Orlando Police: Man killed wife, daughter and himself


ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — A man apparently killed his wife and his teenage daughter before killing himself in their Orlando condominium, police said.

During a news conference, Orlando Police Chief Orlando Rolón said the woman, 48, was originally from Spain and her husband, 53, was from Venezuela. Their daughter was 16 and attended an Orlando high school.

Rolón said the family had recently moved to Florida from New Jersey, and that the man had kept their whereabouts unknown to the woman’s family.

The chief said that the woman’s family in Spain had conducted an investigation and learned the family was living in Orlando, where they asked a cousin to check on them. When they got no answer at the condo, they contacted police.

Officers responding to the home saw a body through the window, Rolón said. Inside they found all three, dead for a few days.

Det. Teresa Sprague told the Orlando Sentinel that police had no prior calls to the family’s residence. She said signs of potentially lethal domestic violence often go unreported, and children may not recognize abuse as abnormal.

“If you feel as though one of your parents is living in fear, or you yourself are living in fear, or you and your siblings are living in fear, I want you to reach out to either someone in your school — a teacher, a dean, a principal, a counselor — or maybe even the parent of a friend of yours,” she said. “Please let someone know that you are living in fear in your home.”


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