Ohio police bodycam videos reveal neighbors reacting to 3 men found bound, gagged, executed


A U-Haul truck driver told police, “That couldn’t be what I thought,” when he found the bodies of two bound and gagged men dumped on the side of a secluded, wooded section of Akron, Ohio, this month.
That was one of two crime scenes police investigated on March 10, which included a third body found about 15 minutes away in Copley, Ohio.
An Akron police officer who inspected the bodies said it looked like one of the victims was shot in the face or head and his throat may have been cut, according to bodycam footage obtained by Fox News Digital through a public records request.
“OK, we got two dead, bound and gagged Hispanic men,” the officer was heard saying on the radio.
Fox News Digital received seven bodycam videos and two drone videos of aerial views of the crime scene that included officers’ questions to witnesses and nearby residents.
Images of the victims and officers’ notes were blurred out.
He told police that there were two or three violent incidents over the years, and his wife heard gunshots before this incident, according to the recorded interview.
Another resident, who has lived in the area for more than seven decades, told police, “I knew something like that was going to happen. We’re secluded, and you always hear somebody shooting a gun off over there.”
Police said the men were likely kidnapped and brought into Summit County. Investigators believe the incidents to be “isolated” and there’s no danger to the community, although law enforcement hasn’t revealed a potential motive.


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