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The New York Metropolitan Opera will remain closed until December 31

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The New York Metropolitan Opera said that it will not raise the curtain until New Year’s Eve, as it announced the reduction of its art season due to the Corona virus epidemic.

“It is not possible to simply combine social separation with opera,” Peter Gilb, the director-general of the opera, said in a video message.

The 2020-2021 season was scheduled to start at the 3,800-person opera house, located at the Lincoln Center in New York City in September. The opera website said four new artworks were postponed.

The Metropolitan House was one of the largest opera houses in the world and one of the cultural institutions that announced the extension of the closing period due to an epidemic that particularly affected theater performances. The opera is best known for its amazing performances of works such as the opera Carmen by Georges Beziers and the bohemian opera by Geocomo Puccini. The house gave leave to members of the orchestra and choir and theater workers.

Broadway theaters extended their closure from mid-March to at least September 6, and two major theater performances in London last week were postponed to 2021.

“We will not be able to bid here as long as there is a need for social distancing,” Gelb said.

He hoped that a medical solution to the Corona crisis would be available by December, allowing the Metropolitan Opera to resume its performances on December 31.

The Royal Opera House in London and the La Scala Opera in Milan have not announced their plans for the 2020-2021 season yet, after they suspended their shows several months ago.

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Mayweather offers to bear the costs of George Floyd’s funeral

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Senior boxer Floyd Mayweather offered to pay for the funeral of George Floyd, a 46-year-old African American man who blew up his death while in police custody in Minneapolis protests across the United States.

Mayweather Productions, which is responsible for promoting the former world champion in five weights, confirmed in her Twitter account the bid, and several media outlets said the Floyd family agreed.

The incident sparked outrage in the United States and abroad, and many professional athletes, including Michael Jordan, basketball legend, spoke about it.

Derek Chauven, a white police officer from Minneapolis, was charged with murder.

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New York Mayor: I respect the beliefs of my detained daughter during the protests

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New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced that he respects the beliefs of his daughter Kiara, who was arrested in Manhattan during protests against the killing of an African American, by security men.

“I love and respect my daughter. All she wants is to do good in the world. She wants to make the world better and make the situation more peaceful. I am proud that she feels so responsible that she is ready to do something,” de Plazio said in a press briefing broadcast on local NY1 channel.

The Mayor of New York stated that his daughter had spoken to him about her participation in the protest and confirmed that she was peaceful.

Earlier, NY1 reported that Bill de Blasio, 25, was arrested on May 30, while she was participating in protests at the intersection of Broadway and 12th Street in Manhattan, where about 100 protesters refused to comply with the police order to disperse.

The channel stated that the charge against Kiara, who had been released from her place of detention, was disturbing public order. Under New York state laws, Kiara faces 15 days in prison and a fine.

CNN reported that more than 250 people were arrested by police during the protests in New York, which erupted after the killing of George Floyd, an African American, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on May 25. Floyd died in hospital after a white policeman put his knee on his neck as he lay on the floor, after his arrest

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George Floyd, whose death ignited the United States?

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Before George Floyd passed away and before his image was stretched out under the knee of a policeman in the turmoil in the United States, the man’s life witnessed successes and failures.

He lived happy moments during his teenage years in Houston, where he played American football at the Texas State Championship in 1992.

But he also had a prison sentence for years after being arrested in 2007 for theft.

Upon his death on May 25 in Minneapolis, he was 46 years old, and he was mostly like other Americans, looking for ways to improve his conditions and face social and personal challenges.

His death comes amid a health and economic catastrophe that saw the death of more than one hundred thousand Americans and left more than 40 million people without jobs, exacerbating the scourge that hit the United States this year.

Floyd grew up in Houston, Texas, in the “Third Ward” neighborhood, which is the heart of the African-American community south of downtown.

There the singer Beyonce grew up, the region known for her musical activity. Floyd is also believed to have participated in the rap scene in the 1990s in Houston.

But the city, which Floyd recently left, has a history of racism and the absence of economic equality like any city in the United States.

Donnie Lillard, George Floyd’s friend in the neighborhood and a rapper known as “Reconsail”, said that those who accompany them from outside the neighborhood are shocked by the poverty scene.

He added: “People still live in shacks erected in the twenties, poverty pervades everyone … it is difficult to escape from this area.”

Floyd possessed sports talents, and he was more than six feet tall as he was still a teenager. Those who knew him during his adolescence described him as the “cute giant”.

He excelled in two games, basketball and American football.

“I was astonished, he was twelve years old and six feet tall, I had never seen a person with this tall,” Jonathan Phil, a childhood friend and former Floyd fellow on the team, told local media.

He wore No. 88 on the John Yates High School high school football team, and was later chosen to play basketball at the University of South Florida, where he studied from 1993 to 1995, according to CNN.

His life took a different turn, as he was arrested more than once due to theft and possession of drugs. Matters reached a climax in 2007 when he was convicted of a robbery at gunpoint and imprisoned for five years.

After his release, Lillard said, he was intending to make changes for him and his neighborhood: “While he was trying to change his life, he was caring for others in his community.

A video clip of Floyd renouncing armed violence was circulated in 2017 and calls on young people to return to their homes.

The Floyd family told the newspaper “Hyosat Chronicle” that Floyd moved to Minnesota in 2018 after being encouraged by friends through the “Christian Work” project.

Christopher Harris, Floyd’s friend and classmate, said that he was looking forward to starting a new life and that he was “happy with the change he has made.”

Floyd worked as a truck driver and security guard at a charity and in a nightclub where he was known as “Big Floyd”.

Like many Americans, Floyd found himself in the midst of a collective business shutdown due to the Corona virus crisis.

Upon his arrest, he was allegedly trying to buy 20 dollars of counterfeit cigarettes.

His death fueled outrage across the United States with some of them being violent, more than 1,600 people arrested in dozens of cities, and National Guard forces deployed in 15 states.

Lillard, who described his friend as a “man of peace”, said Floyd would have supported the demands of people to change and listen to them, but he would not have accepted looting and violence.

He said that Floyd “had a heart bent on forgiveness, but he was one of the people too. He knew before his death about the harm they were exposed to.”

He added: “The matter has become bigger than George Floyd.” When you look at the protests, “you see the frustration that America feels about itself.

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Basketball legend Michael Jordan feels sad and angry after Floyd is killed

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American basketball legend Michael Jordan expressed his sadness and anger after the death of George Floyd, a black man who appeared in a video clip trying to breathe while a white policeman kneeling on his neck in Minneapolis, in an incident that resulted in violence and protests.

Jordan affirmed that his heart was with the Floyd family and everyone who died of such racist acts.

“I feel very sad, painful and angry, said Jordan, the Charlotte Hornets owner Charlotte Hornets, in a statement. I see and feel everyone’s feelings, anger, and frustration

“I support all those who are demanding to get rid of the inherent racism and violence towards people because of the color in our country. We have enough. ”

Jordan’s comments came as dozens of American cities were preparing for another night of turmoil after cleaning the streets full of broken glass and burning cars after the curfew failed to stop the confrontations between the protesters and the police.

Jordan, who won the American League six times and was one of the Chicago Bulls’ stars in the 1990s, called on everyone to show cohesion, compassion and express their feelings in a peaceful way.

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Beauty salons and gyms in America disclaim responsibility for infecting clients

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With various companies and businesses resuming opening their doors in the United States after the weeks-long public isolation to combat the Corona Virus pandemic, many resort to publishing a disclaimer of the infection of their clients with the virus or requiring its employees and clients to sign a form exempt from liability before entry.

These notifications have spread from hairdressing salons and various entertainment centers to exchanges and wedding photographers to ask clients and visitors to acknowledge that they may have the disease that has killed more than 100,000 Americans so far.

Experts said that companies use banners, forms and leaflets on their websites to protect themselves from lawsuits, but these measures do not prevent people from seeking compensation for damages resulting from negligence such as slipping on a wet floor or contracting a disease due to the walls covered with paint.

Lawyers said that proving that a company had caused a customer’s disease might be difficult, but concerns were so great that a disclaimer could soon become a normal thing.

Big Mary Griffiths, a lawyer in Missoula, Montana, developed a model of corporate liability from exposing customers to the virus-associated Covid-19 disease available for sale online or to prepare it on demand for company owners. She said party workers and event organizers, including beauty experts and wedding photographers, use it.

And hairdressing salons require their customers since the resumption of the activity to sign a form stating that they do not have any symptoms of the disease and did not visit a hot spot that has witnessed high rates of transmission since 30 days.

These forms exempt hairdressing salons from the responsibility of “unintended exposure to the virus.

Ryan Raifer did not mind signing the disclaimer form recently at the gym he goes to for martial arts training near San Antonio, Texas.

Raiffert suffered symptoms of the disease in March and later learned from an antibody test that he had the virus. Even if I didn’t get the virus, I would gladly sign the disclaimer, he said.

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A prominent Italian doctor: the new Corona virus is losing its strength

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The prominent Italian doctor Alberto Zangrelo said that the new Corona virus is starting to lose strength and has become less lethal.

“In fact, the virus is no longer clinically present in Italy,” said Zangrelo, who heads the San Rafael Hospital in Milan, in the Lombardy region in the north of the country, which bears the brunt of Corona virus infection in Italy.

The smears taken over the past ten days showed a very small viral load in terms of quantity compared to smears taken a month or two ago,” he added to the Italian RAI television station.

Italy has recorded the third highest death toll in Covid-19 in the world, amounting to 33,415 people since the outbreak appeared on February 21.

. It is ranked sixth in the world in terms of injuries, amounting to 233019.

But injuries and deaths fell continuously in May, and the country is easing some of the most stringent isolation restrictions around the world.

Zangrelo said that some experts exaggerate the possibility of a second wave of infection, so politicians must take into account the new reality.

“We have to go back as a normal country,” he said. Someone has to take responsibility for intimidating the country.

She called on the government to be careful, saying that the declaration of victory was still far away.

“While we wait for the scientific evidence supporting the hypothesis of the virus’s disappearance … I invite those who claim to confirm this to not confuse the Italians,” Sandra Zampa, assistant health minister, said in a statement while we wait for scientific evidence supporting the hypothesis of the virus’s disappearance.

Instead, she added, we should call on the Italians to maintain the utmost caution, maintain the spacing between people, avoid large gatherings and continue to wash hands and use gags.

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The heat continues in parts of the West while others feel comfortable

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After a stifling heat wave that set records in many parts of the west, the heat will travel away from some areas while others remain in their grip.

From mid-to-late last week, the expanding heat from the central California valley across the vast majority of the west caused several major cities to set records one or two days.

Phoenix only got two shy degrees from its record of 114 degrees Fahrenheit in May.

However, Friday’s high of 112 hit a new record on that day, breaking the old record of 1910. With 111 high and 84 low on Saturday, the average day temperature in Phoenix was 98, just 1 shy of the May record. Average daily temperatures.

Boise, Idaho rose to 98 on Saturday, capping the record for the day and falling just one degree from the record 99 for the whole of May.

Thunderstorms broke out in the heat across parts of the Western Mountain, and may have caused forest fires in Utah and Arizona. According to the Arizona Forestry and Fire Department, Arizona’s forest fire, called the Ocotillo Fire, has already burned more than 1,000 acres by Sunday morning.

At the beginning of June, much will not change across the southwest.

The heart of the heat that struck the west last week will shift slightly east, but most areas of southwest, central and southern Rocky will remain very hot,” said meteorologist Brandon Buckingham.

High temperatures in Phoenix will remain in the mid-100s to around 110 until Thursday. Likewise, Las Vegas will be out of three digits until Thursday. While both places are likely to drop from any records for the first few days of June, these temperatures are still several degrees higher than usual.

After a lull in the storm system that desperately needed rain and also brought severe thunderstorms to the northwest, California’s interior will feel hot again this week.

After spending Sunday and Monday close to normal, Sacramento and Fresno will return to the century mark in the middle of the week. Much of the inner empire east of Los Angeles will return to the 1990s.

While the interior feels hot, the coast will be a much different story.

“A near static low pressure area off the coast of California during most of this week will lead to land flow and cooler conditions on the coast,” said Taylor Royce, a weather forecaster.

Besides the cooler conditions on the coast, this pattern will also help the vast low clouds and coastal areas that cause fog.

“The variation in temperature of the building internally and the cold ocean waters often lead to continued low clouds and fog along the California coast at this time of the year,” Royce said. The phenomenon that is so regular this year is so evident that it is often referred to as the “June Depression”.

Northwest will also see a relief from the heat. While a few showers and intermittent thunderstorms cannot be excluded, the storm’s path across southern Canada will maintain the bulk of the rains north of the Canadian border until midweek.

However, this will also help maintain the severe pent-up heat in the far south. “Along the coast and inside Cascades, temperatures will rise directly around the normal range this week,” Royce said. “In the interior, the weather will be a little warmer, with most regions experiencing high temperatures of around 5-10 degrees above normal.

For Portland and Seattle, temperatures generally range from the upper sixties to the lower seventies.

Most valley areas from central Washington and Oregon to southern Idaho will spend most of the week in the 1980s.

The next few days will be very favorable for hikers and any outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy the great outdoors in the northwest.

However, there is another change on the way at the end of the week to the end of next week. Low pressure off the California coast will merge with low pressure diving south along the northwest coast and then pressure across the west.

This will bring a very active period to end the week with many showers and thunderstorms going off in the mountains and the cool rainy weather that goes back to the northwest. The heat will also be reduced in the southwest.

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Romania’s Prime Minister appears without a muzzle and pays a fine of 700 $

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 Romanian Prime Minister Ludovic Urban paid a fine of 3,000 lei ($ 690) after he breached restrictions he himself imposed to curb the spread of the new Corona virus, as he did not put a muzzle and smoke a cigarette in an enclosed space, Romania’s official news agency said.

On social media, a picture of Urban, sitting in his office with a number of members of the government and smoking a cigarette, spread while none of the attendees put a muzzle and their masks were lying on the table.

Urban admitted in a statement that the rules had been violated, saying that some members of the government gathered in his office after a long work day, which coincides with his 75th birthday.

“The Prime Minister knows that all citizens must obey the rules, regardless of their position,” the agency quoted the statement as saying. If the law is broken, sanctions must be applied.

After strict 60-day isolation measures in the event of an emergency that ended on May 15, the Urban Government ordered a 30-day vigil, making respirators mandatory in public transport and enclosed public places, and Romania has banned smoking inside enclosed spaces since 2016.

Its restaurants with outdoor spaces are slated to open their doors, under severe restrictions.

The number of new infections in the Corona virus in Romania rose to 19,133, an increase of 151 cases today. The country recorded 1,253 deaths.

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CVS launches COVID-19 test sites

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CVS Pharmacy opened 55 new COVID-19 test sites May 29 at select drive-thrus across North Carolina.

The sites use self-swab tests and deliver on the company’s commitment to establish 1,000 locations across the country by the end of May as originally announced April 27. The new test sites help enable a goal of processing up to 1.5 million tests per month, subject to availability of supplies and lab capacity.

CVS Health has been at the forefront of helping our nation scale-up COVID-19 testing capabilities, and we’re proud to meet our goal of establishing 1,000 testing sites in communities across the country,” said Larry Merlo, CEO of CVS Health.

Opening access to testing in more locations using our drive-thru window represents an important milestone in our response to the pandemic.

New locations are as follows: Charlotte (9628 Rea Road, 9915 Park Cedar Drive and 4098 Houston Field Court), Matthews (3610 Mathews-Mint Road and 3310 Siskey Pkwy.) and Waxhaw (1142 N. Broom St.).