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She accused a woman of burning Wendy after the bonds were shot

This image from surveillance video tweeted by Atlanta Fire Rescue shows Natalie White. White has been identified as a suspect in the arson fire on Saturday, June 13, 2020, that burned down the Wendy’s restaurant, 125 University Ave., in Atlanta, where Rayshard Brooks was shot and killed by a police officer. (Courtesy of Atlanta Fire Rescue via AP)
This image from surveillance video tweeted by Atlanta Fire Rescue shows Natalie White. White has been identified as a suspect in the arson fire on Saturday, June 13, 2020, that burned down the Wendy’s restaurant, 125 University Ave., in Atlanta, where Rayshard Brooks was shot and killed by a police officer. (Courtesy of Atlanta Fire Rescue via AP)

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 A judge said a woman accused of arson in burning a fast food restaurant following the killing of Richard Brooks was given the bonds on Wednesday, but she must wear an ankle monitor and stay home.

Natalie White, 29, appeared in court on video from Fulton County Prison, where she has been held for first degree arson since she turned herself

An arrest warrant accuses her of setting fire to Wendy’s Restaurant using a torch made of lighter and type of can.

Protesters burned the restaurant on June 13, the night after the police killed Brooks, a 27-year-old black man. The video shows that Brooks was shot in the back in Wendy’s parking lot after he resisted arrest and shot a pistol while he escaped.

Before being shot, Brooks told the officers three times that he was with a friend named Natalie White that night. White’s lawyer, Drew Findling, confirmed that his client was the person Brooks spoke of but declined to comment further on their relationship, saying only that they were close.

Fulton County Magistrate Court judge Todd Ashley set the bond at $ 10,000, and said White should wear an ankle screen to ensure that she stays at home. It also prevented her from using social media.

Findling told the judge that the allegation that she had set fire to the building was a “false narration.

He said after her arrest that the video showed that the building was already burning when she was seen approaching him.

Findling requested a bond to sign, meaning White would not have to pay anything unless she missed appearing in court. He also argued that house arrest was unnecessary, saying that Al-Obeid has no criminal record and does not pose a threat to society.

Ashley said, “I can’t find the lack of convincing criminal record,” noting that White is accused of setting fire to a building with other people near and near a gas station.

One of the officers who answered complaints on June 12 of a car blocking the lane through Brooks was found sleeping inside. He then showed a video clip of Brooks police camera and officers in a calm and respectful conversation for more than 40 minutes.

But when the officers told him that he had a lot of drink to drive and tried to restrict him, Brooks resisted. He and the two white officers wrestled on the floor. Brooks grabbed one of their pistols and shot them in the direction when they escaped.

An autopsy found that he had been shot twice in the back.

Officer Garrett Rolfe, who shot Brooks, and another officer, Devin Brosnan, were expelled. The police chief resigned less than 24 hours after Brooks’ death.

Rolf, 27, now faces 11 counts, including murder, and has a hearing scheduled for next Tuesday. Brosnan, 26, is charged with aggravated assault and violating his oath.

The men’s lawyers said that their actions were justified.

US health officials estimate that 20 million Americans have been infected with the virus


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US officials estimate that 20 million Americans have been infected with the coronavirus since it first arrived in the United States, meaning that the vast majority of the population is still vulnerable to infection.

Thursday’s estimate is nearly 10 times the number of infections such as 2.3 million confirmed cases. Officials have known for a long time that millions of people became infected without knowing that and that many cases are being missed due to gaps in the test.

The news comes as the Trump administration works to allay fears nationwide about the COVID-19 pandemic, with about 12 states experiencing alarming increases in cases.

The administration is also looking to bring its science experts back in front of the public even further as it tries to allay concerns about the epidemic as countries begin to reopen it. Since mid-May, when the government began emphasizing the need to move the economy back, the commission’s public health experts have been much less prominent than in the first weeks of the epidemic.

Twenty million infections mean that about 6% of the country’s 331 million people have been infected.

“It is clear that many people in this nation are still vulnerable,” said Dr. Robert Redfield, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in contact with reporters on Thursday. “Our best estimate now is that in every reported case, there are already 10 more injuries.”

Previously, officials of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the country’s chief infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fossey, said that up to 25% of people with symptoms may have no symptoms.

“There are a tremendous number of people who are still vulnerable,” said Dr. Joshua Schrafstein, deputy dean of the Johns Hopkins College of Bloomberg Public Health.

Still a fatal disease. It is throwing dice for everyone who gets sick. Also, you are pushing the dice to other people you might give the virus to. “

The new estimate is based on CDC studies of blood samples collected nationwide – some by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and others from blood donation and other sources. Many injuries were not discovered in early tests, when supplies were limited and federal officials prioritized testing for those with symptoms.

Corona production can take up to a year


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WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Gebresus said it was not certain that scientists would be able to find an effective vaccine for the Corona virus, which caused the Covid-19 pandemic. If they did, it could take a year.

Tidros, speaking at a video conference of the European Parliament’s Health Committee today (Thursday), said that if such a vaccine could be produced it should be available to everyone. He added: “It will be very difficult to cut that we will find a vaccine. We have not yet reached the vaccine for Corona virus, so I hope that when it is discovered it will be the first.

He stated that the World Health Organization has more than 100 formulas recommended to be a vaccine, including one in an advanced stage of development. He said: «We hope that there will be a vaccine, and estimates indicate that we will reach one within a year, and if efforts accelerate, it may be less than that, but two months, this is what scientists say

Carter’s throwaway specialist announces his retirement after 22 seasons in the NBA


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Atlanta Hooks’s Vince Carter announced his retirement after 22 seasons in the NBA, a record high during which he made his name with his overwhelming throwing marks.

Carter is considered one of the best specialists in overwhelming pitches throughout the ages and previously said that the 2019-2020 season will be the last in his career, but he has not revealed his destination since the competition was suspended in mid-March due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

I officially lower the curtain on my professional basketball career,” said Carter, 43.

Carter was the first NBA player to appear in four different contracts and signed a one-year contract with Hooks last August.

Hooks did not qualify for the knockout rounds when the championship wheel spins in late July in Disney World, Florida.

Carter played for eight teams during his career, but fans of the game remember his time with the Toronto Raptors, placing the Canadian city on a basketball map and earning the title “Air Canada” because of his prayers and his rounds around the basket.

After his first seasons ended in Toronto, he was named Best Rising Player in 1999. He then participated in the All-Star Game in all the following eight seasons.

In his second season, Carter won the Overwhelming Throwing Competition during the All-Star Week.

Carter is ranked 22nd in the list of the most points-scored players of all time in the NBA with an average of 16.7 points, possession of 4.3 rebounds and 3.1 assists for his teammates per game during a career in which he played in New Jersey, Orlando, Phoenix, Dallas, Memphis, Sacramento and Atlanta.

It also helped the American team win the 2000 Olympic Games gold.

5 states record an unprecedented rise in Corona injuries


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Five states witnessed an unprecedented rise in the incidence of emerging corona virus infections, against the backdrop of the continuing high rate of new infections in the country

The states of Texas and California set negative records for the second day in a row, with local health authorities recording 5,551 and 7,149 injuries (respectively) within 24 hours.

There was an unprecedented record jump in casualties in Florida (5508 injuries), South Carolina (1291 injuries) and Oklahoma (482), which last Saturday hosted the first electoral rally for President Donald Trump since the start of the pandemic.

In general, to date, according to statistics of Johns Hopkins University, the US has recorded 2,381,369 confirmed cases of the virus that causes “Covid-19”, including 121979 deaths and 656161 cures.

The Eiffel Tower opens again after being closed for 3 months due to the Corona virus


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The Eiffel Tower again welcomed visitors after the outbreak of the Corona virus closed the famous landmark in the French capital Paris for the longest period since World War II.

The authorities imposed strict health and safety procedures before reopening it

Visitors can enter the 324-meter tall tower through the stairs only until early July, with elevators currently discontinued due to safety considerations.

Also, going up from the second floor of the tower will not be allowed, and putting a muzzle will be obligatory for all those over the age of eleven and the tower managers say that they hope that things will return to normal completely this summer.

San Jose police are looking for woman deliberately coughing in the face of a baby


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The police are searching for a sixty-year-old woman accused of having deliberately coughed up a child of his mother, Hispanic-American, inside a store in San Jose, California.

Miria Mora, the mother of the infant, told the police that the accident occurred when she escorted her one-year-old child with his grandmother’s cart to a ice cream parlor in San Jose, where the white woman did so, accusing her of not having committed to social distance.

Mora added that this lady showed her anger while standing in the queue, saying that she was very close to her, took off her muzzle and coughed more than once and directly to the face of her child.

I followed it intentionally. Did not cough by chance No, I deliberately coughed in the face of my son, confirming that her child was shocked by the accident and had a slight fever following him, but his condition improved later.

And I suggested that the incident was motivated by racism, because she belongs to Latin origins, and she said I think this woman may be racist because she started to harass me and my family after I heard that I speak Spanish to my grandmother, she was very close to the people in front of her, and they were also white and did not say to them Anything, she had no problem with that.

The city police released a video clip recorded by surveillance cameras, documenting the incident, and requested public assistance in identifying the woman, who is suspected of carrying out what she described as “an assault case.

New York beaches will allow swimming before Independence Day


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 New York Mayor Bill de Palacio said that the city’s beaches will be opened to the public and will be permitted to swim before Independence Day, after partially opening it during the Memorial Day holiday last month.

The mayor confirmed media reports that New York beaches would be officially opened next week.

“The rumors are true: New York beaches will be allowed to swim in early July,” de Palacio said.

He stressed the need for people to adhere to the rules of social separation and to put up masks on the beach to prevent the spread of the emerging Corona virus, which has killed more than 121,000 and infected 2.36 million people in the United States until Tuesday.

Beaches in a few states were partially reopened during the Memorial Day holiday from May 23 to 25, but with various restrictions, including a ban on swimming in New York City beaches.

In total, the city recorded 217,742 HIV infections and 22,343 deaths.

The best dietary supplement for weight loss


Pensacola, fl

Nutritional supplements are used around the world for a variety of health problems, and when it comes to losing weight, some of them may be the least common solution to speeding up fat loss.

Most of us know the health benefits of drinking coffee, which include improving blood sugar control as well as improving blood fat levels. Drinking coffee has benefits around your waist and helps burn calories.

Another coffee bean extract contains compounds known as chlorogenic acids that some believe have anti-oxidant effects and that help you lose weight.

Green coffee bean extract is relatively unknown, but it contains caffeine just like regular coffee beans.

It also contains a stimulant associated with losing weight and promoting high levels of chlorogenic acid, which is an antioxidant of polyphenols that may promote weight loss.

This is accomplished by reducing absorption of fats and glucose into the intestine, and by lowering insulin levels to improve metabolic function.

In a study with the National Library of Medicine, the effects of caffeine intake on weight loss were analyzed.

The study stated: “The analysis showed that caffeine intake may increase weight, BMI and reduce body fat.” And I concluded that caffeine consumption may help reduce body weight, BMI and fat as well.

In another study with the American National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health, the use of green coffee extract as a supplement to lose weight was investigated.

The study noted: “The purpose of this research paper is to evaluate the effectiveness of green coffee extract (GCE) as a supplement to lose weight, using data from human clinical trials. All studies have been associated with a higher risk of bias.

The result of the analysis reveals a significant difference in body weight compared to placebo. The effect size is moderate, and there is significant heterogeneity between studies.

Medical News said: “Scientists believe that high levels of chlorogenic acids in the extract of green coffee beans are the key to the effects of weight loss. An old study suggests that chlorogenic acid may help reduce blood sugar levels and reduce insulin levels, by reducing carbohydrate absorption in The digestive system. Chlorogenic acids may also boost fat metabolism, reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and improve hormone levels related to obesity.

However, most current research is done in mice, and more human studies are needed. ”

800 deaths from Corona within 24 hours in the United States


Pensacola, fl

Johns Hopkins University announced that the United States recorded about 800 additional deaths from (Covid-1) as well as more than 32,000 injuries during the past 24 hours.

Data for the university, which is a reference in tracking new infections and deaths caused by the Corona virus, showed that the total number of deaths from the pandemic in the country amounted to 121,176 deaths out of 2,342,739 cases.

The United States is the country most affected by the (Covid-19) pandemic, in terms of injuries and deaths, and bypasses all other countries by a wide margin.

On Sunday evening, the United States recorded 305 deaths in the virus within 24 hours, at the lowest daily death toll in months, but this decline does not necessarily mean that the epidemic is receding, as the decline in deaths is usually due to the mechanism that Johns Hopkins obtained Data from local health authorities are often not complete at the end of the week and on the first working day of the new week.

After they were the primary focus of Covid-19 in the United States, New York and New Jersey managed to control the epidemic, which moved northeast, west and south, and is now spreading rapidly in about 20 US states, most notably Florida.

With closures gradually eased in various states and hundreds of thousands of protesters taking to the streets across the country to demonstrate against racism, fears increased that the United States would witness a second wave of the epidemic.US President Donald Trump expected the death toll from Corona in the United States to exceed 150,000, stressing at the same time that the country “would have lost between two and four million people” if the administration had not taken measures to curb the epidemic.

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