3 Reasons You Should Take a Florida Keys Vacation!


The Florida Keys have often been described as ‘Florida’s jewels’, this actually refers to the amazing sparkle that comes off the sea there. A Florida Keys vacation will not disappoint even the most discerning traveller, as there is something special for everyone here.

The Florida Keys are sometimes called the “American Caribbean”. And with good reason, as these islands in the sun are a tropical paradise.

The word ‘key’ comes from the Spanish word meaning little island and the keys are a group of about 800 Islands with 42 bridges linking many of them together making it easy to get around. There is even a key called No Name Key, and a pub there called; yes you have guessed it, the No Name Pub.

The attitude through out the keys is laid back and Caribbean in style (Key West is in fact the closest major US city to Cuba, which is the largest of the Caribbean islands). But along with the attitude, the delicious food, the warm coastal water, and the all year round sun, if you are looking for other reasons to book your Florida Keys vacation then these 3 should help seal the deal.

Florida Keys Fishing

The Islamorada Florida Key has been called the ‘sport fishing capital of the world’. But all around the keys the fishing is great. Now, even if you do not like fishing, you can still benefit from this. Yes, you can eat the delicious fresh fish that is caught daily and served up in the many great restaurants at nights.

Swimming, Diving and Snorkeling

The waters are clear, blue and calm. And for those that are a little sensitive to the cold, fear not, the water is warm, almost tepid. The clarity allows for both snorkelers and divers to clearly see the underwater inhabitants of these Islands.

The National Marine Sanctuary in Key Largo offers protected reefs, home to so many different varieties of tropical fish. And don’t miss Pennekamp, one of the diving destinations in the world!

After a day out on the water, try a yellow snapper in Hobo’s sports bar after a day on or in the water and wash it down with one of their cold beers.

And Finally — Mallory Square

No Florida Keys vacation is complete without having experienced the breathtaking site of the sun when it is setting over Mallory Square.

People from all over the keys go there in the evenings to witness this spectacular scene. And afterwards you can gently stroll around watching the performing artists who turn up every night to thrill and entertain the crowds.

The beaches of the Florida Key and its great fishing opportunities attract a huge crowd of tourists every year. Among options for accommodation, there are quite a large number of resorts in the Keys built along the beaches.

The shores of the Florida Keys are dotted with numerous resorts varying in rent from highly expensive five stars moderately expensive. Most resorts in the Keys have beautiful interiors, private pools, gymnasiums and saunas. Quite a few also offer spa treatments. Resorts are the best accommodation option when a tourist wants privacy and solitude.

Most resorts have hut houses or small bungalows with a large number of amenities. They are modeled as a home away from home. The rates vary depending upon the standard and class of the resort. It also depends on the type of accommodation that is booked. A resort can be a single room, double room, deluxe, suites or penthouses. The rates of resorts are always high during Christmas and Easter and for special events and three-day holidays. Highest rates apply during special annual events such as the Fantasy Fest and the lobster mini-season.

Tourists can get good deals in the fall and early December. Tourists will do well to remember that local, state and tourist taxes are levied on all kinds of accommodations in Florida Key, including resorts.

All resorts have an excellent in-house service.

The housing units in most resorts have air conditioners, color TV, phones, small refrigerators and many other amenities. All five star resorts offer units with a kitchenette, living room, and one or two bedrooms.

While some resorts in the Keys have private docks and ramps, others have their own private water- front and private islands. Some resorts also offer the residents, boat services, dolphin shows and other attractions.

The Florida Keys has many beautiful and luxurious resorts that are excellent for relaxation. It is always advisable for tourists to make reservations for resorts well in advance to avoid disappointment.

There comes a time when you want to escape from the monotony of daily urban life, where money and work worries wear you down. When the city becomes unbearable, a vacation to the Florida Keys can be a good way to let yourself relax and recharge your mental batteries.

The Florida Keys is a chain of islands off the southern tip of the state of Florida in the United States. The main attraction of the Florida Keys is the water activities, though the Keys offer much more than just this. One can also enjoy the Florida Keys through various Florida Keys vacation rentals, from Key West to Key Largo, with some wonderful choices in homes, villas, cabins, cottages, condos for rent, and more. Some of the locations one can choose are Gulf Pointe Condominiums, Marathon Key, Marr Properties Inc., Royal Plum Club, Sea Bird Marina Inc., and many more.

Renting a home, duplex, condominium or villa, or even a luxurious boat for a week or two, is an outstanding way to enjoy your time in the Florida Keys. The travel agencies and various Florida-based vacation rental companies offer the convenience and privacy of a home, with the choice to eat out or in, relax or enjoy various adventures you desire. The notable Florida Keys vacation spots where you can enjoy the beaches with family and friends are Big Pine Key, Cudjoe Key, Duck Key, Grassy Key, Islamorada Key Colony Beach, Key Largo, Key West, Little Torch Key, Marathon Ramrod Key, Sugarloaf Key, Summerland Key and Tavernier.


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