Ghislaine Maxwell accuser Annie Farmer details nude massage at age 16


The fourth and final accuser in Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex-abuse trial took the stand Friday, telling jurors how the alleged madam gave her a nude massage and groped her as a teen at Jeffrey Epstein’s New Mexico ranch.

Annie Farmer — the only accuser to testify using her full name — said she was lured to the Zorro Ranch after meeting Epstein through her sister months earlier because she thought the duo viewed her as a “student they may want to help.”

Farmer said she was comfortable going to the ranch in part because Maxwell was there and she understood her to be Epstein’s girlfriend.

When she was at the sprawling estate, Epstein and Maxwell took her shopping, bought her a pricey pair of cowboy boots and took her to see the movie “Primal Fear.”

While they were waiting to go into the movie,  Epstein and Maxwell “were being very playful with each other, kind of grabbing each other,” Farmer told Assistant US Attorney Lara Pomerantz.

Maxwell then pulled Epstein’s pants down “a little bit” in front of Farmer, she added.

During the movie, Epstein caressed Farmer’s leg and foot and held her hand as he sat in between her and Maxwell, she said.

Later on the trip, Maxwell taught her how to massage Epstein’s feet and eventually asked her if she wanted a massage.

Maxwell set up a massage table in the room where Farmer was staying and asked her to strip nude, she said.

“She started rubbing my body, rubbing my back and my legs. She was making small talk, then at some point she had me roll over so I was laying on my back,” said Farmer, who was 16 at the time.

“She pulled the sheet down and exposed my breasts. She started rubbing on my chest and on my upper breasts,” she said, adding that she felt “frozen” during the rubdown.

“I wanted so badly to get off the table and have this massage be done,” she said.

The door to the room was open during the massage, and Farmer said she could “sense” Epstein could see her, but did not recall him specifically looking at her as Maxwell touched her.

Also during the trip, Farmer said, Epstein crawled into bed with her one morning and said he wanted to “cuddle.”

“He climbed into bed with me, reached his arms around me, pressed his body into mine,” she said.

“At that time I just wanted the weekend to be over. I was very aware I was isolated on this ranch with these two people,” Farmer told Pomerantz.

When asked to describe the “sexualized” experiences she had with Epstein and Maxwell that weekend, Farmer said she believed the pair were working to normalize the behavior in an attempt to sexually abuse her.

“It was all a pattern of them confusing my boundaries, making me question myself about what was right and what was not right,” she said.

She was lured into Maxwell and Epstein’s orbit months earlier, when she visited her older sister, Maria, in New York in December 1995.

Maria Farmer, an artist, had been working for Epstein and introduced her younger sister to the disgraced financier at his Upper East Side mansion when she traveled to see her sister in New York.

During the New York trip, Epstein took the sisters to see a movie and similarly rubbed Annie’s foot and arm and held her hand at the show — but stopped touching her when he was in view of Maria, she said.

When he touched her at the movie in New Mexico, in front of Maxwell, he was more blatant, she said.

“He did not seem to be concerned about hiding this behavior,” Farmer said.

On cross-examination, Maxwell defense attorney Laura Menninger sought to downplay the sexual nature of the massage and the time Epstein climbed into bed with Farmer.

She asked Farmer if Maxwell touched her nipples during the massage and if Epstein touched her with his “erect penis.”

Farmer responded no to both questions.

Maxwell is accused of grooming young women and girls to be abused by Epstein at his estates in Manhattan, New Mexico and Florida. She’s denied the charges and her lawyers have argued that she is being scapegoated for Epstein’s crimes after the convicted pedophile killed himself behind bars in 2019.


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