New York City PlayStation giveaway devolves into street chaos as police officers dodge flying projectiles


Violence erupted in New York City’s Union Square on Friday afternoon when at least 1,000 kids and teenagers swarmed the area for a PlayStation giveaway and police officers were injured and had bottles, rocks and fireworks thrown at them.
A spokesperson for the New York City Police Department told Fox News Digital that at least 1,000 kids gathered in the area of Union Square Park for a PlayStation giveaway organized by a social media influencer.
Twitch streamer Kai Cenat tweeted around 2:00 p.m. that there would be a giveaway at 3:30 p.m. at Union Square Park.
Video from the incident shows several people throwing bottles at police officers. New York Police Chief Department Jeffrey Maddrey said during a press conference that multiple arrests were made, stating that police and members of the public sustained injuries. He said the gathering was declared unlawful.
Police said that Cenat is being charged with inciting a riot, unlawful assembly, and a few other charges, but didn’t elaborate.
We did have members that sustained some injuries out here at this time,” Maddrey said. “We were crushed. We were pushed. I had officers on the floor.
“As you see, I’m a little embarrassed because I’m very dirty right here. But I was in the middle of the crowd. I was hit with multiple objects as well. I think I have a couple of injuries, but I’ll figure that out once I have time to think about it,” he said.
Overall, 65 arrests were made, with 30 of them being juveniles, officials said.
A fight breaks out in the wake of a chaotic afternoon in Union SquareVideo
Maddrey said that the incident “speaks to the power of social media and the danger of social media.
The police spokesperson added that a level four mobilization was issued.
Police used loudspeakers and warned the crowd, “This gathering is unlawful. You are ordered to disperse.
Video seen on Cenat’s live Twitch video prior to cutting off shows the social media influencer getting out of a van and running.
During the incident at Union Square Park, people could be seen climbing on top of a moving vehicle as it sped away while others pounded on the side of a city bus. The windows of a police vehicle were also seen broken during the incident.
Maddrey said that the social media influencer is in custody, and discussions are in place over potential legal action
When police were loading a city bus with people being taken into custody, the chief said that young people were trying to “pull people off” of it.
People seen running in social media influencer’s Twitch video in Union Square chaosVideo
“I personally observed young people walking… bleeding from their heads,” he said. “We have encountered things like this before, but never to this level of dangerous, this where young people would not listen to our commands.
Paul Mauro, an attorney and former NYPD inspector, told Fox News Digital that Cenat might be held liable for what happened at Union Square Park.
“You, of course, need to communicate with the police and generally get a permit,” Mauro said of the event. “If this person did not do that, and we have these sorts of results, he could very well be held liable.
He said that a level four police mobilization is an “extremely rare occurrence” and “it does speak to the magnitude of this event.


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