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Pensacola is one of the most popular destinations in Florida. The northwestern Florida city has a reputation as a hospitable and affordable alternative to cities like Miami.

Not surprisingly, Pensacola has a number of really great marinas waiting to serve boaters and yachtsmen. Boaters should have no problem finding service or a place to stay in Pensacola.

Brown Marine Services is a full service Marina and boat yard that is affiliated with the USBoat brand. It’s located at Bayou Chico in Pensacola and stands ready to serve vessels of all shapes and sizes.

A wide variety of services are offered at Brown Marine including complete bottom jobs, blister repair, damage surveys, diesel engine repair, diesel engine parts, fiberglass work, salvage, electrical work and towing. A number of contractors on site provide other services to boats. Other services offered include a boat store, a licensed yacht brokerage, generator sales, an efficient 50 ton travel lift and nation wide yacht transportation. Rebuilt engines are also available.

Saville Harbor at Pitt Slip is a good place to stay in Pensacola. The Marina offers boaters 98 slips, floating docks, gasoline, diesel fuel, showers, restrooms and laundry rooms. This is a good no frills place for a boater to spend the night.

Another good no frills marina that provides boaters with slips for the night is the Palafox Pier & Yacht Harbor. This facility provides boaters with 92 slips and a few amenities. These include Cable TV, a concrete floating box, a ship’s store, single, three phase and 100 amp electrical service, laundry, bathrooms, and a fuel dock that offers gas and diesel.

A company called Pensacola Marinas runs three Marinas in Pensacola: Yacht Harbor Marina, Island Cove Marina, and Palm Harbor. Pensacola Marinas advertises Island Cove Marina as the most protected marina in the Pensacola area. Island Cove features a full time dock master, security lighting, a security gate and employees who live on site to watch the boats.

Palm Harbor Marina near the mouth of Bayou Chico has a new floating dock system that is capable of surviving a Category Three Hurricane when filled with boats. The docks are supposedly guaranteed against hurricane damage by the manufacturer.

Yacht Harbor also located near the mouth of Bayou Chico is another marina with a new dock system.

Island Cove Marina and Palm Harbor offer boaters protected moorings, showers, restrooms, laundry, ice, paved parking, utility carts, electrical power hookups, water hookups, phone hookups, satellite TV, cable TV, security lights and security gates. Both marinas are protected by a full time dock master. Island Cove also offers boaters Wi Fi, a ship’s store, beer, & wine, a club house, billiards, a wide screen TV, a community kitchen, a fish cleaning table, a barbecue grill, palm trees and a sandy beach. Palm Harbor also has a covered dock patio, wi-fi, an office, TV, dingy racks, a barbecue, palm trees and a dingy dock.

Yacht Harbor offers protected moorings, restrooms, showers, a gravel covered parking lot, utility carts, electrical power hookups, water hookups, security lights, a security gate, a full time dock master and a covered patio.

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Fishing shrimps in Pensacola, Florida

Not everyone has the chance to catch their own shrimp. I caught mine by mistake but I kept them anyway. My son and I were fishing on the old Pensacola Bay Fishing Bridge at Pensacola, Florida. When the old concrete bridge that crossed the bay was replaced by a new and modern structure three miles long, the city made the old one into a recreational fishing bridge.

I understand that one of the hurricanes of the past few years did her in and there’s nothing left now. It’s sad because “the bridge” was my favorite night fishing spot of the area, as it was for hundreds if not thousands of other fishermen.

Almost any warm evening, especially in summer, fishermen of both sexes would be lined up on the railing of the bridge with their lines cast as far out into Pensacola Bay as possible. Every once in a while someone’s rod would jerk; the angler would pull back and set the hook; then pull in everything from mullet to flounder. Just about any fish was possible from that bridge.

Each time I fished at the bridge, there was a festive mood with all that were fishing. Entire families were there as well as the lone fishermen huddle over a cup of coffee late in the evening. Fishing rods were lined up like soldiers against the concrete railing. Everyone had his very own lawn chair, blankets or sleeping bag. Charcoal grills were set up and the aroma of hamburgers would be swept along by the ocean breeze from one end of the structure to the other. From time to time someone would come by selling bait or cold drinks. It was as if every night was a holiday! Frankly, I never caught many fish from that old bridge, but I had a lot of fun trying.

One particular evening in early July around midnight, we’d gotten bored with the lack of activity from our rods and reels, so we cut up one of the smaller fish into two pieces to be used for bait. We’d brought along two crab traps, so we baited them with the fish and lowered them over the side of the bridge until they touched bottom. Then we let nature take its course. It was time to catch some Blue Crabs for dinner the next evening!

A half hour later we pulled up one of the traps to see if we had any crabs. There wasn’t even one! There were however five large shrimp in the basket. We lost one when it fell out of the trap on the way up to the top of the bridge. We scooped the other four up and put them in our bait bucket for later use.

The second trap changed our minds about using the shrimp for bait when we pulled it up. We had an even dozen large shrimp in this basket. That settled it; we had to keep fishing for shrimp until we had enough for a meal! There were very few small shrimp in the baskets; most of them were large or jumbo; just the kind to cook on a charcoal grill!

The next couple of hauls were very poor, only one shrimp between the two baskets. We checked our bait and dropped the traps into the water about 15 feet below. While we were waiting for the shrimp to come to the traps, we continued to fish with our rods and reels. My son and I each caught a nice flounder. By the time we put them in the cooler; it was time to check the crab traps again.

This time there were about twenty each in our baskets. After seeing that we were catching shrimp, folks up and down the bridge had dug out their crab traps and were having good success also! I have no idea why the shrimp were so plentiful under that bridge that night. I’ve caught a lot of crabs there but that was the only time the shrimp were that plentiful. We lost a lot of shrimp due to them falling out of the basket as we hauled them up, but we finished the night with about 8 pounds of shrimp!

Folks have told me that the city is going to build another fishing structure to replace the old bridge in Pensacola. I hope they do, but it won’t be the same. I know you can’t live in the past but if I could, I would stake my claim on a spot about two hundred yards from the southern shore on that old bay bridge and throw out my traps

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Saltwater fishing in Pensacola

Pensacola, located in the panhandle of Florida, is a favorite vacation spot for many outdoor enthusiasts. The weather is mild to warm most of the year with some cold spots added from time to time. The people are friendly and nice to be around. It is the county seat of Escambia County and one of the very earliest US settlements. It has a rich history that you can enjoy through visits to local museums.

Have you ever been saltwater fishing in Pensacola? Have any luck? Well, I do pretty well when I go. Having lived there all my life I’ve been fortunate to do a wide variety of fishing, both salt and fresh water. One of the best Pensacola attractions is the fishing; personally I prefer the salt since the fish are generally bigger. I will talk about some of my past experiences and the time of year they happened.

During the summer months the water is calm for the most part. Except for the afternoon thunderstorms you will have smooth waters. My favorite pattern at this time is trolling. I mostly go for the king mackerel but all fish strikes are great. Before the trip I head down to the local bait store and pick up a few packs of rigged Ballyhoo. Keep them on ice until needed. Get your gear in good shape by checking for any damage to rods, reels, and line. Keep the gaff in a convenient place.

I always put a snap swivel on the end of the line for quicker bait hook-up. Head out of Pensacola pass to about 2 miles distance and get the gear out and in the holders. Open the Ballyhoo, break off the bill, and snap them on. Put the boat in gear and rev it up ’til you start getting white prop wash. Put the baits in the water back about 20 – 30 yards. Set the drag and put on the clicker. If you are operating the boat, I find it easy to keep the lines from tangling by keeping an eye on just one line. Keep it straight behind the boat and you will have no trouble.

If trolling isn’t for you, there is always drift fishing. Pick up your bait; I like cigar minnows, from the bait shop. Head out into the gulf and find a spot you like. I would stay out of the channel since there is lots of boat traffic there. Turn off the engine but don’t anchor, take the bait without weight or bobber, put it on the hook, cast out and let the tide have it. I have taken kids out fishing and this trick works great. Some days you can get a good workout. I have gotten some nice Bonita this way, and some King Mackerel as well.

Since I’m on the summer months, let me talk about something known as June Grass. Out in the gulf you may see large patches of grass floating about. These are very productive fishing spots. They not only provide shade from the sun but are home to a variety of life, such as small crabs. Upon spotting these I have had good luck trolling and casting to them. One of the fish I have caught has been Dolphin. You could put on some large diving plugs and troll around the edges. Vary the distance behind the boat; I have caught fish on plugs with the plug in the prop wash.

The winter months can be productive as well but I tend to stay closer to shore due to the winds.

In the winter the water is general choppy in the gulf. Fishing around the pass in the winter can be fun. The pass is some 60 – 70 feet deep with current from the tides. I have trolled plugs here and caught some nice Blue Fish. Bottom fishing can turn up some good catches of a variety. Speckled and White Trout can be caught in the shallower areas, say 4 – 10 feet. You can fish with shrimp, cut bait, or sting ray grubs. On warmer days you can get strikes from Speckled Trout on top water plugs around grassy spots.

For the more adventurous there is the Desoto Canyon. It is a bit of a ride from Pensacola Pass, some 25 miles or so, but usually well worth it. Go out the pass and follow the channel markers to the very last one, the sea buoy. Make your heading 168 degrees and travel about 25 miles out. On your depth sounder you will notice the bottom start to chop up. You are there. Look for some good bottom contour, put on the weights, and hook on some bait for some bottom fishing. You can get some Snapper, Mingo, Grouper, Trigger, and maybe some Amberjack.

Whenever you go, always file a float plan with someone ashore. Check the weather beforehand. Check your license and be aware of any catch restrictions. Have a safe and productive fishing trip to Pensacola, Florida.

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Your guide to fishing in Pensacola

Pensacola is indeed the most renowned fishing grounds ever. An exotic holiday destination in Florida this spot is more famous for its fishing than anything else. Pensacola fishing is really one of the most enjoyable activities of this area. This convenient location in the Gulf of Mexico has started gaining on tourist traffic especially for the Pensacola Charter fishing.

Charter fishing is indeed a fishing experience of its kind. It is not only enjoyable but also safe to the highest degree. Pensacola fishing charter companies give out water transport which is absolutely safe and lets you enjoy your experience without any glitches. If you are thinking the service is bound to be very costly think again coz the service is as reasonable as could be. It is indeed not a very heavy pinch on your pocket. However before you actually hire a boat you should find out all you need to know to go out fishing in Pensacola. The companies will also need to be informed as to where and with how many people you will go fishing. There are guides to help you choose a spot if you don’t have an idea about it. Following are a few of the Pensacola deep sea and saltwater fishing companies. Read on to find more about the fishing experience in Pensacola.

Alabama Deep Sea Fishing: The strategic location of this is near the orange beach, Alabama which is towards the north in the Gulf of Mexico. This is an 11 year old company and has been renowned for giving out excellent facilities to its customers. The guides this company provides are very knowledgeable about fishing in this region.

Getaway Gulf Fishing: If you are looking for a notch higher in comfort here you go. This company specializes in giving you luxury air conditioned boats on rent. The boats are rented out on hourly basis. This is company is very particular about the safety of its customers and boats and hence never allows to go fishing in rough conditions. This company too provides excellent anglers and guides to help out with an amazing fishing experience.

Good Times Charter Fishing: Located again in Orange Beach, Alabama they are also one of the best fishing companies on shore. They offer very reasonable rates for renting boats and even accept credit cards for payment. IT has been a known name in fishing for many a year now. They again provide anglers and specialist guides for helping out with your fishing in this region.

Fishing Cotton Services: This is a company which ensures that its customers do find some fish to catch; it’s not only renowned for its efficient boats but also for finding the best of fishing grounds in the whole of Pensacola. The company’s reputation dates back to years now and they are known to be specialists in deep sea fishing. Their guides are indeed amongst the best available in Pensacola.

We advise you to do some research on all your requirements, fishing companies, and costs involved before you plan a trip to Pensacola.

Pensacola fishing

Deep fishing in Pensacola, Florida

Deep sea fishing specialist find Pensacola, Florida the key place to go angling for a assortment of deep sea types of fish. The holiday maker can find much to do in northwest Florida coast which gives a large amount of activity for a holiday maker who wants to spend a day or so deep sea fishing. The ideal place to go for such an outing is Pensacola as there are many companies that offer charters to go fishing here.

Fishing expeditions conducted by various charter companies
there are every day expeditions conducted by The Beach Marina Fishing Fleet, which possesses more than ten crafts in its flotilla, and gives a wide choice to people who are interested in going deep sea fishing. The Pensacola services which are leased out to voyagers, take the holiday makers out on trips ranging from half a day to one day for fishing are tours where you could target prized fish like cobia, snapper, mackerel and amberjack. All the necessary gear will be provided by Beach Marina Fishing Fleet as is the normal procedure with all charter companies.

Tourists could also employ the services of Bandit Charters, who also offer an impressive expedition for tourists interested in deep sea angling. Pensacola is the starting point for this excursion and you will be taken on a long walk varying from 6 to eight hours on fishing “walk around” for a fairly fancy price. The boats that are hired out by this facility have been cleared by the Coast Guard, and can accommodate up to eighteen passengers.

There is an interesting array of fish that you will find on this tour, with some species of shark and barracuda also.

Hog Wild Offshore Charters which is a charter service for Pensacola would take you for a wonderful deep sea fishing expedition for a trip ranging from 2 hours to as much as 36 hours. Whatever your choice of trip is you will find yourself being in very comfortable surroundings with cabins that are air conditioned and also complete living facilities.

Scuba Shack that is more focused on diving also provides trips for deep sea fishing to Pensacola guests. The bonus of this jaunt is that the complete outing will be on video recording, so that, even if people were not around, you will have some kind of evidence to show the heroic deeds that you accomplished on your fishing expedition. Another attractive plus point is that fishing licenses are included in the cost of the tour.

Evidently you can enjoy yourself and have a wonderful time at sea by getting away from the land and getting acquainted with new people who are also sharing your boat with you on this expedition. If you arrange a holiday in the northwest Florida region you could also include deep sea fishing for a day in your plans. With the array of options that Pensacola has to offer you, you will be able to choose one that gives you the most fulfilling experience and also provides you with all the excitement that you have been looking forward to