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A heinous murder in Sham Al-Naseem


Pensacola, fl

A village in the Sharkia Governorate of Egypt witnessed an unfortunate incident, in which a housewife killed her husband, in conjunction with her lover, by beating him with a heavy stick on his head to clear the atmosphere for them on the day of Sham al-Naseem

The security forces received a hospital report stating that a 35-year-old man with cerebral hemorrhage and skull fractures had arrived and that he had breathed upon his arrival

Investigations by the security forces concluded that the 28-year-old victim’s wife and her lover were behind the incident, and that they had been in a long-standing relationship and were afraid that their case would be discovered, so they agreed together to kill him so that the atmosphere was clear to them.

According to the available data, the defendants waited for the husband on the day of the accident while he was returning from work, and beat him with a heavy stick on his head several times, until he breathed and threw his body among the implants, which the families discovered and rushed to transfer him to the hospital to save him

 They were arrested and referred to the prosecutor who investigated the accident

My dream of becoming a mother has vanished


Pensacola, fl

Many women fear being deprived of maternity, after fertility clinics (which help address fertility and infertility problems in couples) have stopped working around the world to prevent the spread of the Corona virus.

Sean Brandlow, who lives in southern England, says she fears that all her dreams of childbearing have vanished 12 years ago my husband and I had dreamed of having a baby.” Many women fear being denied motherhood, after fertility clinics around the world have stopped working

Sian is one of many who are about to start fertilization procedures, but the restrictions currently being imposed due to the widespread epidemic – according to what they have been told will stop fertility treatment indefinitely.

Sian is 40 years old, and two previous attempts at her childbirth were unsuccessful, so she and her husband began their third round of fertilization to obtain a IVF, when they got the news of suspending these operations.

Her previous medical procedures affected her mental health, as well as the health of her husband, and then the Corona epidemic placed further stress on their lives. We have no idea what will happen, she says. This is very difficult

Fertility clinics in many countries have suspended their services, and so far there is no indication as to when they will reopen.

We understand that this is a difficult time for patients and clinics because all fertility treatments have been discontinued since April 15. We will do our best to lift these restrictions as quickly as possible, but we cannot set a specific date due to the Covid-19 epidemic, said a statement from the Fertility and Human Embryology Authority in Britain.

In the United States of America, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine has repeated recommendations for the suspension of fertilization sessions.

In India, the Association of Obstetricians said that all new treatments related to fertility and similar conditions should be delayed.

Although the ban officially started in Britain in mid-April, clinics began canceling appointments since mid-March, as official instructions asked the clinics not to receive new patients.

Sian says she understands the reasons for postponing treatment for the IVF operation, but she has remained heart rate for the past two weeks after learning of the delay.

Sian had hoped – before the Coronavirus spread to Britain – that the embryo freeze would give her a sense of safety while she waited for the operation, but she had now lost any sense of safety.

“I thought from the bottom of my heart that if I could get to the stage where they could collect and freeze eggs, then I would be fine. Then I wouldn’t worry too much about the issue of my life,” she says.

She still hopes that her treatment will happen in the foreseeable future, though she realizes that her dream may never materialize.

I am ready to wait … if waiting means that it will happen,” she says.

Experts say stopping fertility treatment will help slow the spread of the Corona virus and will mean that medical teams will help patients with the Covid-19 virus.

Many patients are awaiting other types of operations, which have also been postponed.

Dr. Marco Godwin, a fertility specialist, says that there will be an “effect” on some women who are waiting for their turn because the success of the operation depends on age and timing.

He explains that statistics indicate that starting at the age of 34, the chance of giving birth decreases by approximately 0.3 percent every month, meaning that the opportunity decreases every six months by 2 percent.

He adds: “If a woman starts trying to conceive and her chances do not exceed 14 percent, then this means that after six months, she will still have a chance of success of only 12 percent. This is a significant decrease and will have an impact on patients’ chances of success.”

Fertility societies also say that they have noticed an increase in the number of callers to inquire and seek advice.

It is very sad and devastating when you get your treatment after a long emotional journey, and then you are told that the whole thing is canceled,” says Gwinda Burns, chief executive of fertilization network in Britain.

Although Kitty Brunton is 32 years old, she has been trying to have children with her husband for three years, so she fears that this delay in fertility treatment may affect her ability to have a baby.

Kitty was born in Dorset, England, and diagnosed her eggs as less than the usual number of women of her age, so the couple needed medical help. They performed several IVF operations without any success.

People rush to talk about the issue of age when it comes to fertility,” Kitty says. “But I’m still young, according to what is prevalent in the world of fertility, but I don’t have enough eggs left for me.

It’s a terrifying feeling to think that the time I have left is to Reproduction . is running out. “

Kitty had intended to start a new course of treatment, using frozen embryos, and was scheduled a few days before the restrictions began in the country.

I always dreamed of my belly swelling, she says, I always dreamed of starting a family, and I really hope that we will get treatment and fulfill my dream.

A lot of people complain that they are currently locked in the house of their children.

I am ready to give up anything in exchange for being held here with a child crawling and screaming I mean what I say.

Pensacola Mayor says city may begin re-opening in stages May 1


Pensacola, fl

Pensacola Mayor Grover Robinson says he believes the city could gradually start re-opening on May 1.

The mayor said that details are still being worked out, but the opening would happen in stages. First, the city might relax some restrictions on recreation.

Mayor Robinson says restaurants might be allowed to open, although not to full capacity.

We ask for your patience and your cooperation in working with us to get there, he said. It’s our goal to get as many people back to work as possible, but do it in a way that continues to protect the safety of our community.

The mayor says the most important factor is being able to measure how re-opening is affecting the community.

He says the measurement should include hospital capacity, and the readiness of first responders.

Robinson is hoping for a coordinated plan with Escambia County.

Aldi has outlined the full list of products available for home delivery amid lock down


Pensacola, fl

Aldi is offering home delivery on a range of products during the coronavirus crisis.

The supermarket, which does not sell groceries online, recently launched a food box full of fruit, vegetables and essential items to help the elderly and vulnerable.

The parcel is filled will 22 items and should help those who are unable to get to the store.

However, the food boxes are not the only things shoppers can buy online and to help highlight what’s on offer Aldi has issued some advice.

While the supermarket has suggested customers should stock up on essentials while shopping in-store to minimise visits to Aldi, it has also pointed out what can be bought online.

This includes wines and spirits which can be ordered online with free delivery.

A wide range of Aldi wines and spirits are available online for home delivery, Purchases are currently limited to 12 items per delivery, due to high demand.

Shoppers can also pick up the full range of Specialbuys online.

Aldi’s popular Specialbuys are available to buy while stocks last every Thursday and Sunday. Many of the bigger items are now being sold online for home delivery.

The latest products include kitchenware, hobbies and crafts, baby and toddler items and pet essentials.

If you sign up to the Aldi newsletter, you’ll get a sneak preview a week in advance giving you a chance to plan ahead.

For those going into stores Aldi has revealed the quietest time is between 7pm and 10pm.

New York nurses sue state two hospitals over inadequate coronavirus protection

Nurses hold a demonstration outside Jacobi Medical Center to protest a new policy by the hospital requiring a doctor's note for paid sick leave, Friday, April 17, 2020, in the Bronx borough of New York. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

Pensacola, fl

The New York State Nurses Association sued the state and two hospitals to force them to provide safety equipment and adopt measures to prevent COVID-19 from spreading among its members, highlighting the growing disputes over workplace safety during the coronavirus pandemic.

The association sued the New York Department of Health, Montefiore Medical Center and the parent company of the Westchester Medical Center. The nurses asked judges to order the defendants to provide masks and other protection to nurses.

These lawsuits were filed to protect our nurses, our patients and our communities from grossly inadequate and negligent protections,” said a statement from Pat Kane, the association’s executive director.

The court filings said the hospitals were ignoring requirements by the state’s COVID-19 task force that healthcare workers receive an N95 respirator mask daily, and that the health department was not enforcing it.

The Department of Health said it has taken every step necessary to ensure that healthcare workers have the needed support and supplies.

Westchester Medical Center Health Network said its focus has been on protecting its workforce, while Montefiore said nurses were attacking the system while their colleagues were working to save lives.

The association represents 42,000 nurses in the state, which leads the country with about 233,000 COVID-19 cases. The association said that 9,514 of its registered nurses have tested positive for the highly contagious respiratory illness caused by the virus and that 11 have died.

The association asked a state judge to block the Department of Health from enforcing a directive requiring healthcare personnel to return to work only seven days after the onset of COVID-19, even if they still have symptoms.

The nurses said the directive violated a state law adopted in March that provided quarantined workers 14 days paid sick leave.

The filings described Westchester Medical Center as like a war zone.

We have been instructed to date our N95 respirators and to use the same N95 respirator for a week, said Mary-Lynn Boyts, a nurse at Westchester Medical Center, in an affidavit.

While tens of millions of Americans have been laid off or are working from home, safety is becoming a flashpoint for those who are staffing grocery stores, fast food restaurants and warehouses.

Workers have stayed home from meat processing plants, which have been hit by coronavirus outbreaks, and Amazon.com Inc fired three employees who questioned the safety of its warehouses.

The head of the Teamsters union told U.S. President Donald Trump last week that workers needed greater access to protective gear and disinfected workplaces before returning to work.

Corona fatalities rise in Italy and a sharp decline in the number of new infections


Pensacola, fl

The number of deaths due to the Covid-19 epidemic in Italy increased by 454, a slight increase from yesterday’s toll, the Civil Protection Agency said, while the number of new cases decreased to 2256, the lowest level in more than a month.

The total number of deaths since the disease cured on February 21 has risen to 24,114, in the second highest toll in the world after the United States, while the total number of confirmed cases has reached 181,828.

The number of those who entered the intensive care units reached 2573 compared to 2,635 people. Yesterday, the total number of people recovered reached 48,877 compared to 47055 yesterday

18 victims in Canada till now from the mass murder


Pensacola, fl

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the death toll from the worst mass shooting incident in Canadian history has risen to 18, including a policewoman and an armed man.

Trudeau added that a gunman had killed at least 18 people, including a policewoman wearing a life-saving function even if she was endangering her life, in reference to Heidi Stephenson of the Royal Canadian Police who was killed in a mass shootout in the Nova Scotia bordering the Atlantic Ocean.

248 covid- 19 cases in Pensacola


pensacola, fl

The state reported five new cases of COVID-19 in Escambia County and two more in Santa Rosa County as the two-county total rose to 454.

Escambia County now has 314 positive cases, with five more added in Pensacola (248). Santa Rosa County’s total rose to 140 with one new case identified in Milton (75) and one in Gulf Breeze (24).

The state’s total cases rose by about 350 since Sunday night to reach 26,660 on Monday morning. An additional 15 people have died, bringing the state’s death toll to 789, according to the latest report from the Florida Department of Health.

No new deaths were reported in either Escambia or Santa Rosa counties. Since the start of the outbreak, 14 people have died due to COVID-19 complications between the two counties.

Escambia County has reported eight deaths, including six who were either residents or staff of long-term care centers in the county.

Santa Rosa County has six deaths. Four were inmates at the Blackwater River Correctional Facility in Milton, where 38 inmates and 10 staff members had tested positive for the virus,

Pensacola: 248 cases

Cantonment: 35 cases

Bellview: 6 cases

Perdido Key: 1 case

Century: 1 case

Molino: 1 case

Pensacola Beach: 1 case

McDavid: 1 case

Navarre: 29 cases

Milton: 75 cases

Gulf Breeze: 24 cases

Pace: 9 cases

Jay: 2 case

Non-resident: 19 cases

Missing city: 2 cases

France is the fourth country in the world where the number of Corona deaths exceeds 20,000


Pensacola, fl

The official number of deaths due to coronavirus infection in France has exceeded 20,000, to become the fourth country to exceed this limit after Italy, Spain and the United States, and deaths have accelerated again after several days of slowdown.

However, the number of people in intensive care units decreased for the 12th consecutive day, indicating that the implementation of general isolation measures across the country more than a month ago had had positive effects in containing the disease.

Jerome Salomon, director of the Public Health Authority in France, told a news conference that the deaths related to the Corona virus increased by 2.8 percent to 20265 cases, compared to a two percent increase.

746625 injuries and 39083 deaths in Corona in united sates


Pensacola, fl

The American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that the number of corona virus cases in the United States was 746,625 and that the number of deaths rose to 39083.

The centers said the number of injured had reached 720,630 and deaths had reached 37,202 across the country, but the numbers were preliminary and were not confirmed by each individual state.

This reported outcome is for cases of respiratory disease known as Covid-19, caused by the emerging corona virus.

The centers’ numbers do not necessarily reflect the cases that the states have individually announced.

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