Teen ‘thought she was going to die’ stuck upside down after Oregon theme park ride malfunctions

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Oregon amusement park guests were left hanging upside down when a ride malfunctioned . Portland Fire and Rescue announced that they were called to the scene of Oaks Park after the “AtmosFEAR” ride, a spinning pendulum-style ride, malfunctioned on the evening. The ride malfunction came on the park’s first day of opening for the summer. Officials said that approximately 30 people were stuck upside-down until help arrived. Park engineers, alongside fire officials, worked together to “manually lower” the topsy-turvy ride, the department said. A spokesperson for the Fire Bureau said the riders were being evacuated and medically evaluated. “The ride has been manually lowered, and all riders are now being evacuated and medically evaluated,” officials said. Fire officials said earlier they did not believe anyone was seriously injured. The cause of the malfunction is unknown at this time. Oaks Park officials did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment. Oak’s Park is Oregon’s oldest existing amusement park and is just 3.5 miles from downtown Portland. The small park first opened two days before the Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition on May 30, 1905, and is one of the country’s oldest continually operating amusement parks in the country.


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