Lily Peters was strangled, sexually assaulted by 14-year-old boy


A 14-year-old boy has been charged with allegedly fatally strangling and then sexually assaulting 10-year-old Wisconsin girl Lily Peters, authorities said.

The teen appeared remotely for a hearing in Chippewa County, Wis. from a juvenile detention center and was only identified by his initials. He was ordered held on $1 million cash bond.

“He punched the victim in the stomach, knocked her to the ground, essentially strangled her, hit her with a stick, before strangling her to the point of death — before he then sexually assaulted her,” Chippewa County District Attorney Wade Newell said during the hearing.

Wade asked Juge Benjamin Lane to hold the kid on the high bond, arguing disturbing statements he made to police indicated he was a threat to the community.

Attorneys for the child asked for a $100,000 cash bond, which Lane denied.

The justice ordered the teen to not possess any weapons and to avoid contact with minors, except for supervised visits with his siblings.

Peters — who knew her accused killer — had been in Chippewa Falls visiting her aunt over the weekend when she was reported missing Sunday by her father after she failed to return home.

The following morning, her body was found in a wooded area near a walking trail just blocks from her aunt’s house.

On evening, Chippewa Falls Police Chief Matthew Kelm said a juvenile had been arrested in connection with the case but declined to provide further details.

“While nothing will bring Lily Peters back or change what happened, we are very grateful to be able to deliver this news for the family and for the community,” the chief said.

Earlier, cops executed a search warrant at the aunt’s home to find “information tied to the killing,” Kelm explained.

Coroners have been working on an autopsy since early Tuesday and a preliminary report may be available as early, Chippewa County Coroner Ronald Patten told The Post.

Her remains were taken to the Ramsey County Medical Examiner’s Office in Minnesota where additional forensic testing was underway.

A final autopsy report may not be available for another six weeks, Patten said.

Residents across the tightknit community dressed in purple to honor the child’s life and “Justice for Lily” banners were seen spread out across the locale.

Mourners brought drawings, candles, flowers and stuffed animals to the slain girl’s elementary school and a bridge in the downtown area.

Chelsea Torgerson, whose 8-year-old daughter went to the same school as Peters, decided to keep her out of class.

“Just for my own peace of mind, I wanted to keep her home,” the mom told the Star Tribune. “I know these things happen in the world every day, but this is just so close.

“It’s every parent’s worst nightmare.”

Wisconsin 10-year-old Lily Peters was sexually assaulted after her strangling death at the hands of a boy four years her senior earlier this week, prosecutors revealed in a harrowing bond hearing Wednesday afternoon.

Judge Benjamin Lane agreed to prosecutors’ request to set bond at $1 million and ordered the defendant to avoid contact with minors, except his siblings, so long as such contact is supervised.

Prosecutors identified the suspect through his initials and only as a 14-year-old boy and alleged that the eighth-grader admitted to physically assaulting the child before strangling her to death and then sexually assaulting her.

“Protection of [the] community also is necessary in this case given his statements regarding his intentions and his statements regarding that when he did get off the trail, he punched the victim in the stomach, knocked her to the ground, essentially strangled her, hit her with a stick, before strangling her to the point of death — before he then sexually assaulted her,” Chippewa County District Attorney Wade Newell told the judge at the bond hearing.

Attorneys for the teen suspect requested $100,000 cash bond, arguing he is not a flight risk due to him being too young to drive.

The suspect was being held in a juvenile detention facility and appeared in court remotely.

Speaking to reporters after the hearing, Newell said the charges against the teen suspect were first-degree intentional homicide, first-degree sexual assault and first-degree sexual assault with a child under age 13 resulting in great bodily harm.

In Wisconsin, homicide defendants above the age of 10 years old can be tried in adult court, but the DA said it was “premature” to say whether that would be the case in this situation.

Lily’s remains were sent across state lines to the much larger jurisdiction of Ramsey County, Minnesota, which includes the city of St. Paul, where the autopsy was performed.

fficials there said the results would be announced by authorities in her hometown.

Chippewa County Coroner Ronald Patten did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

For the suspect’s bond hearing, the judge said cameras are not allowed in the courtroom for the proceedings at 1 p.m. CT. The unidentified juvenile suspect was expected to appear remotely.

Lily’s father reported her missing Sunday night after she failed to return home from her aunt’s house, according to Chippewa Falls police. A search team found her remains the following morning nearby, in a suburban area flanked by parkland and the famous Leinenkugel’s brewery.


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