Winthrop students for change are marching to ‘Take Back the Night’


ROCK HILL, S.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — Several students dressed in black are protesting the rape culture on campus at one of university’s fraternities and one of the biggest in the nation – Pi Kappa Alpha.

Students say they’re tired of not being heard and fending for themselves against sexual assault.

“They replaced the sexual violence prevention training that we have to do every year with a shorter version. This is one of their things that they’re doing to make it better and “fix the issue,” one of the protest organizers Ami Hughey says.

Winthrop University students protesting how sex assault is addressed on campus

“Its shorter and there’s moments in it that telling women that there’s moments in it where its telling women that they can be sexy even if they’re not drinking and there’s victim blaming and its extremely triggering to a point where a lot of members of our group haven’t done it even though its past due.. its triggering and we don’t want to complete it.”

Organizers say they specifically want the fraternity Pi Kappa Alpha banned. They also want Winthrop to stop mishandling sexual assault cases and fix the corruption within the administration.

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“In general, we want to change the attitude that Winthrop has when it comes to sexual assault cases, because they protect faculty and staff members who abuse students. They side with student athletes and Greek life members who abuse students.”

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