Armed Georgia homeowner catches intruder in the act, shoots him dead as neighbors cook breakfast


Georgia homeowner fatally shot a would-be intruder trying to break into his house – and a neighbor called police after the gunshots interrupted her breakfast, police said.
Shots rang out in DeKalb County when an unidentified homeowner shot the unidentified male suspect, who was rushed to a local hospital but did not survive, Fox 5 Atlanta reported.
The gunshots were heard by neighbors in the area, including by Melan Sydnor, who was in the middle of making breakfast.
“I was in the kitchen and then there were gunshots and it was really loud,” Sydnor told Fox 5. “I heard a few gunshots and then about five minutes later the police pulled up.”
Another resident in the area, Joann Proctor, said she was left on edge and that criminals are targeting homes early in the morning.
Young guys are stalking the neighborhood at night, like 4-5 in the morning, they checking doors,” Proctor said.
The homeowner, who has also not been identified, was questioned by police and returned to his home by mid-morning. He will not be charged as he was defending himself and his home, WSBTV reported.
“I just think it’s a sad state of affairs for the country,” one unidentified neighbor told the outlet. “In this case, somebody having a gun was a good thing.
The investigation into the shooting is ongoing, according to Fox 5. Police have not released information on why the suspect was trying to break into the home and if the homeowner was targeted.


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