Suspended player wonders why she received swift action from school for organizing protest


CHARLOTTE (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — The Olympic Trojans women’s volleyball team came together to win a match at Phillip O. Berry Academy.

Before FOX 46 could get highlights, Berry principal Terra Kennedy asked if we wanted more than highlights. Then, she said we could get highlights, but no interviewing parents because it would cause a distraction on senior night for Berry Academy.

There were plenty of players on the Olympic bench, but several reports to FOX 46 says the team is playing without six varsity players.

Several Olympic High School volleyball players not allowed to compete due to ‘walkout protest’ ignited by reported sexual assault at school

“I was at the protest, and they were not out of line,” says Kamila Simpson. Her daughter organized a walk-out at Olympic last Friday. “It was very peaceful.”

Junior Sereniti Simpson organized the protest to bring attention to alleged sexual assaults at the school. The juvenile in question, has been charged, and played in an Olympic football game wearing an ankle monitoring device.

CMS officials claim Simpson and others who walked out wasn’t part of a planned protest and knew they could face consequences for unauthorized absence or endangering themselves and others.

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“You have to do an entire protest, walk out, get media involved, all of this just to have one person not play,” added Simpson, who was suspended for one game along with others. “But within a few hours, they’ve made the decision to sit down six girls.”

The game went on, but the cloud of confusion remains. Some feel the excuse of what is happening between sports teams may be a trojan horse.

“Football is one of our biggest sports at Olympic High,” added Simpson. “It brings in the boosters, it brings in the most attention and things like that. So, I think simply because he is a football player, they kind of have swept it under the rug.”

Simpson says she turned in her jersey after the decision.

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