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A fatal shooting in a Washington, DC neighborhood, killing one person and wounding many

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At least one person was killed and several others injured in a shooting that broke out in southeast Washington, DC, according to reports.

Police responded to reports of firing before 1 a.m. on the 3300 complex in Dubois Place in a residential neighborhood between Fort Circle Park and the northbound Anacostia Highway in Ward 7. At least nine people were taken to various hospitals in the area to receive treatment for gunshot wounds. .

An unknown man was killed in the shooting and was pronounced dead at the scene.

A neighbor said that the shooting broke out in a large kitchen outside when hundreds of people were outside on the street. Several social media posts announced the annual “34-n-EAT” concert to be held in the area with bottles of alcohol and a DJ.

“It was terrible.” A neighbor said, “There were quite a few people lying on the ground, people stumbling under the cars.”

More than 20 response units, including DC Fire and EMS, have arrived at the scene. The street was littered with bullet casings, car keys and other property left behind, fleeing the shooting, and no one was arrested. The police remained at the scene and continued to investigate

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A woman saves a $ 3,000 sofa with the Aldi Clean Up trick

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A woman saved a $ 3,000 designer sofa that was badly damaged with a $ 3 product from Aldi and earned a lot of compliments for it.

A woman revealed how she achieved “an amazing $ 2549 savings” with a $ 3 product from Aldi.

Alex Oates, from Melbourne, bought an expensive second-hand sofa online for $ 450, but when she went to pick it up, she discovered it was in “much worse condition than the pictures shown”.

But since cream lounge chairs originally cost $ 2,999 Freedom Furniture, Alex was determined to return it to her former glory and land a bargain for herself.

“Maybe I searched the Facebook Marketplace for two months until I found the sofa I wanted,” said the 30-year-old mother.

“But when I picked it up there were piles of stains that you can’t see in the photos. There were stain spots and pencil scribbles and rubbing marks from their dog. It looked terrible.”

After two hours of steaming and washing, Alex was able to completely remove all but one of the stains – this stain is on the back below.

“We are 100% happy with the results. Hubby was so tired when I first said we’ll be using other things, but now he’s very happy with the sofa.”

In fact, both of them were so upset about the outcome, Alex shared the before and after shots online, describing it as “saving $ 2549 today, thanks to Aldi and my little green machine”.

“I wanted a Hamilton sofa from Freedom for the lounge room, but at around $ 3,000 for the sofa, it seemed a bit overrated,” she wrote in the Aldi Mums Facebook group.

She explained that after she “hit the gold” she realized the sofa would need a little bit of grease, and described the results as “unbelievable.”

The post quickly garnered a lot of attention, with many commending Alex for investing in restoring the piece of furniture rather than buying new.

“Oh my God, I love hearing things like that. Well done. It gave me hope because I’m currently looking for a new sofa on my own and maybe the same budget as well,” one woman wrote.

Another said, “Looks great … great result.”

Some added, “You did a great job, well done.

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House of Horrors: Life imprisonment for a couple who persecuted their 13 children

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A court sentenced a life sentence with the possibility of parole after 25 years on a couple convicted of holding their 13 children inside their home in appalling conditions.

The Supreme Court in Riverside County, California, issued this ruling against David and Lisa Turpin in the case that caused widespread resonance in the United States and is known in the media as the “House of Horror” file, as it was found that the spouses (57 and 50 years) had detained their children between the ages of two to 29 years Inside the house they were tied to the bed and deliberately starved, in addition to assaulting them.

The couple were convicted in total of 38 counts, including torture, ill-treatment of persons under guardianship, child abuse, and illegal imprisonment, in addition to accusing the husband of obscene behavior against a child.

The spouses, who initially declared their innocence, agreed to conclude a deal with the judiciary and confess their guilt, in exchange for a reduced sentence.

The children were released from their prison after one of them, 17, managed to contact the police by phone.

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A couple from Rouen County were charged after discovering the remains of a child buried in the backyard

Pensacola, Fl

A couple from Rouen County are accused of abusing four children after discovering the skeletal remains of a young girl buried in their backyard.

Authorities also found one of the surviving children, a boy of about 15, in the basement of the unfinished family home, where he appears to have been held for several years, according to arrest warrants.

Michael Anthony Gray Sr., 63, and his wife, Shirley Ann Gray, 60, appeared in a video trial on Tuesday to face two counts of aggravated child abuse, two counts of particularly aggravated kidnapping, three counts of severe child neglect and one counts of corpse abuse. .

Authorities were initially alerted when passers-by found a child walking alone along the road Friday evening near the suspect’s home by Dry Fork Valley Road in the Tin Mile community, Ninth Judicial District Attorney Russell Johnson said.

Michael Gray later admitted to investigators at the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office and State Children’s Services employees that he buried the roughly 10-year-old in a column barn in the backyard after her death in 2017.

He also admitted to having a boy locked up in the basement, which was partially flooded. The authorities later found the 15-year-old was still confined inside without running water, amid human and animal feces, garbage and mold.

The girl’s early remains were found from under a pole barn behind the house.

The cause of the child’s death has not yet been determined. The remains were taken to the Regional Forensic Center in Knoxville for an autopsy. Officials from the University of Tennessee’s Department of Anthropology are also providing assistance.

Johnson said the family, believed to be from the area near Meridian, Mississippi, has lived in the home since June 2016.

Within a month of moving home, the eldest child was locked up in the basement as punishment for stealing food from the pantry and refrigerator.

The memos state that “(the child) was locked up in the unfinished basement since this date and had no contact with anyone outside the basement, and only received small amounts of food, such as white bread and some water.”

Two other children were periodically locked inside a wire dog cage in the basement until Grays built a small concrete room – roughly three feet by four feet – under the stairs for confinement.

The girl was locked up in the basement in early 2017 as punishment for stealing food, giving her only bread and water. She died within a few months, according to the notes. Grays kept her body in a cardboard box until a grave was excavated.

None of the four children, who were presumably home educated, had received medical care for at least the past six years. Michael and Shirley Gray admitted that all four were diagnosed with “failure to thrive” during their last medical examination.

Shirley Gray provided documents stating that all four children were in full swing with the required educational assessments, even though the girl died and the older child was locked up in the basement, according to the notes.

The notes stated that the three surviving children appeared to be “suffering from stunted growth.”

(Two of the children) apparently had no formal education, “according to the notes,” and in fact, they were stunned at what the fridge was doing when they noticed one in their home.

Johnson said that they are not the biological children of Grays, even though the couple had legal custody.

He said that an investigation is underway and additional charges are expected.

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2 pedestrians killed in a high-speed police chase after a vehicle entered an outdoor dining area

Pensacola, Fl

A police escaped vehicle stormed an outdoor dining area in Newport, Kentucky, killing two people and wounding two others.

Police said the chase began in Cincinnati and raced across the John A. Robling Bridge before ending up crashing into a restaurant across the state line in Kentucky. The accident left debris and seats strewn across the street and the sidewalk.

Cincinnati Police Chief Elliot Isaac said the chase began at 4:22 pm. In Cincinnati, when police officers try to stop a car with three suspects inside. He said the officers, who were part of a federal task force with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, were investigating possible gun violations.

Isaac said that when the car did not stop, at least two police troopers chased. He said they followed the suspect’s car through city streets, across the bridge to Newport, Kentucky, where it wounded four people outside the restaurant.

“This is a tragedy,” said Isaac.

When asked about the suspects who have not been identified, Ishaq said: “It is very clear that their actions caused the killing of two people.” He did not identify the victims of the accident, but said that the two survivors were taken to hospital with “non-life-threatening injuries.”

He said it was not clear how fast the suspect’s car or the police cruisers was traveling, although witnesses said the suspect was driving at high speed.

Ishaq said that the three suspects in the car sustained minor injuries while in police custody. Newport Police are leading the investigation into the accident.

Issac said the police would conduct an internal investigation into the prosecution.

“We will examine the appropriateness of the behavior of our officers,” said Isaac. “We always check our endeavors.”

Police prosecutions are common and dangerous, creating challenges for officers who must balance risks to public safety with the need to arrest suspects. A 2017 US Bureau of Justice Statistics study found that an average of 355 people were killed annually in a police pursuit between 1996 and 2015 – roughly one death every day.

“The stalking is always a concern,” said Isaac.

Police spokesman Lieutenant Steve Saunders said the suspect driving the car was believed to have been armed when the police began the chase.

Officers at the crash site sealed off an area of ​​three buildings around the wreck. A sedan car was badly damaged in front of the building at the intersection.

The Cincinnati Police Department has a 13-page policy that governs how stalking occurs.

The policy says: “Officers must end their involvement in car chasing whenever the risks to their safety, the safety of innocent bystanders, or the safety of the suspects outweigh the consequences of the suspect’s escape.”

Officers involved in prosecutions are required to consider 13 different factors during prosecutions. Among these factors are the degree of risk involved in chasing others and the amount of pedestrian traffic.

According to this policy, officers have the power to pursue outside their jurisdiction and arrest without a warrant provided that the prosecution begins within the jurisdiction of the police officers and other factors are met.

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Two teenagers in Pensacola were hit by a pickup truck on County Road 95A, one of them seriously injured

Pensacola, Fl

 Two teenagers from Pensacola were injured after being hit by a pickup truck in Escambia County, Florida Highway Patrol reports.

According to the FHP, a Ford F-150 was heading south on County Road 95A approaching Gateway Lane at around 1 a.m. when it collided with the two teenagers walking on the shoulder of the road.

The report stated that a 15-year-old man was seriously injured, while the 14-year-old was slightly injured.

FHP adds an ongoing investigation

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Drivers descend on the Sturgis rally as few signs of an epidemic appear

Pensacola, Fl

Coronavirus may change the world, but there aren’t many signs of the pandemic at the mega-annual motorcycle rally taking place this week in a small town along Interstate 90 in West South Dakota.

The scene at the Sturgis 80’s Motorcycle Rally was familiar to the veterans of the event, as crowds of bikers gathered unmasked.

Biker Kevin Lonsman, 63, rode over 600 miles to the rally from Big Lake, Minnesota, with several friends. Lonsmann said he has attended the Sturgis event every year since 2003 and does not want to miss the 80, despite being “somewhat” concerned about the coronavirus.

However, crowds of people and bicycle rows surprised him. He said that there was no difference from previous years “other than a few people wearing masks.”

Lonsmann said he’s been avoiding the bars and nightclubs lining the main city road this year, but many others have not. The revelers filled with sunset on Friday.

“Everyone is still celebrating hard,” said Lonsman.

Organizers expected the total crowd to be smaller, perhaps half the size of a normal year, when about half a million people flock from across the country to a city of about 7,000.

The sheer numbers increase the likelihood that this year’s rally will spread the COVID-19 virus in a state where there are no special restrictions on indoor crowds, no restrictions on masks, and a governor eager to welcome visitors and their money.

‘Screw COVID,’ read the design on one T-shirt thrown at the event. “I went to Sturgis.”

Bob Graham, 71, was one of the few to wear masks as he walked along Main Street. We don’t want the virus. “We want to come here in a few more years,” said Graham.

Graham made his 36th annual trip to Sturgis from Central City, Nebraska, with his wife, and described it as “the kind of therapy we’re giving for this year.”

For Stephen Sample, who rode his Harley from Arizona, the event was a break from the routine of the past several months, when he was mostly staying at home or wearing a mask when he went to work as a surveyor.

Sample was aware that his journey to the march could end in the hospital, which seemed to weigh him down.

“This is a great experience,” he said. “It could be a huge mistake.”

Republican Governor Christie Noem has adopted a largely hands-off approach to the pandemic, avoiding masked delegation and advocating personal responsibility. Supported holding the march.

Daily virus cases are trending higher in South Dakota, but the seven-day average is still around 84, with fewer than two deaths per day.

Sturgis officials are planning to mass-test residents in an effort to spot and stop outbreaks, but the region’s largest hospital system is already burdened with an influx of tourists and bikers who inevitably need hospital care during this time.

Marsha Schmid, who owns Side Hack Salon in Sturgis, was trying to prevent the bar and restaurant from turning into a virus hotspot by spacing the indoor tables and offering plenty of hand sanitizer.

It also reduced the number of orchestras hired for the gathering, hoping the crowds would remain weak but still spending money keeping them running for the rest of the year.

She said, “You have people who come from all over the world.” “I just hope they’re responsible and if they don’t feel good, they walk away.”

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Denver fire that killed 5 demands cash reward

Pensacola, Fl

Denver Police have announced a monetary reward as they are investigating an arson attack that killed five family members – including two children – with ties to the West African country of Senegal.

A reward of $ 14,000 for information leading to an arrest was announced at a news conference that included a Senegalese representative to the United Nations, according to reports.

“Aside from money, what I’m asking is a sincere plea,” said Joe Montoya, the department’s chief of police. “I want people to look into their hearts … and understand that this was a thriving family. They were heading in the right direction.”

Gabriel and Aja Deol, their 3-year-old daughter Kadidia, Hassan Deol, and infant daughter, Hawa Bay, were killed in the fire. Hassan Deol and Gabriel Deol had two brothers.

Montoya said Gabriel Deol “was doing all the things he needed to do to provide his family with a wonderful life in America, and it all ended that day.

He said the investigators in charge of the case did not have any suspects and did not know if the crime was related to bias.

 He said, “We do not want to convert the vision into a motive.” “There are some cases, on the front end, it is very clear the motive behind the crime. This is not one of those cases.”

The Denver Post reports that the fire has devastated Senegalese community in Colorado.

The newspaper quoted Senegalese Consul General El Hadj Ndaou as saying that people were traumatized in Senegal.

 He said, “There is panic – almost anger. These are guys who are known to be peaceful.

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Jersey City cops shot and injured a man who refused to drop the knife

Pensacola, Fl

Officials said Jersey City Police shot and wounded a man who refused to drop his knife after pepper spraying it.

The shooting took place around 6 pm. On Hopkins Street near Palisade Street.

Police were called to the scene after receiving a report about a drunken warrior. Neighbors said they heard gunshots from the house, and then screams from the man threatening family members with a knife, officials said.

When the officers arrived, the suspect was still holding a knife in his hand. The authorities said he refused repeated orders to lay down his arms.

Police officers sprayed it with pepper, but the suspect rushed the officers with a knife, officials said.

One of the responding officers shot the man once, wounding him. He was taken to Jersey City Medical Center, and it is believed that the extent of his injuries was not immediately known.

Officials said the police accused the suspect of second-degree assault and possession of weapons.

His name was not immediately revealed.

A neighbor said the man was the father of three teenagers, two girls and a boy.

Officials said at least one officer was wounded in the clash but was not shot.

Hudson County prosecutors and the New Jersey attorney’s office were investigating the shooting.

“As is standard protocol, the New Jersey District Attorney’s office has been notified and the Hudson County District Attorney’s office is working in conjunction with the state attorney general,” a spokeswoman for the Hudson County District Attorney said in a statement.

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16-year-old Florida boy accused of murder for shooting a man in the head

Pensacola, Fl

Teenage boy from Florida accused of shooting a man in the head while on the phone with a 911 dispatcher, promoted to murder after the victim’s death

Conor Michael Lewis, 16, of Sanford, was originally arrested on suspicion of attempted murder in connection with the shooting of 18-year-old Artavius ​​Quarterman. Police said in a press release that a quarter of a man died in hospital of his wounds.

Lewis called 911 around 8 pm. To report that several women knocked on his door and window after a dispute between him and his girlfriend. He can be heard on the phone saying, “Oh, you’re so scary. You’re so scary.”

Police said the group was calling the name Lewis, and a gunshot was heard.

A police press release stated, “In the course of this interaction, a shot from a pistol was fired from inside the house, through the window on the front door, and hit Artavius ​​Quarterman in the head.”

Police said Quarterman accompanied Lewis’ friend’s mother to the house to collect her belongings.

He was taken to hospital, where he remained in critical condition until his death. Lewis was originally arrested on suspicion of attempting second-degree murder and firing or throwing deadly rockets into a house before charges were raised.

Sanford Police Chief Cecil Smith said the fact that the young man’s life is in danger now is a pointless fact. “Sanford Police Officers were minutes away from home, and I think they could have separated and calmed down a matter of moments. When you shoot with a firearm, you must understand that the consequences of that can be fatal in any situation.”