League of Legends will nerf a consumable it hadn’t touched since 2015, and it’s not known why


The changes are constant in multiplayer games and free titles they know a lot about it.

Virtually nothing remains of the original League of Legends or Fortnite, not even in the items we saw in the game upon its release.

Many changes are subtle, but others are made in order to keep the community active correcting certain errors.
However, other changes occur without knowing why, and especially without understanding why now. According to the colleagues of MeinMMO, the MOBA of Riot Games will modify healinga consumable that takes without seeing a single change no less than 7 yearsbut for which the American team has not shared the reason
Keep in mind that this nerf follows Riot Games’ current strategy of reducing the capabilities of many elements of the game.

So with the upcoming game patch 12.14, healing will restore 120 health points instead of the 150 we were used to. Also, regenerating potions only restore 100 health points instead of 120 as before.
In fact, this change in this consumable has been made dropper with only 3 nerfs throughout the years of the game’s history.

The German outlet shares that prior to 2015, healing saw an equally noticeable reduction in its capabilities in 2011and since then it has not stopped nerf.
At the moment this patch 12.14 still no date of arrival at the game, although if we attend to the shared data by the development studio, its implementation is imminent.

Its arrival will come hand in hand with other equally notable nerfs and modifications such as the teleportation


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