Mecklenburg County Commissioners to vote on Non Discrimination Ordinance Tuesday protecting LGBTQ community


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – On Tuesday night, Mecklenburg County are putting words into action and voting on a Non Discrimination Ordinance. The law will protect members of the LGBTQ Community, as well as employees who wear their hair naturally.

Last February, Mecklenburg County Commissioners unanimously approved a Non Discrimination Resolution, but it didn’t include actual protection, it was more of a symbolic gesture.

There are two proposed non discrimination ordinances to be discussed on Tuesday. The ordinance drafted by the County Attorney would offer protections at businesses with fewer than 15 employees. The other ordinance would apply to businesses of any size. The thought process behind having the law only apply to small businesses is due to the federal protections already in place, but they don’t include natural hair.

Charlotte’s non-discrimination ordinance expands employment protections

Some commissioners argue that the NDO should apply to businesses of any size, to ensure these rights on the local level.

“As we have moved through this process, we’ve spoken to many different groups, LGBTQ groups, and they are insisting and asking that we include all employers, and so that’s what we’re doing. We’re listening to the LGBTQ community. And I do plan to vote for that second one,” Commissioner Laura Meier said.

Commissioner Leigh Altman, who was instrumental in the second ordinance draft, agrees.

“Our LGBTQ community has experienced a lot of historical oppression and present day oppression, and discrimination. And so, like every group, they are entitled to know that their community is going to set parameters to ensure that they receive equal treatment and dignity as they live, work and play here in Mecklenburg County,” Altman said.

Charlotte City Council unanimously approves non-discrimination ordinance

FOX 46 spoke with a local LGBTQ activist, Quin Kinard, who says passing the ordinance that only includes companies with 15 or fewer employees would be a waste.

“The best thing is for all companies, because marginalized, LGBTQ and black folks we’re everywhere, not just in companies where they are 15 persons or less,” Kinard explained.

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