Jeff Bezos Kisses Partner Lauren Sánchez During PDA-Filled Outing in N.Y.C.


Jeff Bezos and his partner Lauren Sánchez are putting their love on display in the streets of New York City.

The Amazon billionaire, 57, locked lips with Sánchez, 51, on Friday after leaving Cipriani in downtown Manhattan, where they had lunch with friends. The couple held hands as they strolled down the sidewalk with their group.

Bezos kept it casual in a snug black polo shirt, partially tucked into belted jeans, finished with black shoes and round silver-framed sunglasses. Sánchez layered a white peacoat over an orange minidress with a matching Hermès Birkin bag. She completed the look with chunky black square sunglasses and a pair of white sneakers.

Sánchez previously penned a tribute to her beau, ahead of the historic launch for his aerospace company Blue Origin on Wednesday, which made William Shatner the oldest person to travel into space.

“Good luck on the launch my love. This morning you and your @blueorigin team will be launching 4 incredible people into space, just yards away from where we were riding horses yesterday. Truly incredible! You never cease to amaze me,” she wrote.

The Emmy Award-winning journalist was also there to greet Bezos with a hug when he returned safely to Earth from his own maiden voyage to the edge of space in July.

“Our family was happy to see us. That’s a good sign,” Bezos joked during the post-flight press conference. “I wasn’t that nervous, but my family was somewhat anxious about this and so it was so sweet actually to get hugged by them after landing, especially my kids and Lauren and my mom and dad and really all of you guys. We have a bunch of close friends here too, it just makes me realize how much I love you and how much I’m loved.”

Bezos and his partner, who spent time together in Texas this week ahead of the launch, took their relationship public in January 2019. “They’re madly in love and stronger than ever,” a source told PEOPLE at the time.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos marked his latest victory in the billionaire space race by ensuring that there was absolutely no space between himself and his rumored fiancée Lauren Sanchez on Friday, when the pair were pictured enjoying a very intimate public embrace during a day out in New York City

Bezos, 57, and his partner, 51, looked as though they were in a universe all their own as they locked lips in the middle of a bustling Manhattan street, seeming oblivious to the hoards of people passing by as they shared their romantic kiss. Both Bezos and Sanchez were grinning from ear to ear as they separated from their public embrace – which left the billionaire Amazon tycoon with a smear of his girlfriend’s pink lipstick across his face. While the two only seemed to have eyes for each other, they were also joined by Sanchez’s ex Tony Gonzalez and his wife October. The couple, whose romance was publicly revealed just hours after Bezos announced that he was divorcing his then-wife Mackenzie Scott in January 2019, were in Texas earlier this week to watch Blue Origin‘s second successful passenger flight into space.

space flight marked a milestone moment not only for Bezos, but for Star Trek actor William Shatner, 90, who officially became the oldest person to ever travel into space when he joined the three other passengers on board the New Shepard rocket.

Although Bezos’ beaming expression on Friday indicated that he is thrilled with his latest atmospheric accomplishment, his quest to win the space race and beat rivals like Tesla founder Elon Musk and Virgin mogul Richard Branson has drawn ire from critics, including Prince William.

The royal bashed the ultra-wealthy tycoons on Thursday, insisting that they should be focusing their energies and their finances on the planet they live on rather than conquering new heights. 

Pucker up: Amazon tycoon Jeff Bezos and his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez were pictured putting on a very public display of affection on a busy New York City street – amid ongoing criticism of his involvement in the billionaire space race 

Friendly exes: While Bezos and Sanchez only had eyes for each other, they weren’t alone. They were joined by Sanchez’s ex, retired NFL tight-end Tony Gonzalez, and his wife October, who is a television personality 

Hours after Shatner and the other three passengers on New Shepard returned safely to Earth – where they were personally greeted by Bezos – Prince William appeared to rebuke the billionaire space race during an interview with the BBC. 

Bling thing: Sanchez was pictured showing off a large diamond ring on her wedding finger as she grabbed the back of Bezos’ head and pulled him into the kiss 

While discussing the current issues facing the climate, the Duke of Cambridge, 39, said: ‘We need some of the world’s greatest brains and minds fixed on trying to repair this planet, not trying to find the next place to go and live.’  

However, on Friday, it looked as though backlash over Bezos’ involvement in the space race couldn’t have been further from his mind, or his partner’s.  

Sanchez was dressed to the nines for the couple’s fun-filled day in the city, with the mother-of-three taking full advantage of the balmy Manhattan weather in a short, figure-hugging orange dress that bared her toned legs. 

She dressed up the ensemble with several high-priced designer pieces, including a tan Hermes Birkin handbag that is worth upwards of $30,000 and a pair of $580 Alexander McQueen sneakers. 

Despite the warm weather in the city on Friday, she also donned a calf-length white jacket over the look. 

She wore her long dark hair up in a bouncy ponytail, and she accessorized her outfit with oversized black shades to shield her eyes from the sun and large gold hoops. 

Subtler PDA: Gonzalez had his arm on his wife’s back as they followed Sanchez, who was on her way to meet Bezos 

But the most eye-catching aspect of her look was the large diamond ring that she was seen sporting on her wedding finger – a stunning accessory that she has worn on several occasions in the past, sparking ongoing speculation that she and Bezos are secretly engaged. 

Although they have yet to address those rumors, they made sure that everyone in their orbit could see just how in love they are as they embraced in the street, with Sanchez pulling her partner in for another kiss on the cheek as they walked along the street together.   

In place of the bold Blue Orbit jumpsuit he was seen modeling in Texas on Wednesday, Bezos opted for a casual pair of jeans, a black polo shirt, and a pair of black Chelsea boots.   

The foursome had lunch with Sanchez and Gonzalez’s son, Nikko Gonzalez, 20, at Cipriani Downtown, which is located in New York’s trendy SoHo neighborhood. 

Bezos, Sanchez, and her son were seen leaving the iconic New York restaurant wearing face masks. The mother and son donned blue medical masks while Bezos opted for a black version that matched his polo shirt. 

Little is known about Sanchez’s past relationship with Gonzalez. They are believed to have broken up after Nikko was born in 2001, but they have clearly remained friendly while co-parenting their son. 

Sanchez also has a younger son, Evan Whitesell, 15, and daughter, Eleanor Whitesell, 13, with her Hollywood agent ex-husband Patrick Whitesell. 

The two couples also went out together on Thursday evening. Sanchez shared a photo of herself posing with October on an outdoor balcony with views of the city.

‘Date night in NY (just waiting for our dates),’ she captioned the image, which shows her modeling a low-cut black mini dress that accentuated her legs.

October matched her husband’s ex in a black ruffled top, which she wore tucked into jeans. She posted the same photo on her own Instagram page the next day, writing: ‘When you share kids with your friends #parentweekend2021.

It’s been a busy week for Bezos and Sanchez, who traveled from New York to Texas and then back to New York again. 

After attending the Broadway show The Lehman Trilogy – a play about capitalism – over the weekend, they headed to the Lonestar State to watch Shatner’s historic space launch on Wednesday, which was delayed by a day due to the weather.  

Shatner, who is famed for his role as Captain Kirk in the 1960s sci-fi series, ventured 351,186 feet above Earth’s surface where he spent three minutes in weightlessness with astronauts Chris Boshuizen, Glen de Vries, and Audrey Powers.

As a shaky Shatner emerged from the capsule, he instantly wrapped his arms around the Blue Origin and Amazon founder and said he was struck by the vulnerability of Earth and the relative sliver of its atmosphere.

‘Everybody in the world needs to do this,’ he said.

‘To see the blue color whip by and now you’re staring into blackness, that’s the thing. 

‘The covering of blue, this sheath, this blanket, this comforter of blue that we have around, we say, ”Oh, that’s blue sky.” And then suddenly you shoot through it all, and you’re looking into blackness, into black ugliness.’

‘As you look down, there’s your blue down there with the black up there. There is Mother Earth and comfort and there is — is there death? I don’t know. Is that the way death is?’

‘I don’t know. Was that death? Is that the way death is?’

Breaking into tears, Shatner told Bezos: ‘I’m so filled with emotion with what just happened. I hope I never recover from this.’

‘It’s so much larger than me and life, and it hasn’t got anything to do with the little green hand or the little blue orb.’

Bezos celebrated by spraying champagne and doused an equally excited Sanchez, who is still celebrating the launch days later. 

On Friday, she posted photos of herself posing with Bezos in front of the rocket, including a cheeky picture of him throwing her over his shoulder, writing: ‘And we have liftoff…’ 

Sanchez, who was also in Texas for Bezos’ trip to space over the summer, shared a snapshot of herself watching Shatner’s launch with the Amazon founder earlier in the week. 

‘This launch was just as intense as when Jeff went up in space, but for a different reason,’ she wrote. ‘We got to stand and bond with the families as they watched their loved ones experience the boundaries of our planet in an entirely new way. It was a powerful moment in itself to just hold their hands and feel all the love. This is how it starts. 

The space venture came just a week after Musk, 50, whose SpaceX Mars program aims to place humans on Mars, said that the idea of an ‘off-planet factory’ for his cars may not happen in the near future, but it was a possibility in his lifetime.

During Tesla’s shareholder meeting in Austin, Texas, Musk said: ‘So, we are many years before Tesla’s first off-planet factory.

‘I mean, I would like to see one before I am dead. That would be cool.


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