Viral Maryland cop caught in second racy patrol car tryst

Police units respond on scene.
Police units respond on scene.

second video allegedly showing embattled Maryland police officer Francesco Marlett carrying out another tryst in the back of his patrol car has reportedly emerged on social media.
Marlett, who is married with kids, was suspended from duties at the Prince George’s County Police Department this week after a viral video showed him kissing a woman before the pair headed to the back of a patrol car for an estimated 40 minutes.
Now, another video has surfaced online allegedly showing Marlett’s girlfriend Virginia Pinto climbing into the back of his patrol car, the New York Post reported.
The second video, which was also posted to TikTok, shows a woman heading toward a marked police vehicle before turning back to her own car to grab something. She is then seen running back to the police car and jumping in the backseat.
Marlett is not seen in the short video, but the New York Post reported the cop is assumed to have been sitting in the vehicle waiting for who appears to be Pinto.
The Prince George’s County Police Department also confirmed the existence of two videos featuring the cop and “an adult female.
“The Department is aware of two videos involving Corporal Francesco Marlett and an adult female. As soon as the agency became aware of the first video on Tuesday, IAD opened an investigation and Chief Malik Aziz decisively suspended this officer’s police powers,” the police department posted on Facebook.
The police department did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital’s request to confirm the second video circulating on social media is the one referenced in its press release.
Marlett and Pinto went viral earlier this week after a man recorded footage of the pair canoodling at a public park over Labor Day weekend.
The individual who recorded the viral video, only identified as Nelson O, said the scene unfolded at about 7 p.m. on Sunday at the Carson Park in the town of Oxon Hill. He told the Baltimore Banner that he had been at the park with his child and other family members to play soccer when he noticed the officer walking around, allegedly looking “suspicious.
A woman identifying as the cop’s wife, Paula Marlett, first named Pinto as her husband’s mistress in a Facebook post on Wednesday recapping the “embarrassing and painful” matter, while telling Pinto to “rot in hell b—-.
“Yes this is a very tough time for me and my kids. As embarrassing and painful as this is please check in on us. We need the support the love and most of all the respect from the community and our families. Yes I know what’s been going on. No, I am not updating anyone on this situation after today,” the woman posted on Facebook.
Paula Marlett went on to say that her husband had been cheating on her “for years.
“I Love you all. Except for you Virginia you can rot in hell b—-,” she ended the post.
Pinto exclusively spoke to the New York Post later Wednesday and defended her affair with the cop, saying the viral video was “not a one-night stand” and that the two had been dating for about the last two years.
“That’s the main story — that this isn’t a little thing,” the mom and Army veteran told the outlet. “Of course, since he’s a police officer, it looks bad. But I just want people to understand that this was not a one-night stand.”
“What’s so exciting? He’s a cop. I’m a civilian. We got caught. It sucks, but this will pass,” she added.
Paula Marlett fired back in comment to the New York Post that her “husband used [Pinto] for sex bc she was easy
Seems like Virginia has a mouthful to give about me when her husband left her dirty a– bc she can’t stop cheating and inserting herself into other ppls business,” she told the outlet in written comment.
The police department said Wednesday that an investigation into the videos was in full swing, with the department’s Internal Affairs Division attempting to interview all parties involved.
“I know the officer’s actions seen on these videos have sparked a range of emotions in the community and put a negative spotlight on this agency and the many hard-working women and men who wear our uniform. I expect every officer to conduct themselves in a way that will not dishonor this agency or this county. I assure the residents of Prince George’s County I take this matter extremely seriously,” said Chief Malik Aziz in the department’s press release.
Once the Internal Affairs Division wraps up, an administrative charging committee will recommend to the chief whether Marlett should face disciplinary action, according to the police department.


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