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Two drug giants agree to cooperate to develop Corona vaccine


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British drug company GlaxoSmithKline and its French competitor Sanofi have decided to pool their efforts to launch a joint project to develop a vaccine against the emerging coronavirus and start mass production.

And GlaxoSmithKline and Sanofi are among the four global giants that dominate the vaccine market, alongside Pfizer and Merck.

“We are working on the implementation of our program at a very fast pace, and it usually takes about 10 years to develop the vaccine from scratch, but if the project succeeds, we plan to produce hundreds of millions of doses by the end of next year, which requires Very close coordination with regulatory authorities around the world

She added that the goal of the joint project is not profit, but rather to make the prospective vaccine affordable so that it is accessible to the public, and that the company intends to transfer the profits from the vaccine sales to support its supply to developing countries.

Under the agreement signed between the two companies, Sanofi will provide, as part of the project, anti-protein S, which is one of the main components of the outer shell of the Covid-19 virus, which gives it a coronary shape and is supposed to be targeted by the future vaccine.

GlaxoSmithKline will share its expertise in developing materials that help stimulate the immune system response to the vaccine and reduce the dose needed to form an immune response against the virus.

Sanofi has previously confirmed the participation of the US Department of Health’s Advanced Biomedical Research and Development Authority in funding its research to develop a vaccine against the emerging coronavirus, and the two companies have invited other domestic and international official agencies to support the project.

According to the World Health Organization, there are about 70 vaccines currently being developed in the world.

The US Secretary of Defense confirms that China is withholding information about the Corona virus


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China is still withholding information related to the Corona virus needed to tackle the epidemic globally, US Defense Secretary Mark Esper said in a television interview on Wednesday, calling on Beijing to exchange data.

If the Chinese had more transparency early on and exchanged more data, we would have had a better understanding of this virus and then how to deal with it,” Esber said.

Until today we see them withholding information, so I think we need to do more and continue to pressure them to participate, he said

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has described President Donald Trump’s decision to suspend his country’s funding for the World Health Organization as foolish and dangerous and will be addressed.

Pelosi said in the President’s cessation of funding for the World Health Organization while leading the global war on the epidemic of the Coronavirus is a foolish and dangerous and illegal decision and it will be addressed quickly

The number of hospitalizations dropped due to Corona in New York


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New York State Governor Andrew Como said that the number of hospitalized patients due to the new corona virus had decreased for a second day, and that the state’s health care system had reached a stage of stability enabling it to provide ventilators to other states.

Como revealed, during a daily statement, a plan to start re-opening companies starting with the most important companies and those where the risk of spreading the infection is minimal.

Major airlines to take $25B in aid to meet payroll


Pensacola, fl

The Treasury Department said that the nation’s major airlines have tentatively agreed to terms for $25 billion in federal aid to pay workers and keep them employed through September.

The assistance will include a mix of cash and loans, with the government getting warrants that can be converted into small ownership stakes in the leading airlines.

The airlines did not want to give up equity, but Treasury demanded compensation for taxpayers. The airlines have little leverage — their business has collapsed as the COVID-19 pandemic reduces air travel to a trickle and they face mass layoffs without the federal aid.

The nation’s six biggest airlines — Delta, American, United, Southwest, Alaska and JetBlue — along with four smaller carriers have reached agreements in principle, and the Treasury Department said talks were continuing with others. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said the department would work with the airlines to finalize deals “and disburse funds as quickly as possible.

President Donald Trump — perhaps mindful of criticism that the government was bailing out a previously profitable industry — said the deals will support airline workers and protect taxpayers.

“Our airlines are now in good shape, and they will get over a very tough period of time that was not caused by them,” Trump said.

A350 soaring above the clouds

The payroll aid is roughly based on each airline’s spending on wages and benefits from April through September 2019,

American Airlines said Treasury approved $5.8 billion for the airline, a $4.1 billion grant and a $1.7 billion low-interest loan. CEO Doug Parker called it “fantastic news,” and “we now believe we have the financial resources necessary to help us withstand this crisis.”

Analysts expected United and Delta were also eligible for more than $5 billion. United said it expected to complete a final deal with Treasury “in the next few days,” but gave no figures. Delta did not comment immediately.

Southwest Airlines said it expects to get $3.2 billion, including more than $2.3 billion in cash and the balance in an unsecured loan.

The airlines had expected to begin receiving the aid — entirely in cash that didn’t have to be repaid — from the government to cover their payrolls by April 6, the deadline set by Congress. Instead, they found themselves locked in several days of tense negotiations with the Treasury Department, which insisted that only 70% of the aid should be in cash, with the rest in loans that airlines must repay.

In addition, Treasury demanded that to compensate taxpayers, the largest airlines must turn over warrants that, if exercised, could give the government ownership stakes ranging between 1% and 3%, according to calculations by a Raymond James analyst. Southwest said Treasury will get about 2.6 million warrants, or less than 1% of its outstanding stock. Others gave no details.

The warrants total 10% of the loan amount, and Mnuchin can exercise them at each airline’s closing stock price on April 9, according to airline officials.

The nation’s airlines entered 2020 riding a decade-long hot streak in which together they earned tens of billions of dollars due to strong travel demand. That success came crashing down in just a few weeks, as governments restricted travel to slow the spread of the new coronavirus, and people feared contracting the illness on a plane.

As part of a $2.2 trillion economic-relief package, Congress also approved a separate $25 billion program to provide loans to airlines. Analysts expect less interest because the airlines can tap private credit markets, but American said it plans to seek a $4.75 billion government loan, and Alaska Airlines indicated it too will apply under the separate program.

Taylor Swift and Oprah Winfrey participate in a global celebration to celebrate the shadow workers


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Organizers said the two singers, Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lopez, and media actor Oprah Winfrey joined a special show worldwide to celebrate the efforts of their businesses in light of the Corona virus epidemic.

The show has been dubbed “One World Together at Home” or “One World Together at Home” and will include lyric and comedic paragraphs and stories told by doctors, nurses and grocers.

The organizers also announced that there will be an additional six-hour broadcast that will be attended by major sports stars such as British Formula 1 racing champion Lewis Hamilton and American women’s football player Megan Rapino and dozens of singers, actors and personalities influencing social media.

The broadcast will precede the two-hour show and will be broadcast by numerous television networks in North America and the world on Saturday evening, in the largest effort to express solidarity with front-line workers to tackle the virus.

Everyone will participate in the event, which is based on the World Health Organization and the Global Citizen Rights Group, remotely because of social divergence and public isolation measures aimed at curbing the spread of the virus that has killed more than 124,000 people worldwide.

The famous singer Lady Gaga announced the event last week but the number of posts has increased greatly and now includes some of the biggest names in the world of celebrities such as Celine Dion, Billy Ilish, John Legend, Elton John, Paul McCartney, Chris Martin, Andrea Bocelli and Michael Poble.

Aldi change shopping rules


Pensacola, fl

Budget supermarket Aldi has announced it will lift several measures that were put in place to help stores deal with an unprecedented rise in demand.

The chain, like many others, had introduced buying restrictions, social distancing measures and limited opening hours to cope with the pressure.

However, from today changes will be rolled out in stores a

Aldi CEO Giles Hurley said in a letter to customers this weekend.

Product restrictions on all items will be lifted from today, Mr Hurley said, meaning customers can now buy as much UHT milk, nappies or toilet roll as they need.

Customers were previously limited to two or three items of these ‘essential’ products.

Mr Hurley said: “We have good availability across all of our stores” thanks to hard work from staff and customers only buying what they need.

Store opening times will also be extended with all stores now staying open until 10pm from Monday to Saturday.

Normal Sunday hours will remain in place, while customers are being encouraged to shop later in the day when stores are quieter.

“Our shelves are now well stocked throughout the day, so there is no need to visit stores first thing in the morning,” Mr Hurley said.

Priority shopping hours will be extended for all Blue Light card holders, which includes care workers as well as NHS staff, who will have access to stores 30 minutes early on Sundays.

Aldi continues to encourage customers to use contactless payment, which is now possible up to $50, in order to reduce contact in store.

Mr Hurley signed off his letter by saying n the meantime I want to extend my gratitude not only to our amazing Aldi colleagues and the incredible NHS, but to all key workers who continue to inspire the nation every single day.

Walmart launches new early morning pickup hour dedicated to at-risk shoppers


Pensacola, fl

Walmart announced on Tuesday that they are expanding their grocery pickup service to add a dedicated early hour for at-risk customers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the superstore, their pickup service will now start at 7 a.m. at 2,400 of their locations, with grocery pickup from 7 to 8 a.m.

Reserved for customers over the age of 60, as well as first responders, customers with disabilities and anyone designated high-risk by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Now more than ever, families are relying on our pickup service to help get quality, fresh groceries to their homes as safely as possible, said Tom Ward, senior vice president, Customer Product. These are extraordinary times, and we are constantly looking for ways we can help deliver that same peace of mind to all our customers, particularly those who are most at-risk.

Customers can pick up their order from Walmart curbside and contact-free with the service.

The store says pickup associates are also stepping up social distancing and sanitation procedures to prevent the spread of the virus.

Customers simply have to open their trunk and associates will load the items in, with no need to sign for the order to limit any contact at all.

On Walmart.com/grocery, customers will see a new prompt that lists the qualifications for choosing the slot listed as At Risk only.

Those who are eligible can opt in.

All other pickup times are open to people in the at-risk categories too, though the early morning hour is deginated just for them.

Customers can make their orders through the Walmart website or the Walmart app.

The store has set purchase limits on high-demand items, like cleaning supplies and hygiene items, like many other stores.

They’ve also established limits on the number of customers allowed in stores, with associates out front counting off how many people are inside and how many people have left.

Firefighter expecting $1.7k finds $8 Million in His Bank account


Pensacola, fl

Charles Calvin, from New Chicago, Indiana, was expecting to see a payment of $1,700 from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) after the first payments were deposited to bank accounts across America

Calvin, a volunteer firefighter, couldn’t believe what he was seeing when he checked his balance at an ATM over the weekend. So much so that he had to double check and then triple check to confirm it was real.

I went to the ATM at the Family Express and once I withdrew $200 out of my account I looked at the available balance still left in my account,’ he told .

When he saw the $8.2 million, Calvin just assumed the machine was malfunctioning or was throwing up an error of some kind so he ran his card again – only to find the exact same amount was staring back at him. ‘I ran the card again, and again. $8.2 million. I was like, “man, something’s up with this he said.

 He called his bank only to be told they couldn’t see the $8.2 million in his account and it was no longer there. However, they did tell him his $1,700 stimulus payment had been deposited.

As a result of the error, the volunteer firefighter has been left wondering if it was some sort of fluke and if taxpayers are receiving way more – or less – than they should. ‘It does give you pause and make you think what’s going on,’ he said.

Calvin still isn’t sure if the money was deposited as a result of an error on the federal government’s behalf, or if his bank or the particular ATM he used were responsible, with the volunteer firefighter adding: ‘If there’s some kind of clerical error or what have you, they should be on top of it.’

Most people should receive their deposits from the IRS in the coming days, starting with taxpayers who’ve filed returns for 2018 or 2019 and signed up for direct deposit with the IRS.

Either way, Calvin said he’s just happy he did end up with the amount he was entitled to, saying: ‘But hey, I guess once you’re poor you don’t have anywhere else to go but up.’

Blac Chyna pregnant and plastic surgery in photos


Pensacloa, fl

Born as Angela Renee White on 11th May in the year 1988 in Washington DC to Shalana-Jones Hunter Tokyo Toni and Eric Holland.

Blac Chyna went to Henry E. Attendant High School and later learned at Johnson and Wales University in Miami. Blac Chyna at first turned into a stripper yet rapidly made it into the modeling scene.

Blac Chyna started dating Tyga in 2011 while shooting for his music video ‘Rack City’ and in 2012 Blac Chyna brought forth their child, King Cairo Stevenson.

Around the same time, Tyga obtained a home for his new family for 6.5 million dollars in Calabasas, yet their relationship finished in 2014. Tyga proceeded to date Kim Kardashian’s sister, Kylie Jenner.

Blac Chyna met Robert Kardashian in January 2016 and both turned into a couple before long. After three months Rob Kardashian declared his commitment to Blac Chyna on ‘Instagram’ and by May he reported that they were having an infant.

On tenth November 2016, Blac Chyna conveyed their little girl named, Dream Renee Kardashian. Be that as it may, following a month Blac Chyna said a final farewell to Rob. Blac Chyna is as of now single and lives at Los Angeles.

On Feb. 11, 2020, Chyna took to Instagram to share some exciting news — or so it seemed. The mom of two posted a picture of an ultrasound with the caption, “Blessed 2020,” seemingly implying that she was soon to be a mom of three.

However, shortly after she shared the pic, the image vanished from her account. Needless to say, the post-and-delete sent her followers into a tizzy, according to

Over on Twitter, people were looking for answers. One user tweeted: “Lord, is Blac Chyna pregnant again?” Another user reached out to Chyna directly, tagging the reality star and writing grl are you pregnant again yes or no

A phone call, a song: Small gestures soothe COVID-19 stress


Pensacola, fl

A phone call sounds like such a small thing. But the sedated man in a Missouri hospital room was gravely ill with COVID-19, and nurses arranged for his family to wish him well, perhaps for the last time.

In another hospital, a guitar-playing nurse sings ‘’Amazing Grace” outside patients’ rooms. And in another, doctors show smiling photos of themselves so COVID-19 patients can see the faces behind the masks.

In a time of anxiety and isolation, simple acts of kindness from medical workers are giving comfort and hope to patients and their families.

That phone call arranged by a nurse at a St. Louis-area hospital let Erin Muth talk to her dad, Steve Blaha, for the first time in six days and just hours after doctors revived him when his heart stopped beating.

Dad had basically died and we hadn’t had a chance to say anything to him,” said Muth, a nurse herself in Iowa. She tearfully told her dad, Thanks for everything you’ve done for me, rooting for me and cheering me on. I’m cheering you on now, Dad.

Blaha, a machinist, turned 65 the next day, March 28, and though he remained sedated, Erin and her mom wished him happy birthday in a nurse-arranged video call.

Muth is convinced those calls gave Blaha strength.

Days later doctors removed the ventilator and let Blaha breathe on his own. He’s weak, but recovering.

Most people do recover from the new coronavirus. But it can be life-threatening for older adults and people with existing health problems. Many hospitals treating COVID-19 patients have adopted strict no-visitor policies and patients’ only human contact is with masked and gloved medical workers.

I’m afraid it might feel a little bit dehumanizing,” said Dr. Elizabeth Paulk, an attending physician at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas. “So much of our interaction with patients is nonverbal, and I think a lot of the warmth and humanity of the interaction is lost when you can’t see someone’s smile or their face.

That’s why Paulk decided to have her team make personal introductions, in simple paper printouts showing their names, color photos, and greetings in English and Spanish. Paulk’s photo shows her with her two kids.

At Saline Memorial Hospital in Benton, Arkansas, Katie Lea, chief nursing officer, knew the staff and patients needed to ease their stress. She recalled that one nurse plays guitar and sings at a local church.

Michael Stramiello gladly obliged. On work breaks, wearing a blue surgical mask, he strums and sings at the nursing station and in the corridor, loud enough for patients to hear in their rooms.

Religious songs are his favorites, but at a patient’s request he played “You are My Sunshine.

Stramiello said everyone is feeling “a bit more anxiety” because of the pandemic.

Music has always been my personal therapy relief, he said.

It’s a different approach to being a nurse, for sure. It makes me thankful to be able to do it.

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