Newborn babies in Ukrainian city of Dnipro moved to bomb shelter


Newborn babies in the eastern Ukrainian city of Dnipro were caught on camera being hustled away into a makeshift bomb shelter at the hospital as Russian forces invaded the country.

About a dozen infants that were being looked after in the neonatal unit were hastily moved into what appeared to be a storage room in the basement of the hospital, in the eastern part of the country.

Nurses could be seen caring for the babies with several of them holding them in their arms, cradling them, some even managing a smile.

Others could be seen using inflatable bags to deliver air to the little ones who were having difficulty breathing. 

The babies, who looked to be ranging from hours old to only a few days, were wrapped in different colored blankets and laid out on makeshift beds.

All seemed to be on their best behavior with none crying as the camera panned around the room. 

‘This is the NICU. In a bomb shelter. Can you imagine?’ said Dr. Denis Surkov, chief of the neonatal unit, at Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Children’s Clinical Hospital to the New York Times in a text message. ‘This is our reality.’

The babies were taken to the makeshift bomb shelter after the Ukrainian city was struck by missiles as Russia invaded the country early morning. 

‘We were nervous, very confused,’ Dr. Surkov, 51, said.

Dnipro was among more than a dozen cities and towns shelled by Russia on Thursday.

Missiles hit targets in Dnipro, Kharkiv and a number of other places.

Russian forces are said to have destroyed more than 70 military targets in Ukraine, 11 airfields among them, the Russian Defense Ministry claimed in a statement


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