Biden heads to Michigan to push benefits of spending plan


(NewsNation Now) — President Joe Biden heads to Michigan Tuesday to promote his infrastructure bill as well as his ambitious social spending plan.

Set to visit a union training center in Howell, Michigan, Biden is expected to talk about how his domestic agenda will benefit Americans.

“If the American people are sold on this, then they may be able to put some pressure on lawmakers,” NewsNation reporter Evan Lambert says of the president prioritizing his trip outside Washington, D.C.

NewsNation will stream Biden’s remarks at about 3:30 p.m. EDT local time in the video player above

Biden makes case for raising the debt ceiling

Back in Washington, negotiations continue on a pair of bills to boost spending on safety net, health and environmental programs and infrastructure projects.

Last week, lawmakers grappled with the massive Democrats-only social spending bill that has been linked with the infrastructure bill.

No deal has been struck to bridge stark divides between moderates and progressives in the Democratic Party on the size and scope of the package. 

Progressives have balked at paring down the size of the $3.5 trillion social package and have refused to vote for the infrastructure bill if the other bill shrinks. Moderate Democrats, meanwhile, are pushing for the bipartisan infrastructure bill to get a House vote first and some are wary about the size of the far larger social spending bill.

That leaves Biden and his Democratic allies in Congress at a crossroads, trying to move past the tangle of legislation and remind voters what they are trying to accomplish.

Democratic legislators have warned that Biden’s bold ideas are getting lost in the party’s infighting and procedural skirmishes over the legislation.

“We must communicate to the country the transformative nature of the initiatives in the legislation,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in a letter to lawmakers ahead of Biden’s trip.

Next up is Biden’s rescheduled trip to Chicago, which was postponed last week, where he had planned to promote coronavirus vaccine mandates and work in a pitch for his agenda.

Biden is expected to travel more in the coming days.


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