Four dead in Houston shooting, including gunman, after suspect set fire to residences and shot people escaping


A suspected gunman reportedly set fire to several residences in Houston and began shooting people as they escaped the flames, killing three before police shot and killed the shooter, authorities said.
Firefighters and police responded just after 1 a.m. to 8020 Dunlap Street, which Houston Police Chief Troy Finner described as a residence that rents out multiple rooms.
Finner said the suspect, identified as a Black man in his 40s who was armed with a shotgun, set fire to the residences and waited for the occupants to escape outside before firing on them.
“I’ve seen things that I haven’t seen before in 32 years, and it’s happened time and time again,” Finner said. “We just ask that the community come together.”
The Houston Fire Department arrived first and began battling the flames when the suspect began shooting, police said. It was unclear whether the suspect was firing on the firefighters, but police said they were forced to take cover.
A Houston police officer arrived at the scene and spotted the suspect in the parking lot, where police said the officer shot and killed him.
Finner said two victims were killed at the scene and a third died at a hospital. The victims were identified as two White males in their 60s and a Black male in his 40s.
Two other victims were wounded in the shooting, but only one was hospitalized. Firefighters also pulled at least two victims out of the fire, according to fire officials.
No officers or firefighters were injured in the incident.
Finner said that it is still early in the investigation, but that it appears the suspect was a resident and was recently notified of eviction which “may have been a trigger point.


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