Oklahoma 10-year-old boy saves mother who had seizure while swimming in pool: ‘True Hero’


An Oklahoma 10-year-old boy saved his mother when she had a seizure while swimming in a pool on Aug. 5.

Security video captures the moment when Gavin Keeney leaped into action and jumped into the pool to bring his mother to safety when she was having the medical episode.

Gavin pulled his mother, Lori Keeney, to the stairs of the above-ground pool and then her father came to assist in getting her out of the pool.

Lori said that it was one of her “worst nightmares.”
Gavin had just got out of the pool and was on the porch and that’s when he heard me,” Lori wrote in a Facebook post. “He jumped in…the dog even tried to get in..he gets me over to the ladder and then my Dad runs in.”
Because the incident was caught on security camera, Lori said that the video was “very hard” to watch, but she got to see Gavin save her life.
Lori said that this isn’t the first time Gavin has helped her in severe medical situations.

About 1.5 years ago, I had just had an extensive cervical spinal fusion and wasn’t able to swallow well. I chocked on some food, and he even tried the Heimlich maneuver,” Lori said.

“The last thing I really remember is his little arms reach around me and try with all his might, and then he said ‘I’m not strong enough, mommy. … He then called 911.”
“Poor little dude has had to deal with so much with my health, and he always handles it so well,” Lori added.

10-year-old Gavin was awarded by the Kingston Police Department in Oklahoma for his actions in saving his mother.
“Due to the quick actions of this young man his mother didn’t swallow any water and is still alive to this day,” the police department wrote in a Facebook post. “Thank you Gavin you are a true hero and a positive light for this community


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