UFC star made more in 24 hours on OnlyFans than she did ‘in her entire fighting career


UFC star Paige VanZant said she made more money in 24 hours on OnlyFans than she did during the entire span of her fighting career.
After spending six years in the MMA industry, the 29-year-old launched her OnlyFans account in 2020. VanZant, who referred to herself as the “queen of OnlyFans,” now charges fans $9.99 per month to view her photos.
During an appearance on the Barstools Sports podcast titled “Only Stans,” VanZant spoke with host Glenny Balls about the “life-changing” amount of money she makes posting racy photos of herself.
OnlyFans has definitely been my largest source of income,” she added. “I would say combined, in my fighting career.”
“I think I made more money in 24 hours on OnlyFans than I had in my entire fighting career combined,” she added.
VanZant discussed the stigma around the OnlyFans platform and explained that most of her fan base is made up of men, given her fighting background.
“Even outside of the UFC and out of fighting has been pretty successful,” she said. “I’ve worked pretty hard in other industries and trying to cross over, I guess [to] a more mainstream personality.
She explained that social media prompted her to explore the OnlyFans platform because her followers often asked her to post photos of herself and by monetizing that, she has made “life-changing money.
“Now, I have made the transition… if people don’t want to hire me because I have an OnlyFans, I don’t really care,” she said.
VanZant described her initial content as “PG,” but as time went on she switched to more “X-rated content.”
OnlyFans and the money that creators are able to make on the site has served as a point of contention, with proponents arguing it is a way for women creating their own content to monetize off people who view it, while others argue the sexually explicit platform is degrading or taboo.
Teachers across the U.S. and in Canada have been fired for posting explicit content to OnlyFans, reporting they also made more on the platform than they did during their day jobs.
One Missouri high school teacher was placed on leave last month after district officials found out about her OnlyFans account. The former teacher told local outlets that her OnlyFans account added about $8,000 per month to her $42,000 yearly teaching salary


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