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Trump: Some states begin lifting Corona restrictions in the coming days


Pensacola, fl

US President Donald Trump said that Texas and Vermont will allow some business sectors to resume activity on Monday as they continue to adhere to reserves related to fighting the Corona Virus and that Montana will start lifting restrictions on Friday.

We will continue to see some positive signs as the virus cross its peak, Trump told reporters.

But some state governors have warned that they will not move prematurely and reopen their economies until more tests are done.

Reducing the salaries of NBA players by 25 percent


Pensacola, fl

The NBA has reached an agreement with the Players Association to cut 25 percent of each player’s salary starting from May 15 as sport stalled due to the Corona virus pandemic.

The agreement provides for a gradual reduction in players ’salaries if” compelling conditions “such as the epidemic cause the rest of the regular season to be canceled.

ESPN reported that the money would be returned to the players if all the remaining matches were played.

The station added that salary cuts will continue during the first two months of the 2020-2021 seasons.

No professional league game has been played since March 11, and it is unclear what will happen.

Iranian Angelina Jolie infected with covid-19


Pensacola, fl

The star of the Instagram site in Iran, Fatima Khishfande, who is known as the magic of Sahar Tiber or Angelinga Jolie of Iran, has contracted the Corona virus inside an Iranian prison, according to her lawyer.

Fatima became famous in Iran after posting strange pictures of her on Instagram, which she described as a zombie version of American actress Angelina Jolie.

Iranian authorities arrested Fatima in late 2019 on charges of crimes including blasphemy and incitement to violence.

The director of the prison, Mahdi Mohammadi, denied the news of Fatima Khishvand’s infection with Corona Virus Covid 19, and told the Iranian Student News Agency, “The news published by Fatima’s lawyer is incorrect and I deny it.

Iran is suffering from a large outbreak of the virus and has the highest mortality rate in the Middle East, and a Ministry of Health spokesman announced on Saturday that the new figures reach more than 5000 deaths. However, there are concerns that the true figure may be much higher than advertised.

Payam Deravshan, Fatima’s lawyer, wrote an open letter to the Iranian judiciary, which he posted on his Instagram account.

He said in the message that Fatima’s mother told him that his client had been transferred to the prison quarantine department after symptoms of HIV infection appeared.

He added that Fatima, who was still a minor girl when she committed the “crimes” she was accused of, was not eligible for provisional release because her case was still pending.

Iran released 85,000 prisoners in March, including the British of Iranian descent, Nazanin Zaghari Ratcliffe, who was working for a charity, and the decision came in an attempt to stem the spread of the virus.

Fatima, Instagram star, made headlines in 2017 when her highly-modified photos spread on Instagram. Her account has since been deleted.

Many social media users expressed concern that she may have performed 50 plastic surgeries to appear this way,

Pyramids of Egypt warns of Corona


Pensacola, fl

Within the celebrations of the World Heritage Day, the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities lit the Pyramids of Giza with the slogans launched by the International Council of World Heritage Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS).

Slogans are a shared culture, a common heritage, and a shared responsibility.

Egypt has been keen to launch this event from the Giza Pyramids area, which is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The celebrations started this day from noon, when a number of archaeological videos and virtual tours of a number of archaeological sites were published through the official pages of the ministry on the internet and social networking sites, as part of the precautionary measures taken by the Egyptian state and the world to protect and prevent Corona virus.

The world celebrates every year the World Heritage Day, with the aim of advocating for the protection of human heritage and introducing it and the efforts of all relevant organizations and organizations, where the proposal of the International Council of Landmarks and Sites (ICOMOS) came with the aim of enhancing awareness of the importance of human cultural heritage, and redoubling its efforts to protect and preserve the heritage.

United sates covid- 19 increased to 690,714 and deaths to 35,443


Pensacola, fl

The American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that the number of new cases of coronavirus in the United States reached 690,714 cases, an increase of 2,9002 over previous data, adding that the number of deaths rose by 2394, bringing the total deaths to 35,443.

The centers added that their data on cases of Covid-19 disease caused by infection with Corona virus do not necessarily reflect the cases recorded by each state separately.

Walmart now requiring employees to wear masks


Pensacola, fl

Walmart has announced all associates will be required to wear masks or some sort of face covering at work during the coronavirus pandemic.

They say the policy includes stores, clubs, distribution and fulfillment centers, as well as corporate offices.

They are also encouraging customers and members to wear face coverings when they shop.

Employees will be required to start wearing a face covering at work.

Walmart said employees can be provided one or they can provide their own as long as it meets certain guidelines. Employees will also be required to pass a health screen and temperature check.

This new policy comes after the store announced they were limiting the amount of people allowed inside. Stores will now allow no more than five customers for each 1,000 square feet at a given time, roughly 20 percent of a store’s capacity.

Walmart also announced a pickup hour for people most at-risk for COVID-19, first responders, and customers with disabilities.

In addition, the company says it’s extending their emergency leave policy through the end of May to ensure employees have support when they need to miss work.

British 58 million pounds in the Euro million lottery


Pensacola, fl

A British citizen received a sum of more than 58 million pounds after winning a card he bought in the grand prize for the Euro Million lottery.

The winner will receive a sum of 58,366,487.50 pounds (approximately $ 73 million), after the numbers he chooses agree to the five main numbers in the drawing, as well as the two additional numbers.

The Euro Millions lottery competition, which includes many European countries, was launched in 2004, with cardholders from Britain, France, Spain, Belgium, Ireland, Portugal, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Austria participating.

The winning numbers in the draw came in the following order: 16-28-28-37-45, along with the additional digits 1 and 11.

This comes after another winner of the lottery from the South Archer region demanded the collection of his prize value within the same competition, a month after he won it, which is worth 57.8 million pounds.

Canada and America agree to extend the border restrictions 30 days


Pensacola, fl

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Canada and the United States have agreed to extend border restrictions for another 30 days.

Washington and Ottawa agreed last month to impose restrictions on unnecessary travel while allowing trade to continue across their long-distance shared borders during the spread of the Coruna virus.

19 billion dollars to mitigate the effects of corona on American farmers


Pensacola, fl

 US President Donald Trump has announced a $ 19 billion relief program to help farmers tackle the consequences of the Corona Virus pandemic through a package that includes direct payments and the purchase of products, meat and other products on a large scale.

Trump said the Farmer Assistance Program said these are wonderful people who are great bones americans who have never complained that they only do what they have to do

Trump has decided a program to help farmers, and the program includes $ 16 billion in direct payments.

New York records the lowest daily death toll in two weeks


Pensacola, fl

New York State Governor Andrew Como said that 450 people have died in the state in the past 24 hours due to the emerging corona virus, at the lowest death toll in more than two weeks.

Como said in a press briefing that those who are transferred to hospitals daily continued to average about two thousand patients, a rate that he said is still the majority.

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