Multiple witnesses identified suspect in Grassotti Court double homicide: reports


BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — The girl had a feeling something bad was going to happen.

Bryson Blair, 25, had been constantly harassing his wife since moving out of Grassotti Town Homes a month earlier, the teen told police. The locks were changed, but Blair kept trying to get in, she said.

Early Aug. 5, Blair broke a window to get inside the southwest Bakersfield home where the girl also lived, she told police in court documents that became available this week. The girl said a neighbor arrived and tried to get Blair to leave but he refused.

Police were called. Blair left but returned a short time later. Police were called again.

Blair lied and said his wife tried to stab him, the girl said. Officers didn’t arrest anyone, which upset Blair, the girl said.

“Since you guys won’t do nothing, I’m going to do something,” Blair said as he left, according to the girl’s statement to police.

The next day was quiet. That was a bad sign. Blair usually tried to contact his wife “a hundred times a day,” the girl said. His silence made her nervous.

The calm exploded early Aug. 6.

The girl told police she woke to screaming and saw a front window had been broken. She went outside and saw Blair shooting at Asia Breann Blair in front of a neighbor’s home, according to the documents.

The girl said she hid until it was safe, then she went to the neighbor’s apartment and saw 48-year-old Eugene Michael Dobarro Jr. — the man who had confronted Blair a day earlier — on the ground with a gunshot wound.

Both Asia Blair, 26, and Dobarro were pronounced dead at the scene. Dobarro was the property’s night manager.

Bryson Blair was arrested a day later in Los Angeles County and charged with two counts of first-degree murder. He’s held without bail and is due back in court next month.

During a police interview, Blair said he had nothing to do with the shooting and was being framed, the documents say. He acknowledged he and his wife had been going through a rough patch, but tried to portray himself as a victim of her and her family, according to the filings.

There were a number of inconsistencies with Blair’s statement, police said. They confronted him with the evidence they had.

“I made Blair aware that I have obtained evidence in this case which includes video footage, statements, and witnesses making a suspect identification,” an investigator wrote.

Blair continued to deny involvement, the filings say.

Allegations of abuse

The shooting happened just days before a court hearing on a restraining order Asia Blair was seeking against her husband, according to court documents.

A witness told police Bryson Blair was angry his wife wanted a divorce. The witness also said Blair wanted his wife to go to jail because she previously had him arrested on suspicion of spousal abuse.

Court records show Blair was charged in 2019 with felony spousal abuse and false imprisonment with violence. The charges were later dismissed.

The circumstances involving Bryson Blair leaving the home also involved allegations of abuse — this time against the teen girl’s dog.

The teen said she was told Blair kicked the animal, injuring it so badly it had to be put down, according to the filings. Blair moved out shortly after the dog’s death.

A former girlfriend of Bryson Blair came forward after the shooting and told police she had allowed him to stay at her apartment the past month as a favor. She said she had tried to fix their relationship in the past, but he kept abusing her, according to the documents.

The woman told police she had been trying to think of ways to get Bryson Blair to leave.

“She does not feel that she can tell Blair to leave because she had a legitimate fear that he will abuse her again,” an investigator wrote.

Blair arrived at her apartment the morning of Aug. 6 and told her he needed her phone and her car, the woman said. She hadn’t yet heard about the deaths of Asia Blair and Dobarro, the ex told police, so she let him take her Nissan Altima.

He was later arrested while driving that car.

It wasn’t until she was at work that the woman received a call from her mother telling her Blair had been named a murder suspect, the woman said.

Other witnesses

Dobarro’s wife told investigators she and her husband woke Aug. 6 to the sound of screaming. Shortly afterward, they heard banging on their front door. It was Asia Blair.

Dobarro opened the door and pulled Blair inside when two “pops” were heard, the wife told police. Her husband fell. She went to him and found he’d been shot.

While tending to him, the wife noticed movement inside the apartment and turned to see a man holding a pistol as he stood over someone, according to the filings. The man — whom she recognized as Asia Blair’s husband — walked toward her, she said. She asked him not to hurt her.

“This is courtesy of the West Side Crips,” the man said then left, according to the wife’s statement.

She identified Blair in a photo lineup as the man she saw.


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