Local Salvation Army employees rush to help in Peoria school bus crash


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Peoria (WEEK) – A Peoria Public School bus landed in a Salvation Army parking lot after a crash on Monday evening.

The children on the bus were from Lincoln K-8 school.

A local business owner said his security camera caught the whole crash on film.

They claimed a black SUV speed down NE Jefferson St and ran a red light. The SUV struck the school bus at the intersection as it came down Bryan St.

The four people in the SUV were seriously injured and taken to the hospital.

Several kids on the school bus were injured and a few went to the hospital along with the bus’s driver.

The bus ended up in the parking lot of the Salvation Army where employees rushed to help anyone on broad.

Tri-County Social Director Rachel Cansino said the Salvation Army would offer pastoral care to anyone who needed it.

“As a parent my first thought was, ‘oh my goodness, that’s scary and that could be something that traumatizing’. So for us to have that pastoral care and let them know that they’re safe and they’re okay and we’re here,” Cansino said

Police said they were still investigating that crash. Some people on the scene said the SUV was racing another car, but police did not confirm that.

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