Juvenile arrested after threat made to an Olathe high school


OLATHE, Kan. — A juvenile was arrested Tuesday after a social media post surfaced about a possible threat to Olathe South High School, the Olathe Police Department confirmed.

According to police, they received a call Tuesday about the post on social media and investigated the threat.

Olathe South High School Principal Dale Longenecker sent a letter home to parents letting them know that although they did not believe it was credible, it was reported and investigated.

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Good evening Olathe South families,

I want to make you aware of information that we received this evening. A social media post with a threat against our school was posted this evening. We take any and all threats against our school and the safety and security of our staff and students very seriously. The Olathe Police Department took swift action and has identified the student. They are now working with the student and family.

While we believe this to be a non credible threat, the consequences of a threat of any fashion against our school is unacceptable and will be handled with great seriousness. Please take a moment to visit with your student about the poor choice, disruption and significant consequences that such messages cause our school community.

I appreciate the many reports we received from staff, parents and students.

We are planning for a great day at school tomorrow and look forward to seeing all of our students in attendance.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Dale Longenecker – Olathe South Principal

The juvenile student was not identified. The Juvenile Court Authority is handling the case.

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