Judge orders man to pay ex-wife over $200K for 25 years of housework


A Spanish judge ordered a man to pay his ex-wife $215,000 for 25 years of housework that she “exclusively” handled while they were a couple.
Ivana Moral won the judgment after arguing she was burdened by chores for the couple during their 25 years of marriage, according to a report from WSB, citing the Spanish language newspaper El Pais.
The court ordered Moral’s ex-husband to make monthly payments of $528 to his ex-wife, a sum that was determined by calculating the minimum monthly professional wage for housekeepers during the period the couple were married.
Moral told the court she was also responsible for raising the couple’s two daughters and taking care of her husband during their marriage, yet still managed clean a house she described as “always impeccable.”
The ex-wife argued that “her exclusive dedication to the home and family” left her unable to pursue her own career opportunities, while her ex-husband was able to build a successful gym business and “accumulated and exponentially increased his assets.
Moral also argued that her 25 years of marriage with her ex-husband left her feeling “economically threatened, worthless, and dependent.


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