Storage Wars’ star Gunter Nezhoda dead at 67 after lung cancer battle


“Storage Wars” star Gunter Nezhoda has died after his battle with lung cancer. He was 67.

The actor’s son, Rene, confirmed the sad news on his Instagram account.

“My dad six months ago was diagnosed with lung cancer. He’s been smoking for 30 years… And last night, he passed away in his sleep peacefully from complications from lung cancer. He has all kinds of holes in his lungs and there was nothing else the doctors could do,” he shared in a video.
He also noted, “We kept it private and thought he was going to fully recover, but unfortunately he didn’t.

Nezhoda was born in Austria and lived in Germany for 10 years before moving to Las Vegas in 1990, according to his IMDb page.
He appeared in a handful of movies, and also worked as a bass player for artists like Pat Travers, Leslie West, Michael Schenker, George Lynch and Kevin Dubrow.

Nezhoda joined Rene and his wife Casey in the later seasons of “Storage Wars” on A&E, learning about the thrifting business from his son while being somewhat of the comic relief.

In his video, Rene reflected fondly of the time he and his dad shared on the show
You know, my dad was one of the guys on ‘Storage Wars’ that never really got any hate, people just loved being around, including the crew, including everybody, everybody loved working with my dad.
He also thanked fans for their support, saying Nezhoda appreciated it.

And now hopefully he’s up there in heaven with my mom, dancing again. And no more pain and stuff like this” Rene said.
“Thank you for all the love and everything else, but sad day today.


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