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Second employee at Dunedin Publix tests positive for the coronavirus


Pensacola, fl

A second employee at the Granada Plaza Publix at the intersection of Main Street and Keene Road has tested positive for the coronavirus.

The company’s human resources department notified workers at the Dunedin store of the case through an internal memo dated Friday. The memo was sent to employees who were in close proximity to the worker who tested positive. It directed recipients of the memo to self-quarantine” and not come to work.

The memo was obtained by the Tampa Bay In an email, Publix officials confirmed that more than one associate who works at the store has tested positive for COVID-19, the illness caused by the coronavirus.

The sick employee, who was not identified in the memo, is the second worker from that store and the fourth known Publix worker in Pinellas County to test positive.

The memo ordered employees to stay away for 14 days to ensure they do not develop symptoms of COVID-19, though the memo directed them to remain isolated only until April 18.

Employees will receive sick pay during their isolation, the memo said. Employees who have little or no sick pay will be paid with Publix Emergency Pandemic pay.

The memo also stated that the “work location” was “appropriately cleaned and disinfected” according to guidance from local, state and federal health officials. It was unclear if “work location” meant the whole store or part of the store.

Publix is taking a lot of precautions to help keep their customers and employees safe during these times. The stores are increasing social distancing measures and expanding their pharmacy hours to be from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Monday-Friday (weekend hours vary by location.)

Publix aisles are now one-way to help increase social distancing and six-foot increments are marked at checkout. Managers can also limit the number of shoppers in a store at one time.

Publix has also designated specific hours for senior shoppers. Customers over the age of 65 can shop Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 7-8 a.m., and the pharmacy will open at 7 a.m. on those days to accommodate these customers too.

Publix also offers touch-free pay through the app, and the store welcomes most contactless cards and mobile pay apps. One customer wrote on Facebook I love the Publix app and Publix pay.

It is so easy to make a shopping list that tells you where the items are located in the store (I personally don’t need this feature since I know where everything is until the store is reset and then I have to learn all over again

take advantage of coupons available, and it provides a touch-free way to pay for my purchases. It’s free, convenient and easy!”

Refunds and exchanges are also suspended at this time in order to help improve safety for customers and associates alike.

NAVWAR Enterprise Delivers Innovative Solutions for Increased Readiness in Support of COVID-19 Relief Efforts


Pensacola, fl

Naval Information Warfare Systems Command (NAVWAR) Enterprise rapidly delivered engineering expertise to Military Sealift Command hospital ships, USNS Mercy (T-AH 19) and USNS Comfort (T-AH 20), to provide secure and reliable pier-to-ship connectivity, increasing bandwidth and improving communications in support of the nation’s Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) relief efforts.

USNS Mercy arrived in Los Angeles, March 27 and USNS Comfort arrived in New York City March 30. While docked, the ships are serving as a referral hospital for a variety patients currently admitted to shore-based hospitals.

NAVWAR enterprise is working together to ensure these ships are equipped with the technology needed to provide a full-spectrum of medical care during the fight against this worldwide pandemic.

This NAVWAR enterprise effort includes, NAVWAR Headquarters, Program Executive Office for Command, Control, Communications and Computers (PEO C4I) and Space Systems, Program Executive Office for Enterprise Information Services (PEO EIS), Naval Information Warfare Center (NIWC) Pacific and NIWC Atlantic.

“Together with our partners from across the nation, NAVWAR is tackling one of the greatest challenges of our time, fighting the spread of COVID-19, said NAVWAR Commander Rear Adm. Christian Becker.

This challenge is significant, but the talent and dedication of our team across NAVWAR is exceptional. We have been at the center of incorporating advanced technologies that enable new operational concepts for decades and today is no different.

We have and will continue to innovate, lead and drive ways to speed delivery of advanced capabilities when and where needed to win this fight.

Upon notification of activation of USNS Mercy and USNS Comfort, NAVWAR’s Fleet Readiness Directorate Fleet Support Program Office (FRD100) quickly delivered a fleet systems engineer team (FSET) member to both ships prior to deployment. The FSET members worked with PEO C4I to ensure both ships were able to come up on satellite data paths while underway to their area of responsibility, increasing bandwidth for ship-to-shore and ship-to-ship communications. 

NIWC Atlantic also provided USNS Mercy with Secure Voice Systems (SVS) experts to efficiently deliver set up and troubleshoot the ship’s Base Level Information Infrastructure (BLII) Piers fly-away kit in support of Automated Digital Network System (ADNS) pier connectivity. ADNS is the Navy’s tactical Wide Area Network (WAN) solution, allowing secure access to crucial Department of Defense Information Networks (DoDIN). NIWC Atlantic sent systems engineers aboard USNS Comfort to certify the ship’s configurations and equipment status prior to deployment in support of the same capability.

To further strengthen USNS Comfort’s communications functions, NIWC Atlantic dispatched engineers to address complications with the ship’s Commercial Broadband Satellite Program (CBSP) system, which allows for secure satellite communications connectivity capability from the networks aboard the ship to the shore infrastructure.

Once both ships arrived pier side, and with tasking from the Military Sealift Command, PEO C4I’s Tactical Networks Program Office (PMW 160) led an effort with NIWC Pacific to quickly engineer secure and reliable pier-to-ship connectivity for the two Navy hospital ships.

Understanding that both ships were not fully equipped to support the COVID-19 relief mission, the teams collaborated with the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), the ships’ ADNS team and others to deliver local high-speed circuit solutions to increase ship bandwidth and improve network security.

After overcoming several configuration and physical issues due to COVID-19, the teams delivered each solution in record time. In the case of USNS Comfort, the teams leveraged a national security/emergency preparedness program, reducing delivery time from 60 days to less than 24 hours. The teams provided a solution to USNS Mercy within hours of its arrival to Los Angeles. With both ships connectivity up and running and the ability to transmit critical medical data, Mercy and Comfort are now receiving patients safely and effectively. 

For continued support, NIWC Atlantic is providing medical IT support, and systems administration support onboard the USNS Comfort for their Theater Medical Information Program – Maritime (TMIP-M) and Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support (DMLSS) software systems. TMIP-M helps medical personnel access electronic health records, track blood inventory, order equipment and supplies, and track patient movements to provide the best medical attention for patients regardless of their location. DMLSS is a healthcare logistics IT system used to acquire medical and surgical items, cleaning supplies and equipment, construction materials and equipment, and other items needed to support COVID-19 efforts.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve and affect lives around the world, NAVWAR enterprise remains ready to rapidly deliver cyber war fighting capability from seabed to space for the Navy and the nation.

Mercy and Comfort are seagoing medical treatment facilities that currently have personnel embarked for both the Los Angeles and New York City mission, including Navy medical and support staff assembled from 22 commands, as well as over 70 civil service mariners on each ship.

The ships’ primary mission is to provide an afloat, mobile, acute surgical medical facility to the U.S. military that is flexible, capable, and uniquely adaptable to support expeditionary warfare. Mercy’s secondary mission is to provide full hospital services to support U.S. disaster relief and humanitarian operations worldwide.

The Pope tells the world that they have been stripped of selfishness in the face of the Corona epidemic


Pensacola, fl

Pope Francis Pope Vatican called for global solidarity in the battle against the Corona virus epidemic and its economic repercussions. He also urged the easing of international sanctions and debt on the shoulders of poor countries and a ceasefire in all conflicts.

The Pope warned the European Union that it was at risk of collapse unless it agreed on ways to help the region recover.

And the Pope delivered his message (to the city and the world) on the occasion of the Resurrection from St. Peter’s Basilica, which was devoid of worshipers, who used to crowd thousands in its square. This word has been by far the most touching on political issues since the Pope’s election in 2013.

The Pope said that the contagion of hope should be the lesson learned from the resurrection of isolation this year and praised the doctors, nurses and others who risk their lives to save others and praised those practicing their work to ensure the continuation of the necessary services.

In his speech, the Pope added, “Now is no time for indifference because the entire world suffers and needs unity in the face of the epidemic.” The Pope devoted almost all of his speech to talking about the effects of the epidemic on personal and international relations.

“Apathy, selfishness, discord, and negligence are words that we do not want to hear at this time, he said.

We want to erase these words forever

Francis expressed sympathy for those who could not say goodbye to loved ones because of the restrictions, the Catholics who were not able to practice their rituals as they should, and all those wary of fearful of a mysterious future.

“The lives of millions changed suddenly during these weeks, he said.

He added that the time has come for politicians and governments to strip themselves of “selfishness” and take decisive and coordinated moves to help people weather the crisis and ultimately resume normal life.

“May international sanctions be eased because it makes it difficult for the countries where sanctions were imposed to provide adequate support to their citizens, he said.

He also called for debt relief and forgiveness of the poorest countries without mentioning them by name.

The Pope expressed particular concern for the future of Europe, saying that it is important that the rivalry that existed before the Second World War not gain momentum again as a result of the epidemic.

The positions of the European Union countries differ regarding ways to help the continent’s economy recover, as Italy and other members of the Euro zone are seeking to issue Eurobonds that everyone can support, but Germany, the Netherlands and other countries are against this.

“At present, the European Union faces a historic challenge that will depend not only on its future, but also on the future of the entire world, he said.

The Pope thus expressed the position of Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, whose country is one of the countries most affected by Covid-19 disease caused by the Corona virus.

The Pope renewed the call for a ceasefire throughout the world and condemned the manufacture of weapons and said that the epidemic should urge leaders to put an end to long-running wars such as the war in Syria.

He also appealed for assistance to migrants and others suffering from conflict.

Trump considers May the target date for a return to work


Pensacola, fl

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Stephen Han said that the Trump administration regards May 1 as a target date to ease restrictions on staying at home across the United States, but cautioned that it was too early to say if this goal would be achieved.

We see the light at the end of the dark tunnel,” he added, but pointed out that there are many factors that must be taken into account when making the final decision on when restrictions can be lifted safely.

Pensacola receive $1.3 million for COVID-19


Pensacola, fl

Escambia County and the City of Pensacola will receive a combined total of $1,325,041 in funding as part of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act CARES.

The act was passed by Congress and signed into law by President Donald Trump.
The amount will be given in Community Development Block grant funding from the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development(HUD).
The county will receive $872,881 and the City of Pensacola will receive $452,160.

The fund will be used for activities to help prevent, prepare and respond to COVID-19, according to Escambia County.
The county adds both local governments are waiting further guidance from HUD regarding when the funding will be available and what activities will be eligible for the funding.

Community input will be solicited on how the funds can be utilized to help facilitate COVID-19 response in Escambia County and the City of Pensacola, the county says.

New shopping schedule at Walmart:


Pensacola, fl

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, effective immediately, Walmart is adopting a staggered shopping schedule based on age.THE FACTS: Walmart is offering special hours for seniors but has not designated times for people to shop by age group.

Stores around the U.S. including Walmart are offering special hours to cater to seniors, who experts have said could be more vulnerable to the new coronavirus.

A post circulating on Facebook, which features logos for Walmart and Sam’s Club, falsely states that the discount retailer is establishing shopping days based on age groups.

The post apologizes for any inconvenience before breaking out when age groups can shop

Monday age 66+

Tuesday 56-65

Wednesday 46-55

Thursday 36-45

Friday 25-35

Saturday 24 and below

Sunday shopping emergency only.

Rebecca Thomason a Walmart spokeswoman said in an email that the staggered shopping schedule featured in the posts is false.

Walmart revised its shopping hours to provide for greater social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic. They are posted on the company’s website.

Walmart stores will host an hour-long senior shopping event every

Tuesday for customers aged 60 and older.

This will start one hour before the store opens the company states on its site.

Another 103 US aircraft carrier crew was infected with the Corona virus


Pensacola, fl

The US Navy said that tests had confirmed that 103 other crew members, Theodore Roosevelt, were infected with the Corona virus.

The Navy said that 92 percent of the crew members of the carrier were examined, with 550 of them positive and 3673 negative. She added that 3696 were taken to shore.

On Friday, the Navy recorded 447 positive cases, compared to 416 on Thursday.
The outbreak of the virus on the nuclear-powered carrier led to the resignation of Thomas Moodley from the position of Acting Secretary of the Navy in the wake of a growing response to his dismissal and ridicule the aircraft carrier commander after he asked for help in eliminating the virus outbreak on the carrier.

A sailor was transferred from the carrier to the intensive care unit in Guam after he was infected with the Coruna virus last month.

Coronavirus has been freewheeling in California since December, says government official


Pensacola, fl

Though California recorded its first case of coronavirus in late January, one Santa Clara physician and government leader says that the virus was likely freewheeling” through the Sunshine State months before anyone took notice.

Dr. Jeff Smith, a physician and executive officer in the Santa Clara County government, said that the Covid-19 coronavirus “was freewheeling in our community and probably has been here for quite some time” before officials took notice in late January.

Based on data from local and federal agencies, Smith told the paper that the coronavirus was active for a lot longer than we first believed,” probably since back in December

As the Covid-19 coronavirus first began to leak out of China in January, authorities around the world traced the movements of those infected in a bid to map the spread of what would later become a global pandemic. California’s first case – a man in his 50s – was found to have traveled from Wuhan, China, when he turned up in an Orange County hospital late that month.

Contact tracing can help public health officials quash the spread of an illness before it takes hold in a community and becomes essentially untraceable, and at the time of the man’s diagnosis, a spokeswoman for the Orange County Health Care Agency told the public that “the risk of transmission in Orange County continues to be low

Recognizing when a virus starts spreading through the community at large is essential, as social distancing and quarantine measures must then be put in place to slow its advance, according to recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Simply tracking down the individuals an infected person has come in contact with is no longer enough.

When it came to tracing the second case in the Bay Area several weeks later, medics were unable to discover how the patient – a woman who had been ill for weeks – had come in contact with the virus. “That means the virus is in the community already — not, as was suspected by the CDC, as only in China and being spread from contact with China,

Smith believes that an unusually severe flu season masked the spread of Covid-19. “Symptoms are very much like the flu. If you got a mild case of COVID, you didn’t really notice,” he explained. “You didn’t even go to the doctor.” Indeed, data from the CDC shows that since early December, hospitalizations for “Influenza-like Illness” stayed higher than at any point during the last decade, save for the unusually bad 2017-2018 flu season.

Even as recently as late February, Dr. Pritish Tosh, an infectious disease specialist at the Mayo Clinic, told Americans that “If they have a fever and respiratory illness, they should assume this is influenza unless they’ve had recent travel to China.” Until March, influenza was considered the more pressing threat to public health in the US, not the coronavirus.

Flights to the US from China were only suspended at the beginning of February. Dozens of daily flights link California with China, and Chinese immigrants make up around ten percent of the San Francisco Bay Area’s population, having first flocked there to work in the mines during the gold rush of the 1850s. As such, air routes between California and China are busy, with up to three million passengers booking return journeys per year.

Chinese authorities reportedly noticed the first cases of Covid-19 in November, weeks before making the discovery public, and two months before imposing travel restrictions on the city of Wuhan. This delay on the Chinese side, as well as the delay in recognizing the community transmission on the American side, could have given the virus ample time to embed itself in California, while public health officials were distracted with the flu.

According to the LA Times, researchers from the National Institute of Health are now scouring blood banks across California looking for antibodies in samples of donated blood. These antibodies could provide evidence that people had been catching – and recovering from – Covid-19 long before authorities noticed the outbreak.

Three months after California recorded its first cases of coronavirus, just under 19,500 people in the state have fallen ill to the deadly pathogen, and more than 540 are dead. More than half a million cases have been diagnosed in the US in total, and more than 20,000 people have died. The United States now has the highest number of Covid-19 deaths of any country in the world.

Mass graves in New York for corona deaths


Pensacola, fl

The local authorities in New York decided to bury the people who died as a result of the unclaimed Corona virus in unmarked mass graves on the island of Hart designated for the burial of unknown and poor people. Workers hired for burials in this cemetery, one of the largest public cemeteries in New York, have buried nearly a million bodies. New York recorded 160,000 cases of coronavirus, more than any country outside the United States, including those most affected in Europe such as Spain and Italy.

The United States of America continues its struggle to prevent the Corona epidemic, which claimed 18,586 deaths according to the latest official toll announced by the authorities on Saturday, and thus closely approximates the death toll recorded by Italy (18,849 deaths)

US officials confirmed that the people who died as a result of Coffid-19, who was not claimed, are buried in unmarked mass graves on Hart Island in New York by workers contracted specifically for this task.

Hart Island is one of the largest public graves in New York, where about one million bodies are buried.

The one-mile long island of Hart in the Bronx was bought by the city from a landowner in 1869 and turned into a cemetery to bury the unknown and the poor.

The New York authorities used the site 150 years ago to bury the abandoned corpses and those that have not been claimed by anyone or the corpses of state residents whose relatives were unable to secure the cost of the funeral and burial.

“We will continue to use the island this way during the crisis,” said a spokesman for the city government.

And 25 people are being buried on Hart Island a day since the new Corona virus began to spread last month, while such a number was buried a week earlier.

New York recorded 160,000 cases of coronavirus, more than any country outside the United States, including those most affected in Europe such as Spain and Italy.

The state had 7,844 deaths, accounting for nearly half of the deaths in the United States.

Each year, 1,200 bodies are buried, as the bodies are placed in pine coffins in trenches. There are no tombstones, but only small white marks indicating the trenches.

 The site has been run by the New York Department of Prisons for a long time, and prisoners from the nearby Rikers Island which has the worst US prisons are used to bury the dead, but this did not happen in the case of Coffed-19 deaths, as “contract workers” were used according to Speaker.

The site has been banned from the public for decades, but in recent years visits have been permitted on certain days.

 Late last year, the New York City Council voted to transfer Hart Island to the Public Parks Authority to facilitate visits.

 The island was also used to bury AIDS victims over the years, as well as a prison during the American Civil War, a sanctuary for people with mental illness, tuberculosis patients, and even a missile base during the Cold War era and is often referred to as the “Island of the Dead” in New York.

Facts and myths of coronavirus you need to know


Pensacola, fl

When it comes to the new novel coronavirus, it can become confusing trying to navigate what’s okay to do and what’s not. While there are still many things scientists do not know about coronavirus, but there are some concrete facts everyone should know, and some good practices to implement. Let’s separate facts from the myths.

Can my pet spread coronavirus?

With the knowledge that coronavirus derived from a meat market in Wuhan, China, seemingly having been spread by slaughtering animals, many people began to think their pets could be carriers.

False: This is a myth! The novel coronavirus is part of a family of coronaviruses that thrive in animal populations. Of these coronaviruses, there are seven known to affect humans, including the new novel coronavirus. However, the evidence suggests that coronavirus is more likely to be spread by a wild animal. There is no evidence to suggest domesticated animals, like dogs or cats, can be infected with this virus.

Coronavirus is the same as seasonal flu

False: This is a myth! Although the novel coronavirus is transmitted in the same ways that influenza is, they are not the same. In fact, coronavirus is more similar to SARS and MERS than it is to flu.

The novel coronavirus attacks the lungs and inhibits a patient’s ability to breathe without the use of a ventilator in many cases. This is how it causes death in the most extreme cases.

Coronavirus is transmitted through touching

50% False, 50% Fact: Not quite. This virus is transmitted through air droplets when coughing or sneezing.

Any that fall onto surfaces can be transferred to the hands when people touch these surfaces. Touching your eyes, nose or mouth with unclean hands transmits the virus. Once in the body, coronavirus attacks the lungs, damaging them and causing pneumonia.

Coronavirus is the same as COVID-19

Fact: They are the same in the sense that coronavirus is the virus that infects humans. Once it is in the body, it causes a disease known as Coronavirus Disease 2019, abbreviated as COVID-19 (CO=Corona, VI=Virus, D=Disease, 19=2019).

Washing your hands protects against coronavirus

Fact: Yes, washing your hands for longer than 20 seconds or using hand sanitiser will protect you from touching your face with unclean hands, which is how coronavirus is transmitted.

Coronavirus only affects the elderly

False: This is a resounding “No!” When it was first discovered, coronavirus was considered to be more dangerous to elderly populations and especially lethal to those over the age of 80. Recently, however, data shows that coronavirus is now also attacking younger people with the same ferocity. The youngest person to die from coronavirus was a six-week-old baby in Chicago in March 2020. The same month, some teenagers died, including a 13-year-old in the UK and a 17-year-old in the US.

Eating garlic can protect you from coronavirus

False: No evidence suggests eating garlic can protect you from coronavirus.

Handling packages from China is safe

Fact: This is correct.

Coronavirus does not live long enough on surfaces to survive the voyage from China and infect a handler in its destination.

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