Eliza Fletcher abduction: ‘deceased party’ found near area of crime scene investigation


Authorities say they have found a “deceased party” near where Eliza Fletcher was abducted while jogging in Memphis last week.

Fox News observed between 15 and 20 police cars, including a mobile command center East Person Ave and Victor Street. A helicopter was also spotted flying overhead.

Police would not confirm if the heavy police presence was related to the Fletcher investigation.
FBI agents had arrived earlier and a crime scene with at least a mile radius was blocked off near an abandoned school as helicopters were hovering overhead.

The crime scene was near the abandoned elementary school and less than a mile from 1765 Orleans Street where a witness told police they say the suspect, Cleotha Abston, cleaning a GMC Terrain with floor cleaner and wash his clothes. They said his was acting strange.

U.S. Marshals arrested 38-year-old Abston on Saturday after police detected his DNA on a pair of sandals near to where Fletcher was last seen, according to an arrest affidavit. An arraignment has been set.


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