Avril Lavigne cheered for telling off topless protester: ‘Handled that like a pro


Twitter users cheered singer Avril Lavigne for telling a topless protester at the 2023 Juno Awards to “get the f— off” the stage at the night
Lavigne originally took to the stage to introduce performer AP Dhillon, when a female demonstrator wearing pink pants and no shirt walked up and down the catwalk. The “Complicated” singer attempted to ignore the protester until a security guard came to escort the woman offstage.
“Get the f— off,” Lavigne told the protester. “Get the f— off, b–ch.”
Viewers and social media users praised Lavigne’s approach, including the colorful language.
“The world: Canadians are overly polite. Avril Lavigne: Hold my f—ing beer so I can tell this fcking girl to get off the fcking stage,” City News Edmonton reporter Courtney Theriault joked.
The Free Press writer Rupa Subramanya wrote, “Avril Lavigne for the win. It’s not complicated.”
“She handled that like a pro,” guitarist Devin Bronson remarked.
“Based,” El American editor-at-large Ben Kew tweeted.
Journalist Mark Slapinski reported, “Avril Lavigne DESTROYS woke protester by telling her to ‘get the fck’ off her stage.” Singer-songwriter Kathleen Edwards tweeted, “I just became an Avril Lavigne fan.” The protester also had several statements written on her back, arms and chest including, “Stop logging old growth now,” “land back” and “Save the Greenblatt.” The latter statement was likely a reference to the Ontario government recently repealing several environmental protections along Canada’s Greenbelt in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. In addition, the Ontario government also planned to construct 50,000 new homes along the 7,400 acres of land by 2025. During the night, Lavigne was later presented with the TikTok Juno Fan Choice Award. During her acceptance speech, she alluded to the protester. “Now, nobody try anything this time,” Lavigne joked. “Or the Canadian is gonna come out of me, and I’ll f— a b–ch up.” Lavigne also referenced the demonstrator in her tweet following the awards show. “Thanks to my amazing fans for voting for the TikTok Juno Fan Choice Award. This is my 10th Juno Award and 4th Fan Choice Award. Let’s keep rocking and cheers to the next 20 years! P.S. – ‘Get the fck off **tch!” she tweeted.
The Canadian Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (CARAS) later released a statement on the interruption reading, “We take every step to avoid interruptions to our program, but there are always risks with live events and broadcasts. We hope tonight’s brief disruption doesn’t take away from the accomplishments of this year’s performers, winners and nominees.”


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