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The Akron family seeks justice after the death of its beloved mother by a suspected drunk driver

Pensacola, Fl

The Akron family takes its powerful message to the street, demanding justice for the death of a mother of five.

She was killed in a direct collision by a suspected drunk driver, who has not yet been charged.

“My wife, my best friend, didn’t know what to do without her, and I don’t even know where to start,” said emotional Richard MacDonald.

Family and friends gathered at East and Nordica Avenues in Akron, where 35-year-old Evony McDonald lost her life right after 1:00 am ..

He remembers: “All I remember is getting up in the hospital.”

Akron police say that Richard and Ebony, who were driving, were in their jeep Compass heading north in East Avenue, when Dodge Durango crossed in the opposite direction, midfield and hit them face to face.

Ebony died immediately. Richard and the 28-year-old man driving a Durango were hospitalized with minor injuries.

“We have no mother,” said Ebony’s daughter, Jiazimeon MacDonald, who is the largest of the five. “She did not miss any birthday, she did not miss any birthday, nor did she miss any holiday period.”

According to a witness who called 911, several people encountered the driver at this gas station moments before the plane crash, which occurred directly on the street.

“The man in Durango was just asleep … next to the gas station, I mean the pump at Circle K, he pulled up and went down to the hill and ran into this other car … across the corridors … we were trying to wake him up and told him the caller.

The victim’s daughter said: “When you get behind the wheel, you have to take it as if it is life or death, just like playing with a gun.”

Ebony loved ones were carrying banners and gathered at the intersection, hoping that their letter would prevent another family from feeling their pain.

“My aunt finished school and everything, as she was married, newly married, happy,” said the victim’s niece, Renaga Rai.

Akron police say the accident is still under investigation and that charges are pending against the driver.

“Exactly what have they been investigated because if they were there and they got the name of the person and the man went to the hospital, then what are we waiting for?” I asked the victim’s daughter.

Akron police say that the 28-year-old driver was not arrested at the site because he was taken to hospital. Investigators say the hospital will not reveal his condition, but the prosecutor is reviewing the case for the charges.

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Two people were killed and one injured when they stormed a house

Pensacola, Fl

Authorities said two men were killed and another wounded while storming a house in Florida.

The Tampa Bay Times newspaper reported that the raid occurred shortly after midnight in Wesley Chapel. Sheriff Chris Nuku said that the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office identified the dead as Luis Casado and Khayel Durham, both of whom are 21. Jeremiah Trammel, 19, has been taken to Tampa Hospital and faces charges of invading an armed house and killing a felony. A person can be charged with murdering a felony under Florida law when someone dies while a person commits a felony, even if the victim is a partner.

The homeowner told MPs that he was playing video games when hackers entered his home. Grab a 9 mm pistol and open the fire. Officials said Cassado and Durham fell to the ground while Tramel fled. An armed neighbor arrested Taramel and held him until the deputies arrived.

Upon being questioned in hospital, Trammel said he was not involved in the theft. He told the investigators that he was riding with the other two men and that he approached the house only after hearing shots.

Nuku said that the hackers seem to know the owner of the house.

 The homeowner told investigators that he may have been targeted because of his posting on social media that featured his guns.

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California can release up to 8,000 prisoners to prevent the spread of corona virus

A corrections officer stands guard in late June at San Quentin State Prison. More than a third of the inmates and staff at the prison in the San Francisco Bay Area have tested positive for the coronavirus.

Pensacola, Fl

Officials said California would release about 8,000 prisoners early in an effort to slow the spread of coronavirus in state correctional facilities, with more than half of them expected to return to society by the end of July.

The government Ministry of Reform and Rehabilitation said in a statement that the move would allow prisons to use the extra space to impose social separation rules, isolation and quarantine procedures.

“These measures are being taken to provide for the health and safety of residents and incarcerated employees,” said Ralph Diaz, Secretary of the CDCR Center. We aim to implement these pressure relief measures in a manner consistent with public health and safety.

The Ministry estimates that 8,000 inmates can be released by the end of August, provided they meet several criteria. Prisoners who have been serving a one-year sentence or less are eligible for early release. Those who have been convicted of violent crimes and sexual crimes are not.

The commission said that anyone released from prison would be tested to ensure that no virus was found within seven days of returning to society.

Several states chose to release some prisoners early, amid an increase in injuries in correctional institutions. California has reduced its prison population by 10,000 since mid-March, when the COVID-19 pandemic first sparked government protection measures in the United States.

The state prison system has reported 5,841 coronavirus among prisoners, which has increased by 864 in the past two weeks.

In San Quentin State Prison in the San Francisco Bay Area, injuries among prisoners rose after 121 detainees were transferred from the California Men’s Institute in Chino, which reported hundreds of cases in crowded conditions.

A third of the 3,500 San Quentin prisoners were positive for COVID-19 after the transfer.

Ann Irwin, director of the smart nonprofit advocacy group, California, praised Friday’s announcement, which she said “will protect the lives of people who live and work in prisons and in the surrounding communities.

“We commend the judge on working on two critical fronts: removing the most vulnerable people by harm and stopping the spread of COVID-19 within prisons and neighboring communities,” Irwin said in a statement.

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In Rochester, New York, 6 wounded

Pensacola, Fl

Police said in a statement that six people were wounded in the shooting last night in Rochester, New York.

The injuries were not life threatening.

The officers answered a call about a fight at 1:30 am and heard shots when they arrived. Police said they found a large group of people, including two who shot them near a park.

The victims were taken to hospital for evaluation and treatment. Four others went to hospitals in special vehicles.

While the police were securing the scene, someone escaped in a car and collided with two parked police cars, and then continued driving. Police said the driver was arrested and charged with DWI. No one is hurt.

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Detroit police are publishing a video of a man who shoots policemen before officers shoot him

Pensacola, Fl

A newly released corpse and dash camera footage by the Detroit Police in a deadly shooting of an officer involved shows that the suspect shot the police first before officers shot him.

The killing of 20-year-old Hakim Littleton sparked protests across the city, but police chief James Craig said the video had established rumors that Littleton was unarmed to bed.

Craig told a news conference after the shooting that Littleton was no more than 3 feet from the officers when he suddenly pulled a 0.25-mm automatic pistol from his pocket and started shooting at the officers facing each other.

Craig said of the unharmed officer: “It is simply a miracle that did not hit his head.”

The officers were investigating gunfire at a mass party during the fourth weekend of July and arrested a separate man, Darnell Silvestre, who had a pending memo against him distributing drugs.

The police were not investigating Littleton and were not planning to arrest him for anything but Craig said Littleton, who was standing next to Sylvester during the arrest, said, “You will not take the man, in other words, you will take him to custody,” before the shooting of the police begins.

Littleton fired two shots before three officers fired back with four shots. Littleton continued to fire even when he fell to the ground, and fired two more bullets that the police mistook.

Craig said: “He was using a automatic 0.25 caliber blue steel pistol. This comes from body cameras and a boy scout camera.” “There were eight shots fired in five seconds. Four shots were fired by three officers, one officer fired two shots, and then four shots were fired by the suspect.

“When Littleton lifted the pistol with his left hand, he was targeting the officer’s head,” Craig added.

Detroit Mayor Mike Dogan reinforced the police account of the events and praised the president for quickly launching the video, calling on protesters to “defend the police” in the city.

“The video is clear that the officer was suddenly and unexpectedly shot,” Dogan said on Twitter.

He added: “The public’s confidence requires citizens to judge for themselves the actions of our officers. I commend President Craig for moving quickly to publicly post the video.”

The accident exacerbated the already escalating tensions across the country, as protesters denounced police brutality and racial injustice caused by George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis.

Craig said the protesters, angry at Littleton’s death, had become “extremely violent”, throwing bottles, rocks and even a water cooler on officers from the 12th Detroit Police Department. The officers released tear gas to disperse the crowd and arrested several.

“This officer is a hero, even though he did not take out his rifle. He endangered his life when he was shot,” Craig said of the shooting.

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The death of a girl in Kansas, 3, leads to her second arrest for murder

Pensacola, Fl

Police found the body of Olivia Jansen hours after her father reported her loss

A second arrest was reported in the death of a 3-year-old girl in Kansas, whose disappearance alerted Amber.

Jacqueline Kirkpatrick, 33, has been detained for murder and child abuse in the death of the little girl, Olivia Jansen, in Kansas City, Kansas, according to reports.

Kirkpatrick was a friend of Olivia’s 29-year-old father Howard Jansen III, who was arrested on the death of his daughter.

Janssen was booked on the same charges as Kirkpatrick.

He was arrested by the police after Olivia’s body was found around 5:45 pm. Friday is nine blocks from her home, according to reports.

KCKPD investigators began searching for the girl after Jansen reported her loss on Friday morning. He mentioned the last time I saw Olivia around 11 pm. when he went to sleep.

Jansen told the police that he discovered his daughter was missing when he woke up at 5:30 am.

. Then he waited three hours to call the police.

KCKPD spokesman Tom Tomasic said they heard “many stories throughout the day” and “none of them made any sense,” according to the station.

An amber alert was issued to Olivia said that despite the absence of a known or suspected vehicle, “because of its age and the area’s inspection, investigators believe it was removed from the site.”

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NFL players Dandrei Baker and Quinton Dunbar have been charged with paying compensation for burglary victims to change their testimony

Pensacola, Fl

It is reported that the NFD defenders are reportedly supporting Deandry Baker and Quinton Dunbar, on charges of compensation for their alleged theft in exchange for changing their stories.

Evidence was gathered in the case against Baker, who plays for New York Giants, and a Seattle Seahawks Danbar allegedly, Dominic Johnson, the players friend, oversees a cash exchange with victims at the Dunbar attorney’s office,

The four alleged victims of the Florida burglary told investigators that they had received their salaries in exchange for retracting their initial testimony against Baker and Dunbar, according to the Daily News. The newspaper said that there is video evidence to support the allegations.

According to the newspaper, Dunbar’s lawyer Michael Greco, the friend who oversaw the payments, and another unidentified person, and the victims were in Greco’s office. The video is said to show the money being exchanged. Johnson reportedly admitted making the victims change their stories in a direct Instagram message.

Baker and Dunbar’s attorneys vehemently deny payment.

 Greco told the Seattle Times: “The local and federal law enforcement authorities have been informed from day one onwards that the alleged“ victims ”in this case are actively blackmailing Baker and Dunbar.” These men fabricated a theft story after waiting an hour to call the police, and then immediately began to Contacting players is required for money.

“My office obtained accurate, honest written statements consistent with the independent witness and the account of my clients. These victims are seasoned professional criminals who have been arrested and / or convicted of crimes ranging from conspiracy to commit murder and human trafficking to providing a false report to the police. Mr. Dunbar took the lie detector and repeatedly confirms that he did not participate or witness any robbery. “

Bradford Cohen, Baker’s lawyer, told ESPN that he was in contact with law enforcement about a blackmail campaign against his client. Cohen said that Baker had made no offer or payment. He said the victims were coming out with a “blackmail plan.”

Dunbar and Baker were allegedly at a cooking session in May when a fight broke out, and Baker was supposedly pulling a pistol, according to the memo. Witnesses told investigators that Baker, Dunbar and two other men were accused of stealing thousands of dollars, hours and other valuables.

Dunbar was charged with four armed robberies. Baker was charged with four counts of robbery armed with a firearm and four counts of aggravated assault with a firearm in the accident.

Baker and Dunbar apologized for their difference

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The mother admitted to her hungry daughter, dumping the body

Pensacola, Fl

 A Maryland woman accused of starving her 15-month-old daughter for more than three weeks was charged with first-degree murder for the child’s death, police said.

Kirara Tolson, 23, of Silver Spring, told investigators that she put her daughter’s body in a full bag and trash bags after her death last month and disposed of Cald’s body in a rubbish bin in her apartment complex, Montgomery County Police Department said in a news release. Release.

Police said Tolson told investigators that she had starved her daughter, Blair Niles, for nearly three and a half weeks.

The girl’s body was not recovered, but police said investigators found evidence in Tolson’s apartment confirming her account. A court file says that the police found a pillow without a pillow in Tolson’s apartment.

Tolson was arrested after one of her acquaintances called 911 to inform her that Tolson told her that she had killed her child, according to the police.

The boy’s father told investigators that he last saw his daughter on April 17 and had had no contact with Tolson since then.

State District Court Judge John Moffitt ordered Tolson’s detention at a hearing on Thursday, according to Ramon Korionov, Montgomery County attorney spokesman John McCarthy. Kuryunov said that a public defender like Tolson at the hearing. The remaining message with the Public Defender’s office was not immediately returned. Tolson is due to return to court to attend the bond review session.

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A man was shot dead at a gas station in Missouri

Pensacola, Fl

Police said a man was found shot dead by a bullet outside a petrol station in Berkeley.

The sergeant said that officers from the Berkeley Police Department had been called in to shoot at PetroMart at 12:40 am. Benjamin Granda of the St. Louis County Police Department.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch newspaper reported that police found the man lying on the sidewalk near a car in front of the gas station, with at least one bullet.

He was transferred to a hospital where he was pronounced dead shortly after.

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Home owner in Florida shoots 3 intruders, 2 deadly house

Pensacola, Fl

The authorities said that a teenager faces charges of armed robbery at his home in Florida where two of his associates were killed, killed and wounded.

The Pasco County Sheriff, Chris Nuku, said that the person who shot them was the victim of the owner of the house, who was carrying a gun and used it to defend himself when he confronted the intruders at his home in Wesley Chapel.

“In this case, the victim was exercising his right to the second amendment to protect himself in his home,” Nuku said.

Al-Sharif said that Luis Cassado, 21, and Horses of Durham, 21, were injured while walking in a narrow corridor towards the owner of the house. They had guns and covered their faces with black masks.

Nuku said that Jeremiah Tramel, 19, was shot after the fall of Cassado and Durham. He said that he escaped from the house while the owner of the house went to get another pistol to replace the pistol he was in possession of because of his jam.

Nuko said that Trammel did not advance much. A neighbor caught him with a pistol and then held him until the deputies arrived.

Trams were hospitalized to treat the lead wound.

Nuku said Cassado and Durham are “very violent” criminals. He said Tramel had had a previous arrest for charging the battery and other charges.

He said that the shooting took place after the owner of the house heard the glass breaking and holding a pistol. He was at home alone playing video games.

Sharif said the owner of the house believed he might have been targeted because of his group of firearms that he displayed on social media.

Nuku said that the investigation also revealed that the homeowner has a kind of relationship with Tramel, Cassado and Durham that involves “a type of known entity”.

Fox 35 Orlando channel reported that Trammel was accused of stealing the home invasion. He was also charged with murder for the death of Cassado and Durham while committing another crime.