Jeffree Star tweets a picture of him holding hands with ‘NFL boo,’ fans try to solve who it is


“Goodbye LA, time to spend time with my #NFL boo in Wyoming,” Starr tweeted.

Fans of Star and football in general chimed in trying to get all the information they could from the photo he tweeted.

Fans noted that the other person was wearing Vans shoes and some specifically focused on the ankle.

The tweet itself garnered nearly 7 million pageviews.

Star was in a relationship with Nathan Schwandt until 2020. He’s also been linked to Chris Crocker and Andre Marhold.

The beauty guru has been in the influencing game for quite a while.

Star’s YouTube following includes more than 15.9 million subscribers, which he has amassed in the 12 years he has been on the platform. In 2014, he founded Jeffree Star Cosmetics, a brand that has built a cult following.

Star built him following in the early days of social media through MySpace and was consistently one of the most popular pages on the website.


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