.

It is reported that the annual income of Jennifer Lopez, 50, is more than $ 400 million.

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Legend LeBron James comments on the killing of an African American by the police

Pensacola, fl

American Los Angeles Lakers basketball legend LeBron James interacted with the killing of George Floyd, recalling the “fact” of soccer player Colin Cabernick’s refusal to stand while the American anthem was playing.

LeBron James posted a poster on his page via the “Instagram” application, in which he compared George Floyd’s detention to the famous “incident” of Colin Cabernick, who perched on his knee, refusing to stand while the American anthem was playing, because of the humiliation of black people.

James commented on the poster, saying: “Do you understand now? Or not for the end yet?

George Floyd was arrested on suspicion of using a counterfeit $ 20 check, and after the arrest, an officer pressed his knee on Floyd’s neck for about six minutes, until he lost consciousness and died in hospital.

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Corona injuries increased to 1737,950

Pensacola, fl

The American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that the number of new cases of coronavirus in the country increased to 1737,950 after recording 18,123 new infections compared to the previous census, adding that the number of deaths increased by 1074 to 102,785.

These are the numbers recorded by the American Centers for Covid-19 Disease Cases Resulting from the Infection of Corona Virus as of 4 pm EST local time compared to its previous report.

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Belgian prince injured Corona after attending a party in Spain

Pensacola, fl

Tests have confirmed that Prince Joachim, the nephew of King Philip of Belgium, was infected with the Corona virus after attending a party in Spain, which Spanish media said had violated the general isolation rules regarding the number of participants.

A spokesman for the Belgian royal palace said that the infection of the 28-year-old prince with the Corona virus was confirmed after attending the ceremony in the southern Spanish city of Cordoba on May 26.

The palace stated that Joachim traveled from Belgium to Spain on May 24 for the purpose of training and that he was still there.

The Spanish newspaper El Pais said that the prince, the tenth in the ranking of the Belgian throne, attended the ceremony with 26 other people and that this would violate the rules of general isolation in the region of Cordoba, where the maximum number of people allowed to gather is currently 15

Spanish police said they had launched an investigation into the incident and that those who violated the restrictions may face fines of between 600 and 10,000 euros.

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An American 104-year-old escapes from corona after surviving the Second World War and Spanish flu

Pensacola, fl

The elderly are the most susceptible to infection with the new virus Corona. Thus came the warnings since the spread of the virus, but it seems that Bill Lapchese, who is 104 years old, does not know this rule, despite his infection, he survived.

Bill not only survived from Corona, but his story goes back, according to what was reported by the British Daily Mail that he witnessed and survived the Second World War in the 1940s, along with his escape from the Spanish flu in 1918, which is a deadly flu in Europe and the world and left millions of dead in the past, and now it is called that he is the oldest survivor of Coronavirus, and all he did was isolate himself.

Born in the United States of America in 1916, Bill Lapchis showed symptoms for the first time commonly associated with the deadly virus Corona on March 5, and was immediately isolated quickly at home, so he was one of the first two residents of the house who had been infected with the virus, he and a man in his nineties, but the last one died.

This is not all, but 16 cases of Coronavirus have been reported in the residence where 9 of them have recovered, 2 in serious condition, and 2 of the remaining 3 have died in stable condition.

Recently the man celebrated his birthday and appeared in a wheelchair wearing a muzzle and when his granddaughter asked him how to beat the new virus he said I don’t know, the virus has gone too far. Just sit here in your house and you can get rid of anything

Pensacola vacation

A Minneapolis police officer is charged with murdering a black man while in detention after protests

Pensacola, fl

A representative of the Minnesota State Attorney General said that a white police officer who was seen pressuring his knee on the neck of a defenseless black man before he breathed in Minneapolis was arrested and charged with murder, after three nights of violent protests against the incident that rocked the city. In the midwest.

Henrik County Prosecutor Mike Freeman said in a press statement that Derek Chauven, the officer who was seen in a video clip of a passer-by on his mobile phone, crouching with his knee on the neck of George Floyd before the death of Floyd, 46, was charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter.

Freeman added that he is detained and charged with murder. We have evidence. We have the video clip that the citizen filmed, that horrific and terrible clip that we all watched over and over again. We have the officer’s camera that was attached to his jacket, and we have testimonies from some witnesses

The governor of Minnesota summoned the National Guard on Thursday to help restore security after the unrest widened for the third consecutive night in Minneapolis due to Floyd’s death.

Governor Tim Walls ordered the National Guard to assist the police in tackling the looting, vandalism, and arson of the city, as local and federal officials sought to ease the racist tensions raised by the accident.

The protesters gathered outside a city police station and then retreated under a hail of tear gas and rubber bullets fired by the police from the roof of the building.

But the protesters returned and gathered again, attacking the building and setting fire to it, as police officers appeared to withdraw. Later, protesters were seen eroding the roof of the building and firefighters said the protesters had set 16 buildings on fire.

President Donald Trump said on Twitter that he would send the National Guard to properly carry out the mission “if Mayor Jacob Fry fails to take over the city.

He wrote in a tweet after midnight, we will control the situation, whatever the difficulty, and when looting begins, shooting will begin, a tweet that Twitter has had to withhold behind a warning message accusing the president of glorifying violence

The National Guard of Minnesota said that it paid more than 500 soldiers to help local authorities, especially fire departments, in the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul and their surrounding areas. The four policemen, who participated in the incident, including Chauvin, were dismissed.

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Plans to reopen Walt Disney World parks

Pensacola, fl

 Florida state officials approved plans to reopen the Walt Disney World park in Orlando, starting in July 11.

The success of the reopening of (Walt Disney World) is a landmark event for Disney and the rest of the world at a time when governments and companies are working out a strategy for how to lift restrictions on public isolation measures while the emerging Corona virus remains a threat.

In a memo sent to officials in Orange County, Florida, Halsley Peechers, state secretary for business and professional organization, said that he would also allow the reopening of SeaWorld Entertainment on June 10.

With the Disney parks reopened, visitors and employees will be required to wear face masks and undergo temperature measurement, and the park will also hang on parade parades, fireworks shows and other activities leading to crowd gathering.

The park administration said it would encourage the use of payment systems without contact and would expand the existing park systems for ordering by phone from restaurants and is also planning to restrict the number of guests, who will be required to book their parking permits early

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Monkeys steal blood samples from Corona patients in India

Pensacola, fl

Indian authorities said that a group of monkeys attacked a health worker and stole blood samples from patients who were found to be infected with the Coronavirus.

The attack occurred when a technician at a laboratory was walking on the campus of a government medical college in Meerut, 460 km north of Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh state.

Dr. SK said. Garg official, the monkeys kidnapped the blood samples of four of Covid-19 patients who are undergoing treatment and provided them … we will have to take other blood samples from them.

The authorities indicated that it was not clear if the monkeys had spilled blood samples, but residents who live near the campus fear further virus outbreaks if the monkeys carry the samples to residential areas.

Garg said it was not clear if monkeys could be infected with the Coruna virus due to contaminated blood.

There is no evidence that monkeys can become infected, he added.

India has recorded 165,799 cases and 4,706 deaths from the Coronavirus.

The infiltration of monkeys into residential areas in India increases inconvenience and even attacks people, and environmental experts say the destruction of natural habitats is the main reason for animals to crawl into residential areas in search of food.

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A sandstorm reveals the wreck of a 120-year-old ship in a salt lake

Pensacola, fl

A storm revealed a shipwreck, in the Great Salt Lake of Utah, believed to be 120 years old.

The old steel ship can be seen rising out of the water after a recent storm passed through the area. It is believed that this particular wreck dates back to about the twentieth century, according to State Park and Marina that published photos and details of this exciting discovery on social media.

The sandstorms of the Great Salt Lake can be disastrous, but also wonderful,” the foundation said in a Facebook post

And she continued: “Some of these boats suffered from tragic ends only to be buried in the sand by storms, and they may reveal them as well as in the Great Salt Lake

Dave Shearer, ABC4’s Great Salt Lake Park Manager, is likely to belong to the railroad fleet.

However, many questions remain searching for answers, such as: Who were the people on the ship? And what were they doing on the southern shore of the Great Salt Lake? How was its end? “

The Great Salt Lake is the eighth largest lake lake in the world. And the peripheral lake means that there is no outlet, so the water becomes salty.

The storm that exposed the shipwreck occurred last Friday, when the winds reached at least 55 miles per hour, according to the National Weather Service.

It is believed that high winds pushed the sunken ship to shore, allowing park officials and visitors to look at it.

The wreckage of two other ships occurred recently. One of whom is believed to be 100 years old, was pushed ashore in North Florida last March.