Elafonisi beach

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The tourism ratio is hitting the sky nowadays in this hectic world. Not a long duration, the Elafonisi beach was not as famous as it is now.

It was a complete secret in Crete, and only a few locals in Crete were familiar with this beach. However, in 2014, Elafonisi beach was ranked in the world’s top 25 beaches given by Tripadvisor.

That was the time when the Elafonisi beach located on the southwest coast of Crete came to the visitor’s eye as a part of a beautiful, fascinating Elysium.

Today, this calming sandy beach is the target destination for almost every visitor, from smooth sun worshippers and adult backpackers to several families with buckets and trowels.

When you join this beach in the high season, you will probably find the beach connected to sandbars to a beautiful island and nature reserve with its realistic features.

Elafonisi beach is covered with loungers and crowded with tons of visitors and several families in the high season.

The fact is that Pinterest and Instagram have played a considerable role in enhancing the popularity of this beach.

However, if you plan to go to Elafonisi beach in the earliest season, you can still enjoy the beach’s beauty and great sandy environment.

Besides this, the beautiful wildflowers providing the fascinating panorama and strange rock formation in several sites surrounding the beach also attract the visitors.

Why is Elafonisi beach so unique?

Elafonisi is basically a beautiful island that is segregated by a shallow, lagoon, and pink sandbar from the southwest coast of Crete. This sandbar is submerged in the one-meter bottom of the water at the highest tides.

Well, the beach part of Elafonisi island is not submerged in the water. The mainland is always populated with a hundred beach chairs and beautiful umbrellas.

There are almost thousands of tourists and visitors in this beach’s high season, which comes to benefit their minds and enhance the positive vibes from this beautiful island.

However, the visitors are allowed to wade out to the island to relish another fascinating world. Elafonisi beach is ranked as an International Classified Nature Reserve with plenty of beautiful trees and flowers. You can not find any shade on the beach; that is why umbrellas and beach chairs are in plenty on the beach.

It is possible for the visitors to find relatively few coves and pockets of the sandy beach even in the busiest season that is occasionally populated with nude bathers.

The Elafonisi island is a long island that ends in the rocky outcrop and strange towers of rock standing freely and causes due to the winds and water waves. This island is a colossal home to hundreds of rare plants, including summer flowers, winter-flowering bulbs, and fragranced flowers, and many more.

The winter-flowering bulb Androcymbium rechingeri  is literally very rare, and it has not even got a familiar name. Moreover, this tree is not even found anywhere else except Elafonisi Island.

And even if you are not a photo addict, you should bring your camera while heading toward this island. Its beautifully strange rare flowers, trees, and several plants will surely provoke you to take pictures of them. At Elafonisi island, you will probably be shocked by nature’s beauty.

Moreover, the sunset view from the southern site can not be missed.

Beach and Water of Elafonisi island

The island is nature-lovers heaven, but many things about the beach attract tons of visitors every year.

There are four reasons for this attraction.

• Pink sand of Elafonisi beach

The beach’s sand is mainly composed of tiny little pink-colored shells that give the whole beach’s sand a pinkish shade. Specifically, around the lagoon and the sandbar to the island, the sand is very pink.

This pinkish shade of sand attracts most visitors because it is unique to speculate a pink-colored beach.

• Soft sand on the beach

Most beaches are covered with pebbles and stones in this world and make the beach very rough, while Elafonisi beach is recognized for its softness. The sand of the beach is as soft as cotton. When you lay on the sand, you feel something like a speck of soft powdery dust along the beach water.

•Shallows waters

The blue water of the beach is hot and shallow. This water is ideal for the children. Children can play and enjoy swimming in the water without any risks. This part of the beach is mostly popular among families.

• Heaven for Windsurfers

The incredible blowing wild across the beach gives rise to the enormous waves making it perfect for surfing. Most windsurfers enjoy it because of this specification of the beach.

Facilities on beach

Besides its beauty, Elafonisi beach also provides tons of facilities for its visitors. Here are some facilities that attract visitors heavily:

• Food and drink

The beach has a tuck shop at the parking area that contains several varieties of refreshing stuff. While enjoying the beauty of nature, the delicious food items improve the mood. The food present on the beach is taken directly from the sea. Hence, seafood lovers find it the best site to enjoy delicious seafood with natural beauty.

The eastern parking area of the beach has a variety of drinks and other snacks as well.

• Elafonisi resorts

Elafonisi island is quite remote, so the Chania town is only one hour away from the island. Moreover, the resorts present on the beach are also quite comfortable to live in.

The Elafonisi Resort by Kalomirakis Family caters the visitors with good satisfying resort facilities.

Access to the Elafonisi island

•By car: Crete’s big town routes are expanded almost everywhere. People can have access to Elafonisi beach by vehicles if they take the Crete route.

• By bus: There are several public bus services which also offer access to Elafonisi. If you are comfortable with the bus’ timetable, you can get there without any hassle using a bus.

•By boat: Boats from Palaiochira are also suitable modes of travel toward Elafonisi. Moreover, the people can enjoy the boat ride by speculating the beautiful surrounding views.

The Elafonisi beach is a great blessing for people who are nature addicted. Besides this, this beach provides several facilities along with natural beauty. Elafonisi beach is trendy among visitors throughout the world.

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